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How does your firm appear in a search for your company name? Are you listed at the top? Do you appear on page one or page ten of the directory? Are you even aware? With more than ten years of expertise, we know how to improve the number of calls, leads, and visitors to your website. The impact of search engine optimisation for one of our clients is depicted in the figure below. The numbers on the left represent their starting point, while the numbers on the right represent their current position following SEO. This customer improved from having extremely low ranks for relevant search phrases to their company to being in the top 10 for eight keywords.

Search engine optimisation is crucial for water treatment businesses that want to attract new clients and employees. We’ve discovered over the years that water treatment businesses must adhere to a method and procedure to enhance website traffic. Then, this traffic will turn into fresh leads and potential clients.

Our objective is to provide pertinent material for your website that search engines like Google, Bing, and others will locate. The first step in improving your site is conducting keyword research. However, it is not a one-time job. It is a continuous procedure. The following are some of the search phrases we discover people use to find water treatment businesses:

  • Cooling water treatment 
  • Boiler water treatment 
  • Cooling tower refurbishment 
  • Legionella testing 
  • Wastewater treatment 
  • Solid chemical water treatment 
  • Heat exchanger cleaning 
  • Cooling tower replacement 
  • Chiller cleaning services
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Water recycling
  • Water treatment chemicals
  • Cooling water services 
  • Boiler water services
  • Cooling tower cleaning 

There are other additional terms in use. We frequently optimise for more customised phrases for each of our clients’ demands. However, these generic phrases have been shown to increase visibility on SERPs and result in conversions. 

Following keyword research, we develop content centred around these terms. As a result, we raise the likelihood that your business will be discovered when a potential customer searches for one of these phrases. We collaborate with our clients to design internet pages that contain case studies of water treatment projects in the form of photographs, videos, and other media. While making sure the material is pertinent, captivating, and educational, we use keywords often. Telling a tale will assist you in selling your services once someone has found your page. When done correctly, it significantly affects lead creation and website traffic.

Local SEO, Google My Business and Google Maps:

Is there a listing for your business with its name, address, contact information, and website on the SERP’s right side when you search for it? If not, local search engine optimisation assistance is required. This picture, which depicts the Bond Water Technologies search result, illustrates how a water treatment firm should appear on Google. To expand the image, click on it. Optimising a website for search engines takes a lot of time and effort. Contact us by phone or email if you’re interested in learning more about the SEO services we provide for water treatment businesses. Alternatively, you can complete the form on this page by clicking the button below.

Web Development

Building contemporary websites that effectively express brand messaging is one of the major issues facing water treatment businesses. Do you appear bigger than you are on your website? Does it truly reflect the calibre of the job you produce? If it doesn’t, your business will suffer. Every industry needs a user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and appealing website. A current website is a need regardless of whether you run an online apparel store or a water treatment business. Everyone looks at websites to research businesses before deciding whether or not to do business with them. Do not allow your website to prevent your success. 

Email Marketing

Building a company growth plan in the water treatment sector requires open, regular contact with clients. A cost-effective strategy for engaging customers and fostering brand loyalty is email marketing. Email marketing strategies may also be integrated with social media to increase website traffic. The beauty of email marketing for water treatment firms also lies in its capacity to simultaneously engage with hundreds or even thousands of clients, prospects, and suppliers. Campaigns are also simple to create, send, and track. 

Social Media Marketing

Regardless of the business, having a social media presence raises the authority of a company. There are primarily two methods of interaction on social media: paid and unpaid. Reaching your present audience without payment is quite effective. You may also offer interesting instructional material and promote new goods and services or business updates. You may use targeting with sponsored social media marketing. This increases the likelihood that those most interested in what you are selling will see your advertising and posts.

You may grow your following and viewership or upload your contact list to social media platforms and send targeted sponsored messages. Actively communicating with clients, prospects, staff, and vendors on each of your pages is the key to developing a social media presence. For instance, on LinkedIn, we’ve noticed high levels of interaction when postings are posted on both the business social profile and the accounts of senior management and individual workers. To increase your audience, you need a strategy. You must actively seek out and invite others to follow you. 

Brand Development

Your whole business is your brand. You are and desire to be who you are. It is also how other people see you. In the end, your brand should be based on the requirements of your clients and potential clients. Your brand is represented via your logo, website, social media accounts, and email correspondence. Answering the opening question is occasionally the most difficult step in brand building. So who are you? How do you distinguish yourself from your rivals in this regard?

We discover that most of our water treatment clients don’t fully grasp or have the skills to master branding. We will assist you in defining your brand position thanks to our more than ten years of expertise in water treatment. Then, we will develop strategic messaging that you can employ in your marketing initiatives. You may employ brand assets for offline marketing in addition to internet marketing, for instance, at trade exhibitions and during sales presentations. 


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