By providing BI solutions, Thatware enables you to make strategic decisions. We understand the stages of the sales funnel, improve conversion rates, and carry out competitive analysis using our tried-and-true competitor analysis model, making us one of the top business intelligence consulting firms. Sales funnel optimization and business intelligence are concepts we are familiar with.

Our service delivery and the calibre of our business intelligence strategy set us apart from other business intelligence consulting companies. When we onboard you, a business intelligence consultant will be assigned to you, and he or she will walk you through the fundamentals, such as what conversion rate optimization is and how it works to increase conversion rate.

Data has emerged as the most valuable resource for businesses in the new era of digitalization. To ensure that you incorporate competitor analysis into SEO given the growing number of data sources, it is essential to collaborate with expert business intelligence consulting services. We advise parenting with us because it’s important to avoid becoming overwhelmed by data.

Our consultants make sure to transform online information into answers to actual business problems. Thatware also performs a thorough analysis of competitors’ SEO strategies and advises clients to include a competitor analysis in their business plan. When you sign up with us, a competitor analysis expert is also assigned to you who walks you through the fundamentals such as how to conduct a competitor analysis, why competitor analysis is important, etc.

Thatware stands out as a top competitor analysis agency among all other competitor analysis businesses and websites due to its conversion optimization services. Our conversion optimization expert team is highly skilled at using website conversion optimization to produce results of the highest calibre. As a conversion rate optimization company, we assist you in eliminating all data silos and integrating your outcomes.



Through technical support, Thatware expands its services to completely automate your process. We relieve you of time-consuming data collection and manipulation tasks so that you can devote more of your attention to what matters.

Ready data:

Our team channels unstructured, messy raw data from all sources to produce benefits for your company automatically. To ensure that you don’t lose quality, we use modern technological techniques for cleaning, collection, and analysis.


Our services are coordinated and bring all of your data logically into alignment. The team at ThatWare strives to achieve success and has experience integrating with more than 500 platforms.

Stay updated:

Every change in business intelligence, no matter how big or small, is communicated to you by our team. This also means that we provide your company with modern technology solutions.

Fast service:

We don’t charge you for implementation over several months. Within minutes, your data would start flowing. Our experts can handle any change with the quickest turnaround time.

Customer support:

For assistance and problem-solving with either technical or non-technical issues, our customer support specialists are always on hand.


We work with your data with the intention that you can handle important organizational goals without being distracted by support tasks that call for specialized knowledge. We prevent you from wasting time, which helps you become more action-oriented.


Thatware makes sure you receive complete information regarding the status of your investment. We conduct accurate and prompt reporting on the outcomes to keep you updated. It frequently has a significant impact on your company.

Valuable business insights:

Our team keeps you informed about your performance and what needs improvement. Through our services, we also look after your rivals, assisting you in keeping your market share.

Competitive analysis:

We can manage and manipulate a lot of data, which in and of itself gives us a competitive advantage. We use forecasting, planning, and budgeting, which are incredibly effective methods to maintain your ranking.

Improved data quality:

Companies can aggregate data for a more complete picture of controlling their business thanks to our BI support services.

Identify market trends:

Act first and benefit from it. Our thorough market analysis allows us to spot new trends in the target market. We are successful in combining internal data with external market data to identify your weaknesses.

Improved operational efficiency:

We combine various data sources to save our clients time. To stay current, concentrate on our reports. Therefore, when you concentrate on your core activities, your operational efficiency increases.

Apt decisions:

We assist you in utilizing existing data to communicate information to the appropriate stakeholders at the appropriate time. This aids your decision-making process.

Increased turnover:

Every business wants to have a high turnover rate. Our data supports you because it is very well organized. You can rely on our data to improve operations, listen to customers, monitor the competition, and eliminate sales weaknesses.

Lower margins:

Our tools assist in margin expansion and inefficiency analysis. Our sales data assists businesses in creating more advantageous cost-effective strategies.

Establish benchmark:

By utilizing our services, you would be able to back yourself up using technically generated data, which is the same as conducting extensive research and gathering data for decision-making. Benchmarking reports offer pertinent and timely insights that owners can use to better understand their company. You can investigate your benchmarks and proactively outperform the competition using our predictive analytics capabilities.

Performance and Output Management:

We support you with numerical goal tracking. We monitor development every day by collecting inputs on data-based objectives like sales targets and delivery times. Professionals can monitor goal fulfilment thanks to our simple visual analytics capabilities.

Zero guesswork:

Our experts assist you in developing a data structure to promote data-driven decision-making. We explain the strategy to you, which is not a hunch but a carefully considered recommendation.


Laying solid foundations right away

The process of embracing the digital world and raising brand awareness online is quite involved. When we onboard a client, we begin by working to establish the foundation for future operations and setting up the digital fundamentals. We try to comprehend your current situation and locate practical areas to implement our strategies.

Enhancing your digital capabilities over time

After performing our fundamental checks and getting to know you well, we move on to creating a longer-term vision and goal for your business and focusing our efforts on sustainable growth. To develop a solid strategy, we would need specific data inputs regarding your expectations. We work with your team to develop a strategic growth chart to take you where you want to go, which would give you a competitive advantage through leading your brand online and growing your customer base and online sales.

Putting you in a position for long-term success

Thatware is committed to building long-lasting relationships with its clients by offering top-notch services. We would like to support your organization’s ongoing development. However, our goal is to increase your internal capability so that you can work independently and without needing to rely on us. We hope that working with us will help you achieve your goals while also gaining important internal knowledge that will support you eventually.

Utilize the information you’ve learned about your main competitors.

By locating potential insights based on in-depth competitive insights, our intelligent business intelligence services will take the appropriate action. Additionally, Thatware does everything in its power to close any gaps by devising strong competitive advantages that work for your company.


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