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Writing blogs and articles has become one of the major sources of money for writers. You have to adopt proper techniques and methods that enhance the outlook of your blogging in view of audiences. To make extra income or as a full-time employee, you can start a blogging profession and earn upto a specific amount. However, you must gain fundamental knowledge of SEO that is essential to include in blogs to increase the traffic of any website on SERP. Here is a list of prominent SEO strategies that need to be executed for blogging for money. 

Step 1: Figure Out Your Blog’s Niche:

The first thing to do is decide which blog your blog will be about. Determine whether you want to speak about marketing, veganism, or even random life stories. Never start a blog about something you don’t enjoy. Furthermore, you will be unable to consistently produce high-quality content to enhance your audience. Hence, you should decide to narrow your focus even further and create a blog dedicated solely to paper art.

Step 2: Give Your Blog Name:

Once you have an idea, you must work on mentioning your blog name. Selecting a blog name is both exciting and intimidating. After all, this is your brand name, and it will determine how people remember you. Don’t overthink it, and don’t call your blog something illogical or offensive. When choosing a name, keep these points into consideration:

  • Is it representative of what your blog will be about?
  • Is the name simple to pronounce and spell?
  • Would your intended audience enjoy it?
  • Is it brief and to the point?

Step 3: Create Your WordPress Blog:

To create a blog, you must first choose an appealing WordPress theme at a reasonable price  at best from the marketplace. The appearance of your webpage drives so much website traffic, allowing us to make so much money. Fortunately, WordPress has tens of thousands of themes from which to select. A fresh-looking theme will give your website a much-needed facelift and make it more appealing to viewers.

Step 4: Select Interesting Blog Topics:

If you desire to be a successful blogger, you must take every possible step to increase website traffic and email signups. The best way to accomplish this is to take the best possible step with your blog post to provide interesting content to your readers. Your main focus should be to consider things from the perspective of your reader. Also, you should concentrate on more difficult questions for your blog topics. However,  don’t forget to create a catchy title for the article that will entice the reader to press on your blog right away.

Step 5: SEO-Optimize Your Blogs:

Search engine optimization is a necessary technique to be adopted in earning money through blogging. In this section, you will optimize your website to appear higher in search results for particular keywords and phrases. You can optimize your WordPress content by installing the Yoast SEO plugin.

Step 6: Register account for Google AdSense:

The right approach to monetize your article is to set up ads. A Google AdSense account is required to begin earning money through advertisements. You still can use ads across as many as you would like, start with just one and see how your audience reacts to them. If your dashboard shows a higher bounce rate, you must consider realigning your existing ads for better outcomes.

Step 7: Enhancing Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is a method of making money by marketing or promoting the products of another person or company in your blog content. You should look for products that interest you and write a post about them to get profit from each sale made through your link. Understanding your readers’ demographics, on the other hand, can help you know which products they might be interested in. You can learn how much your target audience desires to purchase while also earning money from your blog. 

Step 8: Sell private ads:

When your blog receives enough organic traffic, advertisers could approach you and request that their advertisements be placed on your website. In this case, users can set their own ad rates, cut out the middlemen, and earn more money from advertisements. Private advertisements in the form of CPC banners or affiliate links can be sold. By attempting to write sponsored posts in which you consult or review the advertiser’s product or service, you also can charge a one-time service charge for just a link in your posts.

Step 9: Sell digital products:

When you believe your blog is an important and reliable revenue source, visitors can develop a new product that is relevant to the interests of your audience.

The following are the most popular approaches for this method:

  • Workbooks and e-books
  • Membership websites
  • Subscription fees to your blog.

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