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The internet marketing industry has been quite progressive in the past decade, Tuhin aims at catching up with the same pace and helps organizations with their digital presence at affordable prices. He claims that his organization is growing fast and predicts to have 2000 employees by 2023. He is already serving more than 300+ clients and looking at increasing the numbers on an everyday basis with a global presence. Embracing the comprehensive world of technology, Tuhin has successfully created a dynamic team of data scientists, AI experts, Natural Language processing experts(NLP) etc. who aim at providing clients with the right mix of services to achieve their goals. Tuhin believes in holistic development and sustainable growth strategies. They are the key to long term success according to him. Just delivering short-term strategies in the market space for his clients, he mentions that it’s an unfair practice.

Necessary Thoughts

His team looks up to him as a role model and a mentor. He imbibes in them a feeling of trust and working with passion. Tuhin believes that if they love what they do, they would never get tired. That’s the mantra for success in his organization. With huge client orders and demanding work schedules, he manages to train his team so that they are absolutely updated with the right knowledge and skills. He says that since internet marketing is such a dynamic place, it’s absolutely necessary to keep a track of innovations and competitors.


In late 2021, Tuhin also developed the world’s first AI-based SEO software named WebTool. This tool is built with Angular JS along with Python & language R. The tool aims to provide the best SEO support blended with advanced SEO and semantic search algorithms.

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