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The algorithm is presumably hidden in a safe under the bed of Google’s CEO so that their rivals cannot steal their algorithm. Let’s face it; everyone uses Google for a reason. Bing became a meme because their findings missed the point some time ago. The algorithm is to blame.

In light of this, I urge you to proceed with extreme caution whenever you seek advice on how to rank in Google, SEO, or become a billionaire in a month using Google’s search engine. Or, much better, how you should only concentrate on social media because Google search is now a terrible strategy to increase visitors. Most of those claims are untrue!

Nowadays, a lot of people identify as gurus or influencers… Let me tell you; everyone is free to choose any name they like. It’s not like they work for a firm where a supervisor assigns them a title. Of course, some individuals have made a name for themselves in the social media sector. They have been employed for years and have become SEO experts. However, a lot of the information you discover online is a recycled material that individuals pass off as fact, while, in reality, nobody is convinced of how Google’s algorithm functions.

Why do they do it? Well, if they claim that you will become wealthy in one month, they are utilising clickbait and profiting from one of the most popular searches on Google (How to make money fast online). They have another goal for you if they try to convince you of the veracity of their thoughts or opinions. You can purchase consulting services or sign up for their newsletter to receive a free PDF with all the required tips. Let me tell you; it’s often simply rubbery. Take all of these “facts,” once more, with a massive grain of salt. Naturally, you should also view my ideas with scepticism! Then let’s

Let’s Think Like Google

You are now a member of the Google algorithm team. Your major goal is to provide the finest search user experience possible. Unusual, huh? However, even a major organisation like Google keeps it in mind. As a result of this, they likely grew to be so big. So, what would you do first if you were given the duty of upgrading Google’s algorithm? Well, consider what someone searching would like to have.

Let’s imagine that we are someone conducting a Google search. I entered my search and asked, what do I want to find out? The best response to the query. Simple. Well, logically speaking, yes. Technically speaking, not so much. The issue is that millions of articles on Google address the query you just typed in; which one will be the best response? It’s not like Google has the staff to read every article by hand and select the finest one! The GoogleBot and Google Algorithm were created for this reason.

Keyword Matching

Let’s start by searching for the term, in this case, “Best Anime of the Winter Season.” Does the title contain the keyword? People use titles to draw readers in, so if the post is about anything, the title will undoubtedly include the search term. But what if they choose a funnier title and omit some words? Let’s consider any terms that are associated with the topic as well, then. For instance, “best” and “top” refer to the same item.

The meta description, what about it? The meta description aims to draw readers in by providing extra information about the content. Do the title and the search have anything to do with the meta description? What about headers, then? Since headings are typically meant to grab readers’ attention, the keyword or other relevant terms will likely be included if they are addressing this question.

What about the text, then? They will likely occasionally use the terms if answering the question is their major objective. Naturally, they are just spamming if they use it 200 times in a 500-word piece. Therefore, it must occasionally contain the term (or words close to it), but only a few. By doing this, I can identify a specific article that responds to this person’s query. It is obviously about the topic and not merely a separate post concerning the winter anime season in the middle of it.


Okay, so someone is seeking winter-themed anime… Should I offer them 2016 or 2019 postings, as it’s 2019? It would be best to provide them with the most recent articles… In other words, users typically include the year in their search query when looking for something that happened in a certain year in the past. However, there’s more. The world is always evolving. Since information is always changing, a more current article should often include more accurate information. Therefore, the most current is the greatest! There are, however, much too many postings. I mean, there have been tens of thousands of posts! Which one should thus appear on the main page?

Website Analytics

Let’s explore how real readers navigate the website on their own! Do people truly visit the website for a long time? Do people read the information, to put it another way? Do people surf the page and click on the links before leaving? Does it take too long for the site to load? Do people typically share their articles on social media? More is always better! But hold on, what if they are posting on social media with purchased accounts? *Gulp* I also need to consider it.

One crucial element to remember while writing for the Internet, especially when blogging, is that your article’s readability must be considered.

Your writing structure should alter according to the audience and purpose for whom you are writing. For instance, a thesis should be written differently than a basic question-and-answer piece.

If you can only write in a thesis-type, I’m not suggesting you’re a lousy writer or anything of the kind. However, writing is the same way that one should act and speak differently depending on the circumstance (I mean, you wouldn’t be the same at a board meeting as you are when you are in your pyjamas with your SO while watching a TV, would you?).

When writing a thesis for a master’s degree, you will use a different style than when making a grocery list, which should differ from how you write an article post, which should differ from how you write a love letter.

Additionally, consider how people look for topics you wish to discuss. Integrate what you want to write with what readers want to read! Additionally, if you want to get faster results, remember that if you are going to review a well-known anime that came out five years ago, thousands of others have done it first and are considered credible articles to address the searchers’ demands. That’s it! If you’re interested in reading my technical advice for improving Google Search results.


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