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You are a talented potter and won your pottery website, so more people can know about your talent. But it is 2022, and everyone has a website nowadays. It’s not enough to have a website; you also need to optimize it. To optimize your website, you need to follow some specific strategies. 

Here you will learn about some strategies that might help you the most. In today’s world, it is important to use useful SEO strategies so that Google likes it and your website gets a better position in Google ranking. Wondering what these strategies that you need to follow are? Here you go with the list! 

  1. On-page SEO is important: 

You already know that search engines aim to give people the best possible outcomes. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the material on your website is pertinent to what users are looking for. The first step is to add keyword phrases to your sites. The titles, descriptions, and headings are the page elements that should receive the most attention.

Many websites today have excellent optimization. However, we would conduct keyword research in areas where we felt there was space for development to make sure we were focusing on the most lucrative terms. We would rewrite the website’s titles and descriptions to ensure they are each length, read properly, and focus on the right keywords.

  1. Keyword research: 

Keyword research is the most important part that should be taken care of. It is important to search for specific keywords relevant to the audience. You might use tools and search for relevant keywords. Ubersuggest is a tool to search specific keywords for your website.

Using long-tail keywords would be advisable if your website is new compared to other sites. If you use long-tail keywords, your website will get a specific audience, and the competition for long-tail keywords is low compared to short-tail keywords. The search intent would be clear as well. Thus the chances of getting a better rank on your website would be higher. 

  1. Content creation and optimization:

It is important to create relevant content for your website. You must update your content as well. Google always prefers updated content. 

It is important to create fresh content with a specific use of keywords. It is important to put the keywords in a certain way to optimize your content. 

  1. Mobile design:

Checking whether the site is mobile-friendly is one of the main criteria we use in our initial health check. Most of our clients have noticed a significant rise in mobile and tablet traffic coming to their websites over the past 12 months. Even if the extra traffic is appreciated, conversions and sales rarely increase proportionately. The experience for mobile users could be better for desktop ones.

It has been proved that google always prioritized mobile-friendly websites. Most users like the websites that you operate from your mobile. For Google users, it is most important; it likes what its users like, which means creating mobile-friendly sites is more worthwhile. If you have a website, make sure it is mobile-friendly. 

  1. Social media management: 

Social networking is a great tool for connecting current and potential clients. One of the best SEO tactics for pottery is to start social media marketing. Your target market needs to be identified. Due to the range of clientele you service, this could be challenging. Young couples, young men, older couples, and a wide variety of other people can all be drawn.

You need to choose an appropriate social media platform for your target audience. Choose the option that will benefit you the most. Keep your target market in mind when deciding which social media network your company should be active on.

  1. Add videos, images, and blog posts : 

Let’s say you wish to expand the audience for your website. It’s crucial to include pertinent movies, pictures, and blog articles. Make sure your blog entries are both participatory and educational so that readers are interested in reading them and learning something new. Update the information as well; Google prefers current information because it benefits users.

  1. Use backlinks to build trust: 

In SEO, backlinks are highly important. These trustworthy websites link back to your website. Other websites linking to your website raise its SEO standing. Utilizing these backlinks will increase the authority and credibility of your website. Google will regard your information as crucial and trustworthy if it discovers that your website is related to other respectable websites. They will rank your site higher if you make it easier for more customers to find your content.

That’s all! These are some effective strategies that you must use for your website. Start growing your business by using the strategies mentioned above. 


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