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No matter how long you practise your magic, it’s useless if you don’t perform for an audience. It’s time to create a website to promote your magic services if you’re ready to start giving public performances. Let’s examine how magicians might enhance their websites, so they are listed higher in search engine results. SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is crucial if you want your magician’s website to appear toward the top of the search results. But there are both good and awful SEO strategies:

Good SEO for magicians.

The good news for us magicians is that there are numerous things we can do while developing our websites that will benefit them rather than deceive the search engines. Playing by Google’s guidelines increases your probability of appearing higher in their search results, which is the reward.

The right keywords.

Selecting your target keywords is the first step. Make a list of the top six search terms that individuals searching to hire a magician in your region would use. Perhaps your name, magic kind, location, event type, etc. Therefore, if you are a close-up magician in Southampton who performs at restaurants, some possible keywords/phrases for you would be:

  • Magicians
  • Southampton
  • Restaurant magicians
  • Magic
  • Hampshire
  • Restaurant entertainment
  • Content is King.

After choosing your keywords, please include them in your writing to your magician’s website. Use them as headers, buttons, and links on your about page. Don’t go overboard. Instead of writing for search engines, write for readers. The ideal keyword density is from 1% to 2% per page. Google WILL notice if a keyword appears on a website too frequently. Google may penalize your website in the listings if it detects “keyword stuffing” on your page. Google can even entirely erase the webpage for your magician from the search results.

3 Tips for picking a domain name for your magician’s website.

  • Pick domain names that include a few of your keyword phrases. Google bolds the terms that appear in your domain name. In the list of results, something sticks out.
  • Select a domain name that is specific to your region and clientele. Choose domain name if you work in the UK 99 percent of the time. 
  • Google provides those appearing in the Google UK results priority.
  • Do not use domains with hyphens. Better than is
  • Remember to use META tags.

Your META tags should also contain your keywords. Search engines employ META tags to analyze and index your website, even if they are hidden from viewers. The Title META tag is the most important one. As the search results, the text you enter for the Title tag is shown in the primary link to your website. Your magician’s stage name plus the page’s theme need to be the ideal Title tags (for example, Paul Smith – Restaurant Magic in Southampton, Hampshire). To avoid being shortened in the search results, keep the page Title tag to 175 characters or less.

Keywords and Description are the other two META elements that search engines employ. Although Google no longer truly uses keywords, it provides a couple nevertheless. Because it appears in the search results under the Title tag, the ‘Description’ IS significant. Visitors who look at the listings will read them to determine whether the page is helpful to them even though it is not utilized for ranking.

Building links.

Google makes an effort to determine a website’s credibility. It will achieve this by counting the number of websites connecting to your magician’s website. Your website gains more “SEO Juice,” the more highly ranked websites link back to it.

Making your website interesting will encourage other websites to connect, which is the greatest approach to obtaining links. It would help if you considered techniques to get links because a general magician’s website won’t be a popular link site. Creating a “recommended” page is a wonderful method to do this. Then, link to various performers or party services, who should also provide you with a link. We are watching for websites that connect to you with a “no follow” link. Since Google doesn’t count them, these links don’t convey any “SEO Juice” to you.

Don’t get ripped off.

Avoid firms that offer to create backlinks for you at all costs. The most recent Google update, Penguin, will penalize websites that employ link farms and mass link-back strategies since Google is aware that this is “gaming the system.”

Be Social.

Make sure to include links to your magician’s website on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, as Google considers links on these platforms. Please do not spam links on social media sites; it is detrimental and ineffective.

Say goodbye to Flash.

Use as little Flash as possible on your website carefully because search engines cannot read it.

Provide a guide.

Keep in mind to provide Google with a site map. It enables Google to crawl your website and visit each page swiftly.


Look at your site’s website traffic reports. Take note of the search terms people use to find you. Verify your Google ranking for the phrases you’ve selected. Consider altering some of your low-ranking keywords to others that are less competitive but will drive more relevant traffic to your website.

Getting your SEO fixed.

Your magician’s website must be optimized for search engines to be successful. It will help you get attention and open up many more magic gigs if done correctly. Who to believe is one of the issues magicians run across while attempting to optimize the SEO on their websites. Several businesses provide paid SEO services. Many can’t be trusted and employ dubious sales tactics, yet others are wonderful.


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