How AI is Revolutionising SEO



Basecamp Onboarding:

For project management, we heavily use ‘Basecamp’. After a successful meeting with the client’s team, we create a project on Basecamp regarding the project(s). All the important and necessary communication can be done through this. Here, all the team members can share files, chat, and schedule important things. Members of the project Basecamp can tag each other for better understanding.


Team Adding in Basecamp:

We have dedicated teams for our project. We add members from management, SEO executives, content writers, designers, and developers who are accountable for their contribution to the project. Members from the client team are also there in that project Basecamp.


Assigning Weekly Work on Basecamp:

In Basecamp, we create tasks on a weekly basis through ‘To-dos’. Clients and others can track this assigned task.


Weekly Work Update on Basecamp:

Through Basecamp, depending on the requirements, we update all kinds of reports like the daily, and updates to our clients. These reports may be for ranking, fixes, or else.


Progress Track on Basecamp:

Tracking the progress of any project is a necessary aspect. All our clients can monitor their project growth through weekly, monthly, or yearly updates at any time through the shared files. They can tag and ask for clarification to get the full idea.


We Are Also Available on WhatsApp for Better Communication:

If clients face any issues on Basecamp, they can communicate with us through WhatsApp for their convenience. Like Basecamp, here also, we share our project reports and updates. So that client never misses any update.


How AI is Revolutionising SEO


What People Usually Ask

Managing a website’s SEO performance is necessary to ensure that it appears in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attracts organic traffic. Without SEO optimization, a website may not rank well for relevant keywords, reducing its visibility and potentially losing valuable leads. A well-managed SEO strategy can help a website reach its intended audience and ultimately increase its online presence and revenue.

AI-driven methods can improve a website’s ranking by analysing user behaviour and engagement patterns, content quality, and relevance to search queries. These algorithms help identify and prioritize the most relevant pages and content, optimizing the website’s architecture, and improving search engine results. Additionally, AI-powered tools can help identify and resolve technical difficulties and improve website performance, further boosting its search engine ranking.

Client approval is essential in an SEO service, as it ensures that the strategies and tactics employed by the service provider align with the client’s goals and preferences. Without client approval, the SEO service may make changes that could negatively impact the client’s website or business. Client approval also fosters trust and collaboration between the service provider and the client, leading to better results in the long run.

Project monitoring is essential for maintaining a website’s SEO performance. It involves tracking important metrics such as keyword rankings, traffic, and backlinks to identify areas of improvement. Regular monitoring allows for the identification of issues that may negatively impact SEO and enables the implementation of corrective measures. By staying on top of SEO performance, websites can maintain or improve their search engine rankings, resulting in increased traffic and visibility.

Dealing with a project update requires clear communication and a flexible approach. Start by understanding the changes, then communicate with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page. Adjust your project plan, timeline, and resources accordingly. Prioritize tasks based on urgency and impact. Finally, stay organized and maintain open communication with all stakeholders throughout the process.


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