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This post is for you if you’re a massage therapist looking for new clients. This post will teach you 7 local SEO strategies for massage therapy to aid client discovery. Let’s talk about creating a local SEO strategy for your clinic.

The success of your brick-and-mortar massage therapy business depends heavily on your ability to attract local clients. You could be thinking about how to get more customers for your company. Although there are many options, one of our top recommendations is to create a local SEO strategy. We suggest creating a local SEO strategy that concentrates on Google Maps and search results. The following are the two essential components of an SEO strategy:

Google Search Listing Optimization

The advantages of ranking well on Google for local companies are numerous. Your local SEO strategy for massage treatment should strive to be within Google’s top 10. Since so many searches start on page 1, it’s critical to attempt to rank for your industry’s keywords here. After understanding the different sorts of local SEO for small businesses, we can now analyze how to construct local SEO for small businesses.

Get a Good Website

You must optimize your Website. WordPress sites are something we strongly advise for small enterprises. Nearly 30% of websites utilize WordPress for a reason—Google adores them.

Keyword Research

Knowing the terms people use to search for you and using these words and phrases on your massage website are both parts of on-page optimization. In the first phase, you do keyword research to learn precisely what consumers are looking for and how frequently. When seeking a massage, users most frequently search for “massage,” with “massages near me” coming in second. Knowing about more specialized search terms is also beneficial. For instance, they look for reflexology, couples massages, and certain varieties of massage, including Swedish, shiatsu, deep tissue, and myofascial massage. Then you add keywords to the page text, headers, meta description, and title tag of your Website.

Create a Website Strategy

Don’t anticipate fantastic SEO results by simply purchasing a WordPress website. For your practice, you need a plan. It would help if you considered your Website strategy while organizing your content so that Google will adore it. According to Google, the most pertinent, user-friendly material should appear at the top of searches. Google’s mission is as follows:

  • To compile knowledge and make it generally usable and accessible.
  • Useful is the operative word here. Make your clients’ usage of the knowledge valuable.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO ensures sure search engines can crawl and load your Website swiftly and safely. The June 2021 launch of Google’s Page Experience enhancement will make technical SEO more important. If the Website for your massage business isn’t safe or feels sluggish, get in touch with your web developer. They should be able to assist you in accelerating it. Increase site performance by altering the Website’s photos to be as tiny as feasible, well-compressed, and internet-optimized.

Optimize On-Page SEO

Your pages should be optimized so that Google will find them and list them. You must include your keyword in your copy, metatags, and descriptions, as well as in outbound and internal links and the alt text for your pictures. There are many other requirements that we may cover in a subsequent post.

Create a Content Strategy

A great strategy to produce new pages that target new keywords is by starting a blog. Describe a keyword. When someone searches for anything on Google, they enter a single word or phrase known as a keyword.

Content Development

Just a few pages make up many massage websites. This leaves you with little room to inform search engines or potential clients about all of the massage styles you provide or your strengths. If this applies to you, consider creating additional sections on your Website to highlight the many massage services you offer. Remember to add that you give personalized massages and, upon request, concentrate on your patients’ necks, backs, or feet.

Get Quality NAP Citations

We now need to focus on those Google Maps. In addition to the previous 3 suggestions, developing NAP citations is one of the best ways to rank your massage clinic. How do NAP citations work? Name Address Phone is referred to as NAP. NAP is sometimes followed by a “W,” which stands for Website. These are typical listings of a business’s relevant data that search engines may utilize and locate. Consider this the web’s equivalent of the Yellow Pages, but with access to hundreds of reference websites.

Get Positive Reviews from your Real Customers

In addition to the advice mentioned above, obtaining great 4 and 5-star reviews are crucial for your business’s ranking on Google. It’s crucial to obtain authentic feedback from your actual clients. It’s okay for every review to be a 5, as a few reviews with ratings of 3 and 4 appear more genuine. If your evaluations, however, are overwhelmingly unfavourable (below a 3.5), you should carefully study them and consider altering your company’s operations or quality of customer service.

Consistently Do the Right Things Over Time

A long-term approach is an SEO. The objective is to rank for new keywords gradually but certainly. It’s critical to keep producing fresh material to target new keywords and get links. Maintaining high-quality backlinks to your Website is also crucial. Marketing isn’t a magic trick. It requires an ongoing, consistent plan that takes time and works to implement.

To increase the likelihood that the pages on your bodywork website will rank better in the search engines, SEO requires making minor adjustments to those pages. Where can I get a massage nearby? is what consumers want to know when they search for terms like “massage therapist near me.” When users search for a massage or spa near them, pages that provide a thorough response to this query, load fast, securely, and without any mistakes, are more likely to appear higher in search engine results. Although in principle, it should be rather simple, optimizing your Website for massage treatment takes time. It entails:

  • Ensuring that your present Website fully defines every kind of massage service you offer
  • Enhancing the customer experience throughout your whole Website
  • Demonstrating that the Website for your massage practice is reliable and knowledgeable
  • Adding additional information to your Website that provides a more thorough description of your massage services or instructs potential clients and consumers on the newest techniques for stress and pain alleviation

The results mentioned above are attained through SEO strategies known as on-page optimization, technical SEO, link building, and content generation. Massage therapists receive a personal, expert mini-website with strong SEO features so potential clients can discover them quickly on popular search engines and social media platforms. 


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