A team of professionals at ThatWare manages Market Research Services data from a variety of sectors, including simple data tables with descriptive statistics that are tested using high-quality statistical methods. Consumer behavior analysis and industrial research analysis are two areas we closely study.

To better understand a client’s business, their customers, and competitors, market research is conducted. In order to provide clients with correct market and financial information, this is done. Understanding the consumer and creating strategies for goods and services based on their needs are the goals of market research.

The goal of market services research is to understand your target market. This relates to personal information. Understanding consumer purchasing trends and the reasons why they favor your products over rivals is beneficial. Understanding your product is beneficial even if it satisfies client expectations. Rotating the goods to fulfill client demand is also beneficial. In order to help create new marketing strategies, increase product reliability, and improve product design, marketing services aim to provide urgent answers.


As one of the top firms for doing market research, we also offer you research development, implementation, and analysis through the following services: survey design, programming, quota management, survey panel, questionnaire, hosting, data analysis, and statistical services.


Our company offers all the resources required to create thorough research. To suit your needs for market research services, including internet research, web hosting, postal testing, telephone research, and CATI, our skilled staff creates and analyses surveys. Data analysis, basic and advanced market research, competitive intelligence, SWOT analysis, market practises reports, product research, legal and management reports, customer analysis, web survey analysis, marketing consulting, marketing consulting market entry, product research, research advertising reports for research and industrial sectors, risk analysis services, and marketing analysis are among the other tasks performed.

Insights And Analytics

converting consumer data and big data into functional solutions that boost market expansion. The market’s continued expansion in the depth of the company’s customer information and how well it interprets that information into effective action will determine its ability to drive. In 12 countries and 25 cities throughout the world, our workplace is home to more than 130 committed professionals and analytics experts with more than 900 years of collective expertise who are dedicated to assisting our clients in doing just that.

We employ a variety of high-quality marketing research techniques, as well as massive data techniques that result in novel and creative goods, to gain a deeper understanding of our clients. Our expertise is separated into two categories:

Buyer & Shopper Insights

Although it is not always extremely accurate, consumer intelligence can assist businesses in innovating, creating prospective growth opportunities, and developing or maintaining successful products and services. ThatWare’s qualitative and quantitative search methods and techniques assist our clients in discovering the reasons behind their customers’ actions at all points in the decision-making process, comprehending their customer experience, and deeply engaging with their outstanding customer loyalty drivers. Our clients may create new marketing and segmentation strategies using this data, including price bids, segregation, branding, product design, pricing, and customer experience that are effective.


Our aim is to assist our clients in creating a set of functional and connective abilities that reflect — and maximize the efficient use of data pertinent to their circumstances. As a result, we:

glean knowledge from a variety of data sources. identifies and disseminates pertinent internal and external data while assisting in making the most of the necessary IT infrastructure. We place a strong emphasis on providing client information fast, sometimes in less than 10 days, at our market research firm.

constructing plans based on generated data. In order to create internal procedures, incentives, and a culture that employs judgment to make informed decisions, we collaborate with important executives and users. For instance, concentrating on significant value drives, we develop predictive and effective models. These models balance usability and challenge. Our intention while putting up systems is to establish an ongoing “data industry.”

grow the economy using both long- and short-term thinking. We create straightforward front-line tools and train users on how to use them to glean credible information from complicated data sets. Information technology infrastructure and data are provided by our cutting-edge, ISO-certified data center in Kolkata. Our teams are proficient in a wide range of significant programming languages.

Our Scalability

Lifecycle management for customers. Clients can locate, grow, and retain customers who have the best value for profit and efficiency by leveraging customer-related information and analytics, and they can also drive the necessary organisational reforms from the C-suite onward.

return on investment in marketing. Our tools monitor customer decision-making processes to increase commercial return on investment transparency. Customers can free 10 to 20% of their investment to resume their growth or use it as bottom-line savings by improving marketing efficiency across the board.

Pricing and special offers. Using pricing analysis, promotions, and trading terms, our affiliate marketing strategies, fresh research, analytics software solutions, and client economic simulations assist in maximising sales profits.

Variety of performance. Using an analytical mindset when using an assortment aids customers in selecting which things to keep in order to maximise revenues. Our strategy offers a lot of room for expansion, from the department and phase to the micro space.


