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In the next five years, JP Morgan anticipates that EVs and HVs will account for 30% of all vehicle sales, while Statista calculates roughly 25,000 charging stations in the US. It’s a lucrative industry, and while nothing beats the comfort of charging at home, the proliferation of chargers and superchargers around cities will significantly raise public awareness of the EV revolution and make the switch away from fossil fuels easier. Every new charging station on Google Maps is a sign of optimism for Californians living in the state with the most electric vehicles and the worst effects of climate change. And that’s great news for manufacturers of EV charging stations!

Your web marketing approach will depend on providing the material that resolves consumers’ concerns by responding to their inquiries, regardless of whether you sell EVgo, Blink, Tesla, ChargePoint, or hundreds of other charging alternatives. The good news for your industry is that there are so many questions from customers that you can use them to create fantastic website content that will eventually support your organic and local rankings as you gain authority.

Here’s a simple six-step workflow for getting it right:

1. Survey customers

You can ask the public directly what they want from charging stations by making a small investment in survey technology. Is it the speed, the location, the number of ports, the instructions, or the various payment methods? Find out and record what you learn.

2. Analyze industry reviews and questions

Look for recurring themes in the reviews you read online. For instance, one theme in the EV charging vertical concerns spending more than 30 minutes in hot automobiles while charging. Ironically, gas stations offer shade at the pumps even though customers only stay for 10 minutes. Would properties allow you to construct a canopy, or maybe even better, to plant some native trees to further your green objectives if your clients suffer in the summer heat?

And examine the mood in the evaluations left by your competition, both favorable and negative. What do the rivals do incorrectly that you could do correctly? Whenever you come across opportunities like these, write about them.

3. Fire up keyword research tools

  • How does electric car charging stations work?
  • Where can I charge my electric car?
  • What is the best EV charging station?
  • How to find free charging stations
  • How many miles does a Tesla get per charge?
  • Are EVgo stations free?
  • Can I use ChargePoint at EVgo?
  • What is a level 3 charging station?

The free version of Answer the Public and Google’s Ads Keyword Planner are additional free options. Record your findings to generate a list of questions for the content publication.

4. Take a peek at Google Trends

To assist you in localizing your marketing, Google Trends will provide interest in EV charging station-related subjects over time, split by nation and area. Looking at this data, after the COVID-19 epidemic, interest in this topic declined but has now increased slowly. Use this tool to learn more about the subjects you should cover.

5. Analyze the competition

With the practical optimization advice On-Page Grader offers, you may outperform a challenging opponent if you can identify the faults in their approach. Please take a close look at the topics your rivals cover on their websites and social media pages. Write it down if they cover a subject that didn’t come up in your keyword study.

6. Get writing!

Take your list of questions and keyword phrases, categorize them by topic, and start building pages on your website or blog articles that provide the answers. The general rule is to answer every question completely, regardless of length—some pages may be brief, while others may be lengthy. You might discover that some subjects are best discussed in alternative formats, such as short films. If you can supply these, that’s excellent, but don’t forget to include written transcripts.

Your research may also inspire articles on social media, Google posts, and the top FAQs you can submit as Google Questions & Answers on your Google Business Profiles.

Lastly, keep in mind that marketing calls for aggressive promotion. Make sure to leave your material on your website, and hope visitors will read it. Promote your greatest work on social media to journalists in your community’s print and online media and community hubs like neighborhood websites and hyperlocal blogs. Work to establish trustworthy connections in the cities where you are marketing the locations of your charging station sites to raise awareness of your brand’s dedication to improving towns and cities as places to live.


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