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SEO has changed a lot throughout the years. Ten to fifteen years ago, it seemed like voodoo magic, but it’s not. You can do several things to enhance your search engine optimization and Google ranks, and there are certain ranking variables. Let’s examine five of the most important things right now. Remember that there are hundreds of ranking elements. Therefore I’ve condensed them for the post to make it clear and concise.


These days, content significantly impacts your House Floor Plans SEO. Consider this. How can you expect to optimize anything for a term you want to be found if you need a website page with content or a blog post? You may target a certain keyword through content and begin to rank for it. Let’s use the phrase “Seattle custom house builder” to illustrate. You need a page with lots of content to optimise this keyword effectively. This might be a blog entry, your about us page, or your home page.

Here is an illustration to clarify. Consider the website you have as a planet. A planet’s gravitational force increases with size. Websites experience the same issue. The more users and visitors a website attracts, the more traffic it receives. How may one have a larger website? Your website grows in size as you add pages and blog posts. Therefore, a website with 1,000 pages has 1,000 possibilities to rank for various keywords and phrases, compared to a website with 10 pages, which only has 10.

Consider this as another way to look at it: Suppose your website receives 5 visitors each month for each page. You’ll receive more traffic the more pages you have. Our website currently contains several hundred pages and over 2,000 blog entries. We had roughly 50 pages when we first started, but no blogs. Our monthly traffic has gone from 600 to over 11,000 visitors. Consequently, content is crucial for boosting your SEO.


Let’s speak about keywords now. Keyword stuffing is frowned upon nowadays. It would help if you chose 1 target term and fully optimized it for each page of your website. This is the procedure. Let’s pretend that Seattle Home Builder is your page’s keyword. It would help if you improved a few crucial areas:

  • Page Title
  • URL
  • Header (H1 tag)
  • Body Copy
  • Image File Name
  • Image Alt Text
  • Meta Description

This informs Google about the topic of the page. We developed a simple checklist that goes through the points mentioned above in further depth. Download it from this page. The essential point is that each page has a single keyword emphasis, which you should include in strategic locations to assist Google in understanding what the page is about.

Naturally, you must ensure that your page IS about the term. Visitors will arrive at your website otherwise and depart right away. This will gradually inform Google that the material does not match. Today, it’s all about providing excellent content for your visitors and assisting Google in bringing the RIGHT visitors to you.


Discuss links now. One of the most potent ranking variables available is links. Let’s define links first before discussing their power. An inbound link points to your website from another website. A partner firm with your logo and a link to your website would be an illustration of an inbound link. Another possibility is that the local newspaper published your article and included a link to your website in its online edition. A link that leads from one of your website pages or blog posts to another one of those pages or blog posts is known as an internal link.

Google is informed that your website is significant via inbound links (from other websites). Your website will be more effective and rank better if it has more inbound links. For the sake of this blog, I’m keeping things very straightforward, but it’s essentially a popularity contest. Google depends on the data to inform it about the most significant websites. As a result, your website will rank considerably higher overall if 1,000 other websites connect to it while just 100 links to your competitor’s.

The increasing ranking also benefits from internal linkages. Your Communities page will benefit if you make a blog article with a link back to it. A comparable floor plan page will rank higher if you establish a new floor plan page and link to an existing floor plan page. Having a strong network of pertinent internal connections is crucial, but it’s also crucial to seek ways to get other websites to link back to you. Do not disregard links!


Does SEO truly need social media? Those seemed unique to me! Not now, my friend. Social signals are a significant SEO component right now. Regarding content, we discussed how links affect how well-ranked your material is. Social signals work similarly. Google is informed that a blog article is significant when shared on Facebook, Twitter, or another social network. Therefore, if your article receives a few hundred shares, it will rise in the rankings. Check out Moz’s study if you’re interested in the information that supports this. Social networking is crucial for helping your website and content rank better in search results.

Page Factors

Numerous page elements improve your SEO. You ask, what are page factors? To name a few:

  • Page Speed
  • Content-Length
  • HTTPS (secure site)
  • Readability
  • Structured Data
  • Open Graph markup
  • Uniqueness

These aspects might fill entire volumes, so let’s keep it straightforward. How can you significantly enhance your pages to ensure your SEO is strong? Ensure your image size is as small as possible while still displaying them. This implies that you shouldn’t post a picture to your website at 5,000 pixels and then resize it if it is 800 pixels wide and you are showing it. Before uploading, resize it. The biggest danger to a quick website load time is images. Just resize your photographs before uploading, as they are essential for builders.

Create a secure website by obtaining an SSL certificate. According to Google, this will raise your ranking. It is customary for e-commerce sites where you are entering credit card information to have SSL, but housebuilders don’t generally have this, so it can help you stand out from the crowd right away. Ensure that your content is original. Do not steal anyone else’s content; thank you. Your rankings will suffer as a result quickly. Your website should only use original content.

Wrap Up

Although SEO is rather complex, if you only concentrate on these five areas, you will outperform your rivals. Making wise changes and improvements to your website doesn’t require you to be an SEO expert.


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