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In today’s digital age, mobile and web applications are essential tools for businesses to engage with their customers and stay competitive. A mobile app allows you to interact with your customers in real-time.

While a web app provides a user-friendly platform for them to access your services or products from anywhere in the world. Mobile and web app services offer a wide range of benefits.

It includes the increased brand visibility, improved customer engagement, and enhanced user experience. These applications can be customized to meet the unique needs of your business, providing a seamless experience for your customers.

At the same time, developing and maintaining these applications can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s where mobile and web app services come in.

Whether you’re looking to develop a mobile app or a web app, these services can help you take your business to the next level.

Following a development approach, regardless of the size and breadth of your project, will ensure the success of the development of your web app and mobile development requirement.

Here are the phases that will contribute to your mobile and web app project.


The first stage of mobile app development offers a method for turning your concept into a viable app. The most significant aspect of this may be included in your overall business travel strategy. While an application’s objectives may change, there is still a specific influence on the unique plan the travel strategy will encounter during the development phase.

  • You will perform the following in this section:
  • Recognize app users
  • Investigate the competition.
  • Set the application’s goals and objectives.
  • Choose a mobile framework for your app.

Planning And Analysis:

At this point, your application’s concept starts to take a suitable structure and develop into an actual project. Analysis and planning begin with a full definition of usage scenarios and photographic performance requirements.

Configure the roadmap when you’ve defined the needs for your project. This involves prioritizing mobile app requirements and distinguishing oneself through delivery milestones.

If time, resources, or money are an issue, identify your MVP and target it in the initial presentation.

Have you decided on a name for your application yet? Mobile app names, like domain names, should be unique inside each app store. Examine each app store to ensure that your app name isn’t already in use!

Design of UI/UX:

The app’s design strives to provide a smooth and informal user experience with a stylish appearance.

A mobile app’s success is defined by how users interact with it, as well as how much they gain from all of its elements. The mobile UI / UX app’s purpose is to produce a pleasant user experience that renders your app dynamic, accurate, and simple to use.

While beautiful UI designs might aid in early detection, your application must provide an appropriate user experience to keep users interested.

Workflow as well as information architecture:

The first stage in developing a mobile app is to identify the data your app will display users, the data it will gather, the user’s interaction with the end product, and the user’s path inside the app.

Businesses, mobile app development firm solutions involve users with distinct capacities and duties, and it is critical to implement these guidelines as part of the content creation process for your app.

Workflow diagrams aid in the identification of all conceivable relationships a user has with the application, as well as the app’s navigation structure.

Style Guide:

Style guides are “life scripts” in which the app’s values are laid down, from your company’s branding controls to navigation icons. Style guidelines help with in-app design. Creating a style guide early in the mobile app development process increases the efficiency of your mobile app development firm.

Simultaneously, adhering to the style guide will assist keep your app’s appearance and feel consistent.


Mock-ups, also known as high realism design, are the pinnacle of app visual design. On the app strings, mock-ups are created following your style guide. Expect some modifications in the design, usability, and aesthetics of your app as it nears completion.


Mock-ups illustrate the capabilities of your mobile application using static designs, but this may be transformed into click-through ugh prototypes utilizing tools. While developing a mobile app takes time, the work is well worth it.

It gives a glimpse of the design and functionality of your application. Prototypes are typically used to find system-enhanced performance enhancements.

Application Development:

Editing is an essential element of the mobile app creation procedure. Before beginning a development programme, you must, should do the following.

  • Describe the technology’s structure,
  • Pick the technological stack, and.
  • Explain the phases of development.

Back-end/server technology, API (s), and front-end mobile application are the three interrelated components of a standard mobile application initiative.

Back-end or Server Technology:

This part contains the backup and backup server elements required to support the operations of your mobile app.


A programming interface (API) is a method of connecting between a back-end server/database and an application.

Mobile app for the front end:

The front-end is a standard mobile app that the end-user will utilize.

Almost any online programming language and notations can be used at the end. You must pick the technological stack necessary for each mobile OS platform when developing native mobile apps. Because platforms and devices change fast, sharpness is essential while developing mobile applications within time and budget constraints.

If promotional time is critical, consider a more rapid development technique. For finished activities, this technique supports normal software releases.


A rigorous quality assurance (QA) approach performed during the mobile application development procedure ensures that the applications are reliable, useful, and secure. To provide a thorough QA test for your app, write test cases that cover all elements of app testing.

User Experience Testing:

A vital stage in mobile app testing is ensuring that the end-user experience matches the user experience developed by the app development team. Your app’s graphics, workflow, and interactivity will provide your consumers with a realistic impression of your app.

Practical Testing:

The precision with which your mobile app performs is vital to its efficacy. All end-user circumstances and use conditions are difficult to forecast.

Performance Testing:

There are several rating factors you may use to assess your app’s performance. If your application surpasses the fundamental operational requirements, simulate a larger number of identical users to test the application, API, and backup load.

