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Even though in Australia, schooling is required till college, not all pupils join the four-wall classrooms. They’re mostly at home. Over 20,000 kids are homeschooled in Australia, and the number is growing, according to the Conversation. For instance, the number of kids learning at home increased to around 1,500 between 2013 and 2017. The coronavirus pandemic may increase demand even more since parents may want to enrol their children in homeschooling programmes to ensure their safety. The time is here for homeschool operators to capitalize on the expanding industry. The following four tactics are essential.

Optimize Your Website

You probably have a website, but it needs to bring in visitors or, worse, convert them into leads. As a result, you require SEO services. Search engine optimization, or SEO, aims to make your website easier to find on search engines. For instance, your page should show up in the list, ideally on the top page, when someone enters “homeschool in Australia.” Even better, you are given first place. According to Google Trends, the term “homeschool” increased in popularity over the previous 12 months, particularly in March and April 2020. Parents are becoming more interested in learning more about it. Take advantage of the opportunity by neglecting (or cutting back on) SEO.

Know Your Target Market

You may only attract the right market if your high conversion rates are high. For starters, the regulations for homeschooling programmes vary between states and territories. The Conversation also states that parents pick homeschooling for the following reasons:

  • They need more funds to enrol their children in a traditional school.
  • They have issues or conflicts with the school’s culture.
  • They attempted traditional education, but it was unsuccessful.

Knowing your target audience allows you to choose the appropriate message to convey. Additionally, it will assist in streamlining your marketing plans. Make a buyer’s persona to assist you in describing the market.

Engage in Social Media

Parents are also using social media, so it’s not only kids! According to Statista, about 60% of moms in the United States actively utilized social media in 2018. A Pew Internet poll conducted in 2015 found that a resounding 75% of parents used Facebook and Twitter to get knowledge and social support. However, more than simply having a Facebook page or a Twitter account is required. Use this advice to make it work:

  • Think about Facebook ads. Although it is expensive, doing this enables you to publish advertisements in a more niche market.
  • Plan your posts appropriately. According to industry research, posting is most effective at 1 PM. After lunch, when individuals are more laid back, is when this occurs. You can post at approximately 7 o’clock in the evening when parents are already home or less busy. The weekend, and Sunday in particular, are the greatest days. You may get stats from social media services like Buffer to help you arrange your timetable.
  • Engage. Spend some time responding to comments and private communications. Post useful online and website stuff you’ve found.

Use Social Proof

How important is a website review? Over 80% of customers read them, with over 50% stating they do it often, according to Bright Local. Less than 60% of consumers would consider a company with fewer than four ratings, though. According to Professor Robert Cialdini, one of the persuasion’s fundamental tenets is using social proof. It is a crucial instrument for persuasion as well. Consider this if you intend to utilize it for your homeschooling programme:

  • Share parent and kid testimonies in videos.
  • Please make a free webinar where parents may share their experiences.
  • Please encourage them to check the evaluations on your Google My Business directory and social media pages.

Running a homeschooling programme in Australia provides a particular advantage: the market isn’t saturated yet. However, you can’t be complacent, either. With these four marketing suggestions, make the most of your head start.


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