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Are you someone who has a website regarding homemade gifts? Do you know unique styles of creating homemade gifts and want to sell your products to people? Great idea, but keep one thing in mind: thousands of websites are available online, and you are competing with all of them. You need to use some unique strategies so that your website can stand out from the crowd. Here you will be introduced to some unique strategies that might help you the most to grow your business.

  1. Know your target audience! 

It is important to know your target audience. The products or homemade gifts that you create will only attract some. There must be a target audience for which the product is specifically made. 

For example, your homemade gift website is all about toys with which babies can play; it means your target audience will be the parents of the babies, as they will be willing to purchase a product from you for their kid.

You can develop your ideal buyer persona by researching and paying attention to the customers who purchase from you. Consider your target customer and the reasons they are pulled to your items. Consider the keywords people use to describe your products when deciding how you will leverage this for SEO. Put yourself in the buyer persona’s shoes and consider how they would describe your product if it matched what they were looking for.

  1. Use powerful keywords

Depending on your platform or site, the specifics of how you implement your Keywords will operate differently, but the fundamental ideas will apply to both. Use long-tail key phrases that completely and precisely sum up what you are selling in the language your ideal customer would use! If your website is new compared to other websites with the same purpose, use long tail keywords so that the content’s intent is clear and gets higher reach.

  1. The tools that can help you! 

Some tools can help you to promote your products! 


Utilizing Pinterest to market your homemade or handcrafted goods is a great idea. In addition to posting frequently and using high-quality photographs, you should emphasize that Pinterest is fundamentally a search engine. Your keywords can be included in the graphic visually, but remember that they won’t be searchable, so you’ll also need to put them in the post’s description. Ensure your hyperlink contains your keywords, and put the finest possible keywords in the description box.


Many people decide to sell their things on Etsy and a few other comparable websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, or Amazon. Use language your customers would use when describing products or services when creating keywords and tags. You should be reasonable with your tags because you can only use a certain number on Etsy. Offering free delivery and encouraging visitors to leave reviews in your shop will also boost the likelihood that people will see your things.

In general, algorithms and systems are continuously evolving, so track which keywords you find the most effective and adjust your strategy as necessary!

  1. Content optimization

Your products are nothing without content. You need to write specific content and update them frequently. Remember, Google likes fresh and informative content, so always remember to add information that can help the users understand the product. The content used to be engaging so that the user read more about the product and bought it at the end of the day! Use keywords with the content to optimize it.

  1. Guest posting

Writing guest blog posts on other websites is a fallback strategy for boosting awareness and publicity for your business. There are a few things to consider while guest posting, though, if you run an online artist website.

There are many benefits to guest blogging. You can increase readership and awareness by appearing as a guest on another website. The SEO and search engine optimization benefits of publishing your material on another website are also beneficial.

When it comes to duplicating content, you must proceed with caution. If you are guest blogging on a website other than your own, be sure the content you publish is unique and not already on your website. It’s handy to use a service to find backlinks to support your creative platform.

  1. Image alt tag

When search engines crawl your website in search of clues regarding the function of your web pages, they don’t just focus on the text. Images also give search engines data that helps them comprehend your page better. They deliver these relevancy signals via their filename and alt tags.

The alt text for your photographs acts as anchor text, and if it includes your keyword, that informs search engines that your page is a solid source for that phrase. It would be great if your keyword could be used in more locations.

These are some of the effective ways that might help you the most to grow your business!


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