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SEO tools help you create and track strategies to improve your website’s organic performance, regardless of how long SEO has been a part of your marketing plan or how experienced you are with it.

One of the best methods to gather relevant, high-quality leads is through organic search, especially for higher education. Prospective students typically use search engines to find colleges that meet their criteria and rapidly obtain information about deadlines, prerequisites, and acceptance timeframes while they search. You can engage and convert visitors to customers if your website content is designed to rank on search terms regularly used throughout the prospective student customer journey, such as a specific degree programme, scholarship opportunity, or campus amenity.

Improving SEO for Best Nursing Schools

There are several considerations to make when writing content because Google bases its page rankings on more than 200 criteria. Increase your school’s search exposure and increase the value of your website by updating website information, correcting broken site links, reducing page load speed, or creating content strategies around high-volume searches. But how can you tell which website elements aren’t working well and which ranking variables you need to focus on? 

Define Your SEO Strategy

Increasing the rank of your programme or degree websites and developing a content marketing plan to connect with prospects at the top of the funnel are the two main SEO tactics for higher education. We advise reading our in-depth post on how SEO may promote student recruitment if you’re starting started with it. Making a case for SEO investment can assist you in creating a lead-generating SEO content marketing plan.

SEO Website Audit

Your college or university website might receive a baseline evaluation from an SEO software programme. These tools will sift through your website and offer an assessment that identifies the keywords driving visitors. Generally, we distinguish between “branded” and “non-branded” terms. If the majority of the “branded” phrases in your organic search audit are related to your institution, then you are likely to be contacting alumni. Increasing “non-branded” keywords, such as “nursing school in New Hampshire” or “MBA programme Los Angeles,” will often assist your institution in attracting new students who aren’t currently considering enrolling in a degree programme there.

Identify Keyword Gaps

These SEO software tools will not only assist you in locating urgent SEO issues and prospects for solutions, but they will also provide you with a comprehensive overview of your institution’s search visibility and performance over time, enabling you to develop a workable long-term SEO plan. You should fill any gaps, for instance, if you don’t rank for popular degrees, centres, or professors or have a low percentage of “non-branded” phrases.

Edit and Track Page Performance

The next step is to keep track of the pages you wish to improve in the tool. With these tools, you can assess each page’s performance to ensure that when you modify the content target pages, the page ranks are rising for the targeted keywords.

Tools To Monitor SEO


One of our top picks for anything SEO is Moz. Due to its extensive feature set, Moz Pro is the go-to tool for all reporting and research requirements about SEO. The toolkit of Moz Pro offers the ability to audit your website for flaws and monitor how your website pages are doing regarding SERP ranking and particular keyword placements.

Marketers may use Moz to evaluate keyword ranking performance and overall SERP visibility over time to discover what’s working and what isn’t and find patterns that might help you modify your SEO or content marketing plan. To obtain a sense of how your site performs to rivals, compare the present condition of your SEO regarding search visibility, keyword ranks, SERP position, and links. 

SEM Rush

Another excellent SEO tool for getting a broad overview of existing SEO rankings and finding fresh possibilities to improve SEO performance is SEM Rush. SEM Rush increases marketers’ capacity to control their website’s online presence using a comprehensive collection of capabilities comparable to Moz. 

Google Search Console

Google is the top search engine and the source of the most visitors to your website, taking up over 90% of the search market share. To understand how your online assets are doing and ranking where your audience is looking, tracking website and page performance on Google is crucial. Google Search Console, a Google product, offers exactly this functionality.


Yoast is a CMS plug-in tool that works with WordPress, in contrast to the other SEO solutions covered. Yoast is a WordPress plug-in that focuses on improving on-site content rather than monitoring how well your website performs across search engines or giving you information about how individual pages perform compared to rivals. 

Site Improve

A fully-featured SEO tool, Site Improve provides keyword monitoring, content optimization, competition research, ROI reporting, and search engine analytics reports. Site Improve performs on-page diagnostics, recognizes high-value backlinks, locates duplicate content, finds high-opportunity keywords, and is most comparable to Moz and SEM Rush (as well as potentially harmful ones) 


Ahrefs is a comprehensive SEO tool that includes a rank tracker, site audit, site exploration, keyword exploration, and content exploration. Ahrefs offers research tools that let you compare key SEO elements with rivals, including organic and paid traffic, keyword rankings, backlink profiles, and referring domains.

The size and composition of your team, your budget, and your SEO knowledge will all influence which SEO tools you finally decide to include in your marketing technology stack. However, there are many chances to significantly raise the number and quality of your organic search traffic, even with a little budget and little technological know-how.


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