SEO and digital marketing strategies for beadwork!





You are good at beadwork and have your craft site as well. 


So that people can see your talent and purchase products from you if they like them!

We live in a digital world and have used digital platforms to make our products reachable to the targeted audience.  

Audience reach is important. Unless the audience doesn’t see your products, they won’t acknowledge them. 

Here comes a question, actually the most important question!

Millions of websites may provide similar services; why should google show your site on the first page over others?

How to be on top of google ranking? 

The million-dollar question is that! Yes, purchasing a ranking that will place you above all the free listings is possible. This can be found in the majority of directories or search result listings.

However, if you want to attempt and do it for free, you must follow the search engine algorithm’s guidelines. Some of those guidelines may be specified, but not all of them. So playing this game is challenging unless you go back to the fundamentals. Some strategies might help you the most! Wondering what they are? Here you go with the list! 

  • Choose the right keywords: 

So maybe you can see that if the description of the beadwork had been “beginning beading pattern” instead of just “beading pattern,” you would have had a higher chance of selling them.

Now, I’m not advocating adding “beginning” to every beading pattern, simply those meant specifically for beginners. Consider what you now know about how search engines determine whether or not they perform well.

According to how customers respond to it over time, the exact ranking order will be determined. So, the search engine may find you thank to your excellent description. However, if you make false statements in your description, the customer won’t purchase your design. 

  • Using a long tail keyword is important if your website is new! 

If your website is new compared to others, you should use long tail keywords. The chances of Google noticing your website are always higher if you have chosen long-tail keywords.

  • Thinks as a customer while writing product description: 

 How might you approach finding a new project if you’re looking for one? You could look for simple or complex beading patterns. You may look at RAW designs, brick stitch patterns, or peyote patterns. Or perhaps you’re purging your bead collection and looking for “patterns employing beads.”Keep this in mind when you write your description to serve the customer best. Be clear about the benefits your pattern offers. What kinds of beads does it use? What methods? Who would like to produce it? Your clients may use all of the keywords and key phrases listed here. Therefore, if they are mentioned in your pattern description, your chances of selling things go up.

  • Check the tone of the product description- build your style: 

It is important to check the tone of the product description. Making it user-friendly, simple, yet interesting is necessary nowadays. 

Which of these sentences, for instance, would you add?

A beaded pattern is shown here.

This peyote stitch beadwork pattern employs seed beads.

I’ll demonstrate how to use size 11 seed beads to work in tubular Peyote because it’s one of my favourite stitches.

There is no “right” or “wrong”; you must develop your sense of style. But the first sentence merely provides the bare minimum of information and lacks personality. More specific information, including words that could serve as keywords, is provided in the second sentence. However, it is somewhat formal. Using keywords, the third phrase continues to provide useful information.

  • Social media management and content optimization! 

Both social media and content play an important role here. Facebook sites, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest posts might appear in Google searches! Use your knowledge to optimize your profiles and carefully add keywords to them.

Content is king! Yes, remember that your content should be marketable. How to write marketable content? By making the content user-friendly. You can include blogs on your website and keep updating the content so that Google can acknowledge that your content is informative and updated for the users. It can help your website to grow as well.

  • Add keywords to your product description: 

Once confident enough to write about the product, ensure you have used the selected keywords. It is important to include the selected keywords while writing a product description, as it helps the SEO of your websites.

Make a list of the keywords and try to frame the content with the keywords. It will take time, but it can help your website to grow.

Consider your target audience when selling beading patterns through SEO. What are they seeking, exactly? What precise details will enable them to locate it? How can you present the data such that people want to test out your project?

After that, you don’t need to become bogged down in SEO guidelines if you are already doing all that. Naturally, you’ll be giving search engines useful phrases. However, by placing the consumer’s needs first, you also assist the search engine in doing its job effectively.


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