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Your brand-new mobile app has been released. It is available for purchase on the Apple App Store and Google Play. When people search for something relevant to your app on their phone or in an app store, your app doesn’t come up. It impacts your app’s visibility and capacity to generate organic search-based app installations.

Your mobile app needs search engine optimization (SEO). It’s critical to have a plan to put your app above the competition in search results and inside app stores, since there are 1.96 million mobile apps available for download on the Apple App Store and 2.87 million mobile apps accessible for download on the Google Play Store. You might wonder how SEO functions for mobile apps. 

You may fine-tune the content of your mobile app to ensure that it is recognized and indexed by search engines, much like optimizing the content on your website by enhancing metadata and headers, often known as on-page SEO. Google started to emphasize a mobile-first algorithm a few years ago. In addition to favouring and directing users to mobile-friendly websites first, Google now suggests applications related to users’ search keywords directly at the top of the search engine results page (SERP.)

Generic search

The results of a fast Google search using a phone for “star viewer” include data on the number of app installations, app rating, and download price.

Organic brand name search 

Suppose someone searches for your unique brand, a fragment of your app’s listing, and information on ratings, instals, and price displays. Additionally, it is possible to instal the software straight from the SERP. This links customers to a preview of the Apple Program Store or the Google Play App Store, where they may instal the app. Consider the following Google search for “Instagram.”

The one-sentence sample from Instagram appears. At the top of the mobile search results page, their snippet information explains the app and why users should care about it.

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization, often known as ASO, is making your app more visible when users search for relevant phrases in an app store. Your app’s ASO may be enhanced to help it rank better in app store search results, which will increase installations.

Why does mobile app SEO matter?

Websites and responsive and optimized mobile device applications are becoming necessities. They are considered to be the best. You can help your app rank better on search engines, improve your brand’s search engine rating, and, most importantly, reach users who want to instal your app on their own by investing time and effort in your app’s SEO and ASO.

How do you optimize an app for SEO and ASO?

When working on the SEO and ASO of your mobile app, there are certain comparable ranking variables to be mindful of.

App Title 

Your app title should contain the phrase that receives the most search traffic. Before settling on a keyword for your title, conducting comprehensive keyword research is critical. Additionally, often altering your title might have an impact on how you rank. Word of mouth may grow as your app gets awareness and reviews. Making it as simple as possible for users to locate your app by searching for your brand or app name directly rather than relying on suggestions and recommendations.

App subtitle 

You have an additional 30 characters in your app’s subtitle to better describe your app; use this space to include extra relevant terms that you might not have included in the title.

App description 

Your app’s description copy is important. It should interest customers, persuade them to learn more about your app, and encourage app downloads.

Best practices for writing an app description:

  • Describe the issue your app resolves for users.
  • Clarify your wording.
  • Keep things concise and use short sentences.
  • Use lists of bullet points to highlight important details. 
  • Be open and honest about data exchange, subscription information, and payments. 
  • Additionally, we advise A/B testing your app description to see what appeals to your intended audience. 

Reviews and Ratings for Apps

Apps with positive reviews perform better in search results and app stores. They boost conversions as well. On the other hand, bad reviews hurt your standing and discourage users from downloading your app. Reviews and ratings are, therefore, essential to the success of your app.

Connecting with your content app users and asking them to provide a review. Two of Neil Patel’s five brilliant strategies for boosting mobile app ratings involve using an app review plugin and making it as simple as possible to post reviews.

Retain Updated Meta Data

You should maintain correct and current information, according to Apple. Upload fresh images representing your program’s key functionality so that consumers may get a true sense of it before downloading it if new versions of your software render any of your old ones outdated.

Tracking and Evaluating Your App’s SEO

An SEO strategy for app marketing may assist in improving your app’s visibility on search engines and in-app store directories like Google Play and Apple. Although comparable improvements may be made to boost both search engine optimization and app store optimization, ASO should play a significant part in your overall SEO strategy.

Optimizing your app’s title, subtitle, description, and other crucial information, like keywords, may make it simpler for consumers to locate and download your app. Create compelling content for your app’s description, including your snippet, and test several iterations to see which versions interest your target users the most.

Make sure the metadata for your app is up to date. Screenshots of your app’s most recent version should be used. Campaigns if you want to spend money on expanding your user base. Recently, we assisted a finance app in increasing spending while lowering average client acquisition costs by 11%.

To make the simple location and download your app, we’d love to hear from you and assist you in enhancing its visibility and search ranking.


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