The international consumer goods company has rebuilt its product portfolio and packaging with the aid of our customer information generation.

Our marketing research services have partnered with the client to capture the fastest opportunity in terms of price and promotion, the use of market integration, and the efficacy of the campaign through the rapid deployment of current solutions and custom-designed projects. With the help of a start-up team, we were able to create models for targeted acquisition recommendations, revenue creation, and customer retention using the unique technology.

In order to test campaigns and analytical models before deploying them in the field, we have established a client testing lab. To further enhance results, we reviewed performance, tracked and tested various marketing tools, and used peer group models.

A leading Internet company has been integrated into global consumer segmentation and business operations thanks to our trend market research support system, which has improved the prioritisation and coordination of marketing and product development activities.

Following the merger, we have teamed up with a retail bank to carry out research on current clients and clients who work for big banks in order to meet financial goals and increase market share.


By the combined strength of the market, consumers, and consumers, customer information keeps expanding. Insight Solutions assists businesses in developing their 360 ° customer impressions by fusing sophisticated scientific techniques, objective data, and cutting-edge statistics.

Based on consumer behaviour data, the solutions area assists retailers and consumer products corporations in creating efficient selection plans. To assist category managers in enhancing their trade efficiency, we gather data from third parties, analyse point-of-sale data, and gather online competitor data.

By enhancing ROI and using targeted marketing messaging, Marketing Solutions helps CMOs drive high-quality savings and budget savings. It also fully integrates the strategic decisions and strategies that they are responsible for.

As a result of the integration of data from many sources into performance management, leaders can more easily spot chances to enhance account- and product-level marketing.

In order to gain accurate information, we have spent millions of dollars developing relevant tools that analyse and visualise data in real-time:

Two examples of marketing tactics intended to have a long-term influence are our Next-Product-to-Buy model and our new Social Media Impact Rating (SocialGRP).

To assure acceptance and impact, we have built a number of end-to-end software solutions with a solid support model.

Thatware LLP can create software solutions for our clients swiftly.


We possess powerful, expert power.

ThatWare offers real-time knowledge and supports techniques that define advanced research. You can design the greatest surveys using ThatWare, send them in, and publish organisational results all in the same week.

We provide services that are incredibly easy to use.

You will be quicker with our drag-and-drop interface because it is as simple to use as a regular email and does not require encoding, especially with the assistance of our award-winning team.

Our services offer unparalleled flexibility.

There are countless uses for ThatWare. Follow up on customer behaviour across a range of categories, recommend your business to rivals, do in-depth academic study, and base all of your advertising and product reviews on the cost of your research.

Our main priority is market segmentation.

Observe consumer behaviour across various market segments. Depending on the amount related to each sort of client, take particular measures.

We prioritize pricing and product development.

To save time and money, incorporate customer feedback on new goods and services early on in the development process.

Our primary concern is comparative benchmarking.

Understanding your position in relation to your competition will help you put everything into perspective. Possibility to identify product and service gaps and segment business-critical concepts.

We prioritize scholarly research.

A leading supplier of tools for academic research data collecting, ThatWare offers researchers and students a platform for data capture.

We emphasize consumer behavior.

Increase your clients’ comprehension of “why they are purchasing” by going beyond “who is buying.” Participate in actions that affect purchasing choices.

We concentrate on market trends.

Where is your sector headed? To keep your business moving forward, keep an eye on market developments.

Conjoint analysis is what we emphasize.

Recognize the importance that your customers place on the many brands of goods and services that your company offers. Increase consumer data without going over budget.

We emphasize experiments and A/B testing.

Transform your assumptions into knowledge and decide on A/B testing in all areas based on data. To gauge the impact of change, test out questions, goods, services, or features.

We prioritise panel management.

Make changes to your research panels, including email lists, website visitors, members of your social media groups, and others. Every research you conduct will have higher response rates and conversion times with a prepared, committed panel.

We emphasise AD Testing.

How can advertising influence how consumers see your goods and/or motivate purchases? By executing in-depth web ads for significant client areas, you may provide answers to these issues and more.

Our main priority is improving the mobile and online experiences.

Recognize how clients use your market research services on desktop and mobile devices, and make improvements based on their comments.

We offer on-demand responses.

Purchase access to millions of respondents to gather survey responses from the precise participants you require. We may additionally oversee the project to make sure your objectives are met.


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