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However, badly performing Skincare businesses will leave holes in the buyer’s journey. Additionally, they will lose market share in Google’s organic search and the related traffic, new clients, and revenues.

Discover the benefits of content marketing for skincare companies in the following paragraphs and the tactics that provide the best results.

Benefits of content marketing for Body Lotion brands

But poorly run skincare firms will create gaps in the customer experience. They will also lose market share in Google’s organic search and the associated traffic, new customers, and earnings.

In the following paragraphs, you’ll learn the advantages of content marketing for skincare industry businesses and the best strategies.

Standing out in a crowded market.

Global spending on the skincare sector was $483 billion in 2020; by 2025, it is anticipated to reach $715 billion. Content marketing enables Body Lotion firms to stand out from the competition in a congested industry.

From brand awareness to revenue

Content marketing is necessary for your skincare brand because it helps you to:

  • Boost Your Exposure And Organic Ranks On Google.
  • Amplify Brand Awareness
  • Be Unique With Your Brand.
  • Bring Your Brand’s Individuality To Light.
  • Boost Online Traffic
  • Entice New Clients
  • Create Lasting Client Relationships To Increase Sales In The Long Run.

Body Lotion content marketing increases client trust and loyalty by offering helpful information along the customer journey. Additionally, it helps your brand maintain its prominence over time.

Winning in organic search

The organic search visibility for the top brands in each of the nine distinct sectors of the skincare business is calculated in the Body Lotion Market Share Report. The research was based on 9,393,580 monthly Google searches for non-branded terms associated with skincare.

You might be astonished that Google was not favoring the market’s long-standing, well-known, billion-dollar cosmetics businesses. Instead, publishers like Allure, Byrdie, and Good Housekeeping rule the organic search channel because of their outstanding content strategy.

This implies that most Body Lotion merchants miss out on search real estate worth millions of dollars each month and instead pay for it through advertising. Increased engagement, more sales, enhanced client retention, and lower customer acquisition expenses are all advantages of content marketing (CAC).

These publishers are not successful simply by chance. The reason is a significant investment in digital material. For instance, Byrdie’s mother c

skincare content marketing trends

The impact of COVID

The COVID-19 epidemic significantly influenced the Body Lotion business, as one might anticipate. 85% of Body Lotion products were bought in person before the epidemic. However, internet sales have been continuously rising throughout the epidemic.

Consumers of Body Lotion products report spending more or the same online now as they did before COVID-19, according to 87% of them. In the same vein, 49% of respondents report that they now spend more than $50 online on cosmetic goods, up from 16% in 2019. Additionally, consumers are increasingly more willing to try new brands. In 2020, 57% of consumers said they would buy 25% or more of their cosmetic products from companies they have never used.

Consumers who often rely on beauticians’ recommendations were compelled to learn about various cosmetic items on their own during the epidemic. Google and influencers who offered guidance on various cosmetic products were crucial components of the shopping process. The importance of interactive material that assists consumers in purchasing decisions has also increased.

The rising influence of content marketing on skincare brands

Online instructional material is far more crucial for selling Body Lotions than before the epidemic. Businesses in the Body Lotion industry will succeed better in gaining the confidence of their current clients by producing high-quality content for various distribution channels. Compared to businesses that rely solely on advertising, this form of growth marketing plan also increases their audience sustainably.

With just 2.23% of the market share in February 2019, Byrdie was placed eighth overall. Over two years, it quickly rose to first place overall with a 10.74% share of organic search exposure. With a 5X+ rise from 1.27% to 6.67% market share, moved from 13th to fourth place. Similarly, virtually quadrupled its market share from 2.96% to 8.97%, moving from 6th to third overall.

There are many different strategies available in the huge digital marketing world, but most won’t make a difference. If you’re aware of the Pareto principle, you know that only a few skincare content marketing techniques must be used to provide significant results.

Stella Intelligence-Informed Trend Focus

One of the major advantages of working with us on search engine optimization is that Stella Rising is so much more than simply an SEO agency. We specialize in research insights, customer behavior, and other digital marketing services. Forbes, Vice, AdWeek, The Washington Post, and other publications have featured our skincare and wellness insights reports. Stella Rising has access to a wide range of top-notch research tools; furthermore, a large portion of our material and insights are supported by Glimmer, our exclusive research community.

Data-Driven Content Marketing

Many Body Lotion firms have room for improvement in educating existing and potential customers with interesting and dynamic material. Our team can develop a data-driven content marketing plan for your company to help your brand’s skincare blog rank well in search results.

Deep Analysis of Searcher Intent

To optimize Google search, it is essential to comprehend searcher intent. It is even more crucial in Body Lotion, where trends and landscapes continuously change. We constantly assess searcher intent to decide what kind of content is most likely to succeed. 

Optimization and Activation of UGC

Are you gathering user-generated content (UGC) for your company? Is it effective? We use UGC to provide fresh content, boost conversion rates, and drive traffic. Content that satisfies the demands of your customers will please both people and search engines.

Performance-Based Insights, Strategies, and Reporting 

As performance marketers, we support complete openness. Each customer receives weekly and monthly reporting that provides data and insightful analysis that advances your cosmetics company. 

Optimizing for Consumer Concerns

Red skin, dry skin, pore-minimizing, clean, organic, and cruelty-free. Customers are looking for phrases that describe the many different things that your items might be. To address customer problems, we assist in developing a content strategy based on keyword volume and product features. 


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