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When people search online, can they quickly locate your store? Or are you missing out on potential sales because your website doesn’t appear in popular searches? This week’s article will talk solely about the top 5 SEO strategies for Car Customizing companies, even though a tonne of material is available on the issue. So, if you need help with where to begin to ensure that the SEO for your store is top-notch, this is for you!


The basis for any phrases you optimize for search engines is your website. All that labor will only be worthwhile if your website is quick to load and simple to use. Along with the design, keywords, and other factors, Google also looks at both of these and will penalize you if they need to be updated. In other words, even if potential consumers find you, they’ll be annoyed by the poor usability and depart before your website has even completed loading, preventing you from appearing in the top three of the desired first page. (In case you weren’t aware, your website should load in at most five seconds. A bounce rate of 90% or more is typical for pages that take four seconds or longer to load.


It’s time to concentrate on keywords if you’re satisfied with your website’s layout, usability, and performance. The search terms you want your store to appear for are keywords. To help Google rank you higher and display your business farther down the page when people search for certain phrases, you may utilize these keywords on your sites (think title tags, meta descriptions, header tags, URLs, photos, etc.). They follow websites in our list of SEO recommendations for Car Customizing companies because they are the foundation of SEO.

However, this does not imply that you should limit your keyword selection to one or two. You need to choose a small number of keywords to focus on initially (I’d suggest aiming for at least 10 or so), and don’t be frightened of longtail keywords. A short keyword might be “Car Customizing,” but a longtail keyword would be “brake pad repair in Oklahoma City.” To find the best keywords for your store, utilize the tools in Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and online. Auto repair shops often have an easier time with keyword SEO since they appeal to a more regional audience than businesses attempting to appeal to audiences throughout the nation or the world.

Using the same keywords in your title tags, meta descriptions, and URLs will significantly improve your ranking for certain searches, even if keyword metadata is not important (if you see this on the backend of your website, don’t worry about it). Naturally, you’ll also want to include those keywords in your website’s written content.


You should constantly keep in mind two SEO recommendations for content: it must be high-quality and include keywords. What exactly do I mean by good? Google will penalize your content if it is simply keyword spam (consider articles you encounter online that are deceptive or repeatedly utilize the same term without providing any context). 

Additionally, your material must assist visitors by giving them the details they need (such as store hours or directions) or responding to their inquiries (services offered, if you can help). Potential clients will take one glance and hit the back button if you are merely employing trendy keywords or even optimizing for terms that don’t match. This implies fewer people will see you when your bounce rate increases and Google’s “score” for your site declines.

It may be intimidating to create a blog every day or every week, even though it can help you develop your content and keyword selections. Why? Because in addition to generating that material regularly, you should aim for a word count of 600+, include photos, optimize it with title and header tags, and include at least one or two links to pertinent pages on either your website or another reputable website.

I would initially concentrate on one or two well-made sites that serve as your home base. These pages—pillar pages, trophy cases, highlight pages, etc.—dive as deeply into a single subject as possible before connecting to sites that focus on particulars. For instance, you may have a page on your website titled “Auto Repair” that serves as a beacon for the search term “auto repair in Ogden.”

You should take the time to mention every vehicle repair your company offers on that page (maintenance, diagnostics, brake repairs, electrical repairs, part replacement, etc.). Use a modified form of the keyword inside each paragraph, such as “Ogden brake repair” or “Ogden Car Customizing,” and link to a website dedicated to that subject. While it could take a little longer than one or two blog entries, it provides your store with the ideal framework for expanding SEO.

Consider how much your SEO will improve after you establish a weekly blog schedule (or hire a staff person just for that purpose) and have many pages to link to whenever you discuss those subjects. It will advance your store a step!


Additionally crucial to SEO for Car Customizing companies are links. Google considers your site more trustworthy and is willing to promote it higher on the ranking list if you connect to other reliable websites and link to you. How do you now get other websites to connect to your website?

Recall marketing 101: what is the greatest strategy to promote your store in your neighborhood? Community activities! Your website may be linked when other pages or sites discuss local events by participating in or sponsoring them. More links can also be found in the news reports of the events. Remember to advertise these events on your page and include links to the relevant websites. It will benefit your websites and keep relationships alive for the next events!

Just keep in mind to avoid using “black-hat” strategies like agreeing to “link for link” agreements or referring to spam pages. While they could provide your site a temporary boost in position, Google will find out and flag them as spam, pushing your site farther down the ranks. Additionally, the system will only start to trust your links as reliable later. Just concentrate on linking to legitimate community events, publications where your personnel is quoted, or even content they may have written for vehicle magazines.


The last SEO recommendation for Car Customizing firms is avoiding “black-hat” SEO techniques. Maintain your value to your clients! Suppose you concentrate so much on attracting new customers that you neglect to look after them or deliver the experience you promised. In that case, you’ll soon accumulate negative reviews and lose any trust you once had in Google search results. You’ll attract more potential consumers if you consistently ensure that your store offers a fantastic experience and truly adds value to customers. If your store isn’t truly serving customers, SEO efforts will only go you so far.


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