Your programme must be capable of handling substantial loads and operate properly even when they occur.

Security Testing:

It’s an important consideration for mobile business applications. Every possible threat can result in intrusion. Many businesses use independent firms to evaluate their applications thoroughly.

Device And Platform Testing:

Every 12 months, new mobile devices with fresh hardware, firmware, and design reach the market. Every few months, mobile applications are upgraded.

Many mobile devices have their own platform that they use (because Android is open-source). Gadgets come in a variety of sizes and forms. Here is where testing throughout the mobile app creation procedure differs significantly from testing during the web application development process.

The challenge of mobile app testing across all mobile devices is one of the primary reasons why businesses frequently develop single-platform business applications.

Support And Development:

To release a standard mobile app, you must first upload it to the app store. Nevertheless, before you can launch your mobile app, you must first create a developer account with the Apple App Store and the Google Play Market.

When your app is accessible in app stores, check its activity on mobile statistics platforms and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to determine the performance of your app. Always review crash reports and other user-reported concerns.

Invite users to offer feedback on your application to your firm. End-user assistance must be provided immediately, and the software must be wrapped on a frequent basis to keep users interested.

Unlike online apps, which have patch extensions accessible for immediate app users, mobile app upgrades will require the same upload and update process.

Services for Web App Development

ThatWare offers sophisticated web app development services that boost your reputation, boost your company ratings, and help you engage with your clients more effectively.

We are trustworthy partners of all company sizes for areas such as inventory, sales, invoicing, or any component of your business process that has to be controlled centred, whether starting with simple web application development needs or culminating with complicated web application requirements.

We have a diverse set of sectors from which we have developed and deployed web apps across several platforms, which speaks eloquently about our record of success.

We Offer The Following Web Application Services:

Business-Sites – Developing a bespoke intranet site for a variety of collaboration, communication, and internal communication needs.

E-commerce Sites – ThatWare’s entire e-commerce portal solution is highlighted.

Moreover, we provide complete connectivity with third-party components such as shipping, transaction options, and client administration.

Web App Designer – We offer web app creation to help your company diversify its services to clients.

Our App Differentiator Includes The Features Listed Below

Web apps that are fully functional – For your company requirements, our web application solutions approximate to glove installation. ThatWare has proven knowledge of these sorts of software development services, whether it is a comprehensive shop for third-party integration and integration, social media, company websites, or business websites.

Comprehensive testing – Testing is an important phase in the development process since it assures a thorough examination of security, response time, UI and UX, browser compatibility, and user accessibility.

Smart Development – Not only are our bespoke web app development solutions specialized or contemporary, but they are also future-ready. They indicate the fall in building construction and the expansion of future client corporate ambitions.

At ThatWare, We Offer:

We are a reliable organization with a team of software engineers, and industry experts who use the many technologies we have managed to build up in various industries to assist our customers in overcoming the most complex challenges you may face while developing the next web app or business software.

Web Application Development

ThatWare offers web app development services to fast-growing businesses aiming to create and upgrade software-based goods and services with additional features and attractive design.

Actions for SaaS Development

We are developing sophisticated technologies that are well suited to the SaaS distribution model. Our primary goal is to provide the greatest online applications that operate and appear the same across all devices and browsers.

Web Development on the Front End

We know that early feedback is critical to maintaining a high level of user retention. ThatWare creates advanced social media platforms with a clean layout so that your clients love using your online system.

Development of the Back End

A good product is built on the concepts of backlash and hardness. We staff our specialized teams with specialized software engineers to ensure your application’s backend is powerful, reliable, secure, and simple to manage.

Modernization of Web Apps

Do you believe you’re losing clients as a result of your app’s poor performance and antiquated appearance? We can convey your legacy plan utilizing cutting-edge technologies and breathe fresh life into it.

A2A connection & API Development

We assist organizations in determining and implementing the best methods for integrating their technologies into any software ecosystem to establish advanced APIs, middleware, add-ons, and connection solutions.

How Do We Develop Web Applications?

ThatWare is a mobile application development firm in Kolkata, India that serves a diverse variety of industries and business needs.

To customize online applications for our important clients, we employ software engineering procedures such as AngularJS, CSS, and Cold Fusion. We employ the newest technologies and locations to provide great goods, since our web application development staff is detail-oriented and has decades of expertise.

During the process, we leverage our QA team, UI / UX designers, and bespoke web developers to produce and design correct apps with clean code. It implies that if modifications are required, our software development business can easily alter code, reducing development costs and time.

Do You Want to Improve A Custom Web Application?

A custom web application development firm suited to your demands boosts efficiency and accelerates business growth. Being a web application development firm, ThatWare can assist you in meeting your business objectives.

Why not start now? We can assist you in improving, building, and improving your bespoke web app.

