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Since the invention of Google, link Building has been the most revealing practice adopted by its professionals. It is one of the vital parts of SEO to enhance the visibility of a website on SERP. Despite being a lengthy process, it allied proper concern to improve the process. To get a higher rank on a search engine page, you have to utilize the most effective techniques of SEO for building links. Some of the major forms and prowess of such SEO strategies are listed below. 

Step 1: Duplicate your rival companies’ SEO backlinks:

Finding out who is linking to your competing companies is a huge win. Competitor backlinks are almost certainly on sites pertinent to your speciality, so you understand they’re good for SEO. This could be a time-consuming manual project. However, there are tools which can assist you in assessing your competitors’ backlink profiles. Examine the backlink pages for the most potent opportunities, then contact those sites and see if they’ll be inclined to relate to your webpage.

Step 2: Make use of the broken link strategy:

The process of locating backlinks that ultimately led to 404 pages on those other sites is known as broken link building. Attempting to contact these sites and recommending they substitute the 404 links with one leading to an equivalent page on your site. It’s an excellent way to obtain backlinks even while providing value towards the site providing the backlink. This form of analysis could be performed using a backlink analysis tool.

Step 3: Attempt to recover any lost backlinks:

In addition to acquiring new backlinks, it is worthwhile to spend time determining which of your preceding backlinks have been destroyed or have vanished. There are numerous reasons why your connections may have vanished:

  • The site owner may have changed the link.
  • The backlink page could vanish.
  • The webpage may be unavailable at the moment.
  • Indexing may be prohibited on this page.

To rebuild a broken backlink, contact the site’s operators and request assistance.

Step 4: Create links using images:

People click on images because they attract attention but rather take up space. That’s why it is worthwhile to create and promote images in order to attract so many backlinks. However, if you’re using photos as backlinks, make sure the link comments point to the page where the image lives rather than the picture directory. Set up filtration in your SEO tool to see whether any URLs contain image formats to determine whether any backlinks result in image directories.

Step 5: Make the best of lists:

Acquiring your product or service on the best of the list is great validation, but it also places a link to your website on a relevant, authoritative site. To discover the lists you may be a good fit for, use software like Online Backlink Verifier to examine a competitor’s website, paying special attention to SEO-friendly backlinks containing words like best or top.

You can inquire with the author or site owner about the process of being introduced to the list.

Step 6: Make contact with other industry professionals:

Engage with others in your industry, whether via social media or even other forms of networking. It can assist in getting your homepage and content to a larger number of people who may end up trying to link ahead to you. Think about joining some pertinent groups on social media and start making conversation while sharing relevant links. Don’t go way over the top, or you’ll come across as spammy. The objective is to provide information that you believe will be beneficial to the community members.

Step 7: Performing Outreach: 

Outreach is just the process of requesting a backlink from another website. Once you generate a connection to the content, you must share it with the sites you wish to promote it. It can aid in the development of working relationships among SEOs and site publishers. Whereas outreach may appear to be a simple practice, there are some best practices to be conscious of:

  • Personalize all of your communications.
  • Keep it brief and to the point.
  • Describe why trying to link to your website is advantageous to them.
  • Offer anchor text to make it easier for you to improve them.


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