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The process of creating a website specifically for your dealership through optimization, link-building, content modification, and other activities relevant to clients who want to buy a car or merely acquire information about a certain make or model is known as SEO for the Sports Car business. To help your dealership website rank higher in search result pages, Sports Car SEO adjusts the relevance of navigation links, meta-tags, headlines, content, and keywords (SERPs).

Even seasoned marketing experts may feel intimidated by SEO due to its many moving elements. The Dealer Authority staff is knowledgeable with Sports Car SEO from bumper to bumper. Give us a call, and we’ll start working on a plan to bring clients into your showroom as soon as possible.


If you want to fill their sales funnel by accepting more pre-orders from in-market consumers, you should consider the continuous inventory crisis hurting the whole Sports Car sector. The main issue was that they lacked the necessary content or website organization to convince search engines that their dealership was the best fit for related “order” queries for their particular brand of Sports Cars.

Create a pre-order landing page on their website that goes into great depth on how the process works and why a car buyer would want to customize their car and order it directly through their dealership to establish their authority for these keywords.

After posting the new landing page, the next step was to make sure it was simple for search engines and actual people to find by attaching it to the main navigation menu and adding other carefully chosen internal links to the page. Implementing this pre-order-focused SEO strategy produced excellent results. Reliable CDJR had a 65% rise in conversions year over year and a 60% increase in keywords, including the phrase “order,” driving visitors to their website! 


A comprehensive car acquisition campaign is necessary during the protracted inventory crisis, in addition to making your pre-order plan at your dealership more important. This concept was pioneered by Morrie’s Sports Car Group, who advanced it further by building specialized car-buying facilities in three states. Start with a single landing page that describes the procedure and enables customers to acquire an estimate of the worth of their vehicle to increase the authority of their website for related keywords.

Make sure each center could have local relevance to customers in those locations who are looking for where they should trade in or sell their vehicle because Morrie’s has three buying centers throughout three distinct states. Create location pages for each of their buying centers utilizing the primary page as the parent to do this. Incorporate those geographical pages, organic traffic t


By integrating their own specially made films, they may further increase the relevancy of the information. To that aim, work closely with the Triple J team to physically film videos on the cars that will be published on the website at the time of launch, as per the models they now have in store or the new models that will be arriving shortly. 

Ensuring that all the information is easily accessed for users and search engines, too!) is the chef’s kiss to this model-specific content approach. Create an informative hub page that elegantly categorizes the site’s material by OEM to do. Triple J Guam has seen a 20% boost in keywords, an 11% increase in organic traffic, and an 18% improvement in organic ROI since this teamwork and overall technological framework were implemented. 


The most forward-thinking Sports Car dealers have worked with Dealer Inspire for years to accomplish their objectives utilizing the most adaptable platform. One of those dealers always trying to innovate is Sussex Honda, and we are always excited to work with them to make their dreams a reality.

Due to the worldwide epidemic, Sussex Honda sought to reimagine how neighborhood members might access their service department securely and practically. To do this, they set up Express Self Service Kiosks outside their service lane, allowing customers to drop off and pick up their vehicles as needed.

After receiving the information, their SEO specialist started looking into the finest ways to stand out in the organic SERP. After analyzing the keyword data, it was found that targeting versions of the keywords “service kiosk” would be more successful since they had a high search volume and a manageable difficulty score. Include the personalized how-to films they created to help people when they arrived at the dealership. 

Along with a 30% increase in organic visits, the same page receives a 23% increase in keyword traffic. The entire website’s overall performance has improved, with a 158% rise in organic goal completions. This is another excellent illustration of how producing content to inform visitors of your website can also be a major source of natural traffic. 


Have you ever questioned if it’s possible to have too much content? It’s a valid topic to consider, and at first glance, the answer might be a simple “no” — particularly if you’ve been told through the years that “Content is King.” There is such a thing as excessive content; believe it or not, you need to be aware of it to check for the warning signals and ultimately avoid any decline in your organic traffic. 

Although your website’s content may be evergreen and continue to be of high quality and relevance years after it was first published, there are occasions when your material may grow stale and produce dramatically fluctuating keyword rankings. The SEO Strategist assigned to Biggers Chevrolet thoroughly analyzed their content library to determine which pieces were no longer generating traffic and could be taken down from the site. This was done with the knowledge that there was a chance to recapture organic impression share. Then, to avoid users seeing superfluous 404 errors, they cleaned up all the prior internal links and implemented bulk redirection of the old material to the site’s more pertinent pages. 

It has paid off much to do the technical audit of their website and apply the necessary adjustments. The organic keyword positions 1-3 have increased by 42% for Bugger’s Chevrolet, which also has a monthly SEO ROI of $18,000 and rising. This demonstrates that adding more content is sometimes necessary to increase organic traffic. You can occasionally improve what you already have to get even greater outcomes. 


When you look at your statistics, all dealers will notice a mix of branded (keywords that include your dealer’s name) and non-branded (keywords that don’t mention your dealer’s name) keywords that bring organic traffic to your website. The objective is to have a healthy balance of both to retain organic exposure for those specifically looking for you and those looking for the goods and services you offer.

If branded search makes up most of your traffic, you need to offer searchers extra value or relevance on other facets of the car-buying and ownership experience. Additionally, if your search traffic skews too much toward non-branded terms, it may indicate that your dealership’s overall marketing efforts have not been successful.

Develop a strategy to aggressively emphasize model research so they can engage with upper funnel buyers who might still need to be aware of their dealership to help remedy this mismatch. According to the study, Austin-area competitors needed better offer educational content regarding Toyota Sports Car in general. Hyper-focus on content strategy on high-funnel research themes to draw customers’ interest early in the research process. 

This cooperative method of developing Toyota of Cedar Park’s content strategy was successful. When comparing the breakdown of traffic over the most recent quarter to when they first engaged SEO services, they discovered an increase in non-branded traffic of 1114%, an increase in organic sessions of 237%, and an increase in organic conversions of 229%.


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