The Method for Developing a Bespoke Web Application

When you choose ThatWare web application development services, you are hiring specialists who can meet your needs. Our method may appear antiquated, but we leave no stone left when it comes to addressing your company’s demands through custom online services.

Auditing and analysis

What does your company require? Our modern web app development specialist meets with you and your team to learn about your specific objectives and uses that information to better understand our design techniques. When you launch your preferred online apps that lack brand identity, we use that information to create a unique web app that checks all the conditions.

Workflow for Research and UX

Our app development firm is conducting research to discover the finest ways for improving your bespoke web system. Don’t be disappointed if it appears to take a long time; we’re only figuring out how to enhance the user experience inside web app development services.

Design testing and prototyping

There may be more than one resolution to your developing web applications demands at times. ThatWare’s web application development service professionals expand the number of formats while narrowing the alternatives. Our prototypes are still useful and can show you what we can do to allow your company to flourish with a custom web app.

Selecting the Best Technology

We can improve your custom web plan by using a variety of editing sites and languages. Our custom web development software also examines the available technologies and picks the best ones to assist us in building better and more successful web apps.

Developing a Database Architecture

Data organizes data in a way that makes it easier to query, filter, manage, and retrieve information, allowing web applications to be more efficient and intelligent. Our web application developer meticulously constructs and constructs information that collects, saves, retrieves, filters, and filters your data via your web application.

Web Design on Demand

This is a critical stage in developing a new website design policy. We integrate all previous processes in development to design and construct a custom web app to fit your exact demands.

Application Evaluation

Our business rigorously tests your new web application before submitting it to guarantee it is of excellent quality. This includes reducing mistakes and ensuring that data is properly safeguarded within the system. Our web application development business also guarantees that it is compatible with numerous browsers and can withstand data and use loads.

Activities in Web Applications Development

Our committed staff will operate as an extension of your technology department to manage, develop, and extend your web-based business solution or software product.

We create:

  • Platforms for cloud ERP, CRM, and business intelligence
  • e-commerce services
  • Websites for businesses
  • Applications for cloud-based health care
  • Web apps for finance and banking


For than a decade, we have served customers from a range of business disciplines. Over this period, we have gained unique understanding in a variety of industries, like business intelligence, marketing, eCommerce, education, and many others. The ThatWare team is eager to contribute to our knowledge to enhance your idea with technical knowledge and meet all the demands associated with the most demanding and complicated online solutions.

Web Portals for Businesses

Searching for a technology partner who can design a company web portal to assist you to optimize your workflow and increase the productivity of your firm? It is something that the ThatWare team can assist you with.

Intelligence in Business

For certain industry leaders, we’ve designed business intelligence solutions with real-time data and report processing. We’re ready to do the same for you, utilizing the most big recent data, machine learning, and data management approaches.

Platforms for E-Commerce

When it comes to e-Commerce UX, we realize that the stakes are quite high. As a result, we provide high-quality services to merchants and e-commerce owners to boost third-party integration, customization, security, and scalability.

Portals for Education

ThatWare’s software developers and business professionals have been working on academic solutions for more than five years. They are eager to apply their skills to assist you in developing your own business or cloud education platform.

Banking and Finance

We collaborate with existing financial businesses as well as startups to assist fintech companies obtain and increase market share through innovative insurance solutions, loans, trading desks, and financial management.

Web Apps for Healthcare

ThatWare possesses the experience and understanding required to provide safe and dependable web-based app development solutions for electronic health systems, healthcare management software, and medical solutions.


ThatWare creates and develops business software that enables automation, analytics, and collaboration in enterprises of all sizes. We understand how to leverage cutting-edge technological solutions to increase income and increase the number of your clients.

Complete Service Cycle

ThatWare offers the whole life cycle of services required to construct a system of any complexity, from zero to final result, all in one spot. Among these services are product requirements analysis, UI/UX, revisions, testing, post-launch assistance, and updates.

Excellent quality at a cheap price

Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, was considered as a leader in the field of information technology. Our rates are at least 30% cheaper than those in Europe or North America, allowing you to save some money.

Agile Techniques

We utilize Agile as our primary paradigm for extending project life. Qualified project managers and Scrum masters will guarantee that your project fulfils all of your requirements, objectives, and steps precisely.

Developers with Exceptional Skills

Our team of professional and qualified engineers can create attractive applications with secure and secure code.

ThatWare was the first business to build online applications. We have been developing high-quality web apps since 2018 and are always learning new things about what constitutes a full web application. Our focus is always on how to achieve the goals specified in the most efficient and user-friendly way possible.

ThatWare has a strong work culture and actively seeks long-term contracts to support its online services. We do not compromise on quality and do not allow cost performance to limit the processes we utilize. All the services we offer considerably benefit our clients, give users with a pleasurable communication experience with their site, and eventually create considerable returns on investment.

If you’re looking for a mobile application development business, give us a call to find out how we can help you construct your app.


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