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The competition is increasing as the market for children and parenting products expands. Given that American parents spend $12,000 on their babies on average in their first year, innovation in the Baby Gifts industry isn’t about to slow down soon. According to estimates, the global market for infant care goods generated $11.4 billion in sales in 2018. The market is anticipated to grow to 13.3 billion dollars in the United States by 2021. What does this imply for American brands?

The sector is entering its next chapter thanks to the strength and competition of this digital era. The power of online shopping has never been greater. Recent figures show that financing for companies specializing in Baby Gift products and markets is increasing. Since 2016, these businesses have received more than $300 million in investments as of March 2018. Due to these notable changes in consumer buying power, marketing professionals may profit from the rising interest in and demand for newborn and parenting items. If yes, what sort of things do you offer? The market for infant items may be challenging. Here is some advice from professionals.

Target Audience for Baby Gifts

In recent years, there has been a “baby boom” in new baby and children’s product firms. You may anticipate a surge of new rivals entering the market as each year goes by. Knowing your audience is crucial when making an advertisement for newborn infant items.

Pregnant Moms

Given that they will have a kid, pregnant women make excellent target customers since they will seek out items that will enhance the health and wellness of their unborn child.

Single Parents

You should constantly target both groups since they are parents and want the best for their children, whether they are dads or single mothers. Therefore, excluding single parents from your advertising campaign would be a mistake as you want to reach every target population.  

Same-Sex Parents

Same-sex parents are frequently excluded from Facebook ad targeting, which is a huge chance to attract new clients to your business. More and more same-sex male couples are turning to surrogacy to establish their own families. 

New Parents

Infants will often spend most of their time in their parents’ room. Following that, parents move their infants into separate bedrooms, which necessitates them having several sets of basic sheets, swaddling blankets, receiving blankets, and waterproof bedding, which is also crucial for infants. Therefore, marketing to new parents would be the most effective since they require so many items for their infant.

Ways to Target Audience for Baby Products

Target Using FB Audience Insights

You may use Facebook Audience Insights to look at your audience’s age and gender, level of education, and marital status. Targeting precision is increased by doing a detailed analysis. Facebook Audience Insights offers aggregate information on user demographics interested in Baby Gift items. Additionally, you may find more people similar to your current audience rapidly with Facebook audience analytics. This option is fantastic if you want to experiment with various audiences and ad creatives.

Target Lookalike Audiences

Targeting people with similar profiles to your audience, or the Custom Audience you made for your baby items, is possible using lookalike audiences. Here, we’re discussing interest-based targeting. You must go through this procedure to draw in new clients. For starters, you have a significantly higher chance of success if you market to people with similar interests and goals to your greatest consumers.

Targeting Groups with Parents

These are parenting groups, such as those where parents support and counsel one another. It makes no difference if you use Instagram or Facebook. So keep an eye out for active groups and copy the URLs. 

Targeting Competitor’s Audience

Undoubtedly, a Baby Gifts store with subscribers and followers among parents would exist. So why not pursue them now? Their interest in your products will probably be piqued by a superior offer (reduced price, first-purchase discount, free trial, etc.). You may browse advertisements for other brands in the Ad Library by performing a name search. If you’d like, visit their Facebook page and use the Page Transparency option from the right-hand menu. By selecting the View in Ad Library option, you may view the ads from this page in the Ad Library.

Retargeting Using Facebook Pixel

Using the Facebook pixel, you might target those who have already visited your baby goods website. With the aid of Facebook Pixel, you may effectively target people who have previously interacted with your business. Retargeting everyone who has ever visited your website is excessive. You will need to make it more specific. Retarget visitors who came to one of your landing pages but did not convert at first. This is why you should concentrate on clients who have shown interest in your goods and are at the contemplation stage of the sales funnel.

Tips to Target Audience for Baby Products

Find Keywords Using Ubersuggest 

Any online advertisement’s core consists of keywords since they enable search engines to provide users with more pertinent search results. Because of this, if you include certain keywords in your ad content, it will appear when a user searches for that term. We advise using Ubersuggest to find keywords related to Baby Gifts. An excellent piece of software is Ubersuggest. Along with keywords, it also shows backlinks, interlinks, and keywords used by rivals. Don’t worry about developing a long list; focus on the most important items first. Once you’re done, search for each keyword on Google.

SEO Optimized Ad Copy

The benefits of your product and what makes it special are described in an ad copy without being corny. A Facebook advertisement’s ad language is a crucial element that may make or break a sale for you. Because of this, ad copy is extremely important. Your writing will have an impact on whether or not your target audience wants to purchase it. And because it involves so much more than words, such as hyperlinks, internal links, references, and keywords, SEO-optimized ad content is a new animal altogether. Because of this, you should constantly write your ad copy with the target audience in mind. In this case, think about what a parent wants to see in your advertisement.

Test and Optimize Different Ad Creatives

Despite the fierce competition on Facebook nowadays, finding leads is relatively easy. You may create more leads and more accurately pinpoint your target audience by using Facebook’s A/B testing tools, which let marketers test various audiences, interests, behaviors, and age groups for less money. Use these tools at your own risk. However, we highly recommend doing so to determine your ideal target market.

As indicated earlier, do not start with one advertisement. Test each of your concepts. If you’re doing it manually, you should only run one or two advertisements per audience at once. Daily, for instance, switch between these and other types. You’ll be able to determine which advertisements work the best after a few weeks. Turn them back on once you’ve tried all your alternatives and have new ones in mind based on what you’ve learned.

Split The Budget Among Different Audiences

When you have a little marketing budget, you must allocate the money among several target markets to identify the most beneficial to your business and concentrate on it. Some audiences in your campaign outperform others. If one audience gives you greater results than another, you should increase its budget while cutting it for the other. You continue to search for the best investment opportunity during your campaign. Everybody wants sales, and this is the best business approach for you if you’re on a tight budget.

Split the Audiences Based on Niche 

Because you may show them on different advertising initiatives depending on your campaign data, your product is more likely to have distinct specialized audiences that are appropriate for your ad creatives. Campaign reports display the effectiveness of your advertisements and ad concepts over a specified time frame. Campaign reports show you where your traffic and sales are coming from, audience performance, and a tonne of other crucial information that you may use to create or carry out more precisely focused advertising.

Utilize this information to create fresh versions of your audiences for even better results, and keep researching to get the most out of each campaign. Sometimes it’s a good idea to carry out this test in a fresh iteration of your campaign. This makes it possible for you to compare various iterations of your campaign subsequently.


This post covers tactics and advice on the target market for baby items. We thus hope that the information we have provided will help you create advertising campaigns that will enable you to focus on potential customers rather than spending money on a broad audience. Finally, you should experiment as much as you can with your ad creatives to see which target market and advertisement are most effective for you.


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