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Over $17 million in yearly income is generated by the skin care industry, which is predicted to rise by 5.3% yearly. Additionally, as more people stay in, the need for skincare and other self-care items rises.

As a result, it could be the ideal moment for firms to reevaluate their skincare marketing plans and capitalize on this expansion.

Exactly that is what Skincare by Alana carried out. With $3 million in yearly sales already under her belt, founder Alana Mitchell knew there was still space for growth. So she decided to work with my digital marketing company and signed up for a full-service marketing and SEO solution.

She grew her income by 150% through strategic content marketing, link-building, and influencer marketing.

Make Some Skincare Marketing Technical Improvements

We started by implementing technical SEO enhancements to the site to increase Skincare by Alana’s organic traffic. That made her products show up more frequently and higher in search results.

To increase traffic to the site, we also worked on link building.

These changes allowed Skincare by Alana to increase its organic traffic by 275%. Then, after implementing A/B testing to increase conversions, they increased by 200%.

Add Testimonials to Your Skincare Marketing Product Web Pages

Testimonials are an effective strategy for raising conversion rates. Most internet shoppers base their purchases on customer feedback and product reviews.

Displaying customer feedback has boosted conversion rates by as much as 270%.

Customers might be attracted by providing evidence that your items operate through testing certificates from reputable organizations.

Finally, you can raise your conversion rate if you have the endorsement of environmental, animal-cruelty prevention, or other socially responsible groups.

Identify Your Skincare Marketing Audience

Marketing your goods without a thorough understanding of your target market is similar to throwing messages into a bottle. If somebody does wind up reading them, you don’t know who it will be.

Knowing your audience will help you understand how to speak to them, the problems they care about, the influencers they follow, and where they hang out online. A regular audience analysis will also reveal the demographics of your customers, which are subject to change over time.

Thanks to TikTok, the dermatologist-recommended skincare brand CeraVe has attracted a new clientele among Gen Z customers. The brand’s parent business L’Oreal contacted influencer Hyram Yarbro after he promoted it on his blog.

The company and the influencer joined to produce a video for TikTok and YouTube, two sites with sizable Gen Z audiences.

They saw a change in their audience and changed course to snag the market via the appropriate means.

Create Your Marketing Message for Skincare

You can create a compelling message that communicates to your audience in their own words after you understand who they are.

Clean Without Compromise has been the company’s unwavering mantra since its foundation in 1995. Parabens, formaldehyde, and other chemicals frequently included in rival brands’ skincare and cosmetics goods have never been in their collection of cruelty-free Foot Care products.

They cater to those searching for ethically produced clean Foot Care products. In every aspect of their marketing, including the website, social media profiles, and blog, bareMinerals makes that point extremely obvious.

That is crucial. Once you’ve created a compelling message for your brand, it should be maintained throughout your marketing platforms.

Unleash the Potential of Skincare Content Marketing

The perfect chance to provide high-quality, recurrent content that addresses the skincare concerns and issues of your target audience is provided by skincare marketing.

Skincare by Alana saw a chance to solve pandemic-related problems with skincare and self-care. Key search phrases that have increased month over month are targeted in their blog entries “Daily At-Home Skincare Routine During Quarantine and Coronavirus” and “How to Prevent Maskne—Acne Caused by Wearing a Face Mask.”

Other businesses utilize their content to address topics important to their audience while communicating their beliefs and message. For instance, Glossier has developed a category called Impact for their blog. This section discusses their dedication to developing sustainable products and their support for the BLM movement.

Build Your Social Media Existence to Support You

It’s time to increase your social presence right now. Your social media channels provide you the chance to impart advice, make product announcements, comment on current affairs relevant to your company, and urge your audience to participate.

Typically, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok are the greatest sites for this. People are constantly posting discoveries, advice, and tricks related to skincare and Foot Care on all those channels.

Of course, depending on your audience, you should choose whatever platform(s) you prioritize. Recall how CeraVe noticed increased sales on TikTok, a platform predominantly frequented by Gen Z users and the influencers they subscribe to.

However, women between 18 and 64—particularly mothers—are more likely to use Pinterest, the third-largest social media network in the United States. However, 20% of their audience is made up of guys.

But Instagram is the channel many skincare firms are paying attention to, especially if you want to work with influencers. In actuality, 83% of cosmetics companies collaborate with Instagram influencers.

Use the strength of your social media networks to boost conversions. For instance, product pins on Pinterest ought to connect directly to the product pages on your website.

You may also install Instapages so clients can purchase your goods from Instagram. For instance, users may purchase the goods highlighted on the social media platform through Insta Shop.

Build Strategic Skincare Marketing Partnerships

Strategic connection-building and in-depth research are the keys to developing strong collaborations.

There are countless options for marketing skincare goods through strategic collaborations, which may take many different shapes. For instance, the Foot Care and skincare brand e.l.f. has benefited from retail agreements with Walmart, Target, and Ulta to increase its market share among Gen Z consumers.

Others assist brands in living according to their business principles. For instance, to develop environmentally friendly packaging for its products, Origins and its parent company, Estée Lauder, formed a collaboration with the chemical manufacturer SABAC and the cosmetic packaging business Albea in October.

Finally, certain collaborations directly produce new items. For instance, numerous skincare companies are working with cannabis businesses to promote CBD-infused products.


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