SEO Strategies and Digital Marketing Transformation for Augmented Reality





Augmented reality can bring about the next significant technological revolution. The technology has been available for some time. And it has already fundamentally altered how consumers access the online world.

By the end of 2022, it is anticipated that the global market for augmented reality and virtual reality will be worth up to $209 billion. Tech behemoths like Google, Apple, and Facebook have already started investing in bringing augmented reality to the masses.

The projections for augmented reality might be visual, textual, or visual.

We have been using our iPhones to interact with AR.

Most commonly, people use it for

  • gaming
  • education
  • location-targeted projections
  • social media

These apps are already available in various formats, including gaming, information, entertainment, etc.

Information Overlay

The use of augmented reality by businesses enables them to provide customers with information-rich services.

Users may learn all the precise information about an automobile, for instance, using a marker-based AR application. And all it takes to activate this application is simply scanning a marker or other digital item installed on the automobile.

You may make the connection between offline purchasing and online information collection with the use of AR’s information overlay application.

Virtual Objects

The internet retail sector is seeing an increase in the usage of virtual goods. Some businesses have already begun utilizing AR’s use of virtual objects. This aids them in redefining the purchasing experience for customers. The Ikea Place app is an effective illustration of the same.

Customers may overlay virtual furniture projections in their interior living areas using Ikea Place.

  • Users may utilize this to see how well the product matches their decor.
  • Customers may browse the full selection of items and colours on the app.

Digital Packaging

This kind of application combines AR’s interactive and visual features. Additionally, it makes for a far richer augmented reality experience.

Augmented Reality and its Role in SEO

As previously said, augmented reality is a permanent phenomenon. The technology is anticipated to be utilized in SEO and marketing plans.

  • However, might AR impact search engine results?
  • Will artificial intelligence (AR) someday be a key factor in search engine optimization services?

What is the connecting node between AR and SEO?

Since 2017, Google has been public about its augmented reality (AR) research. The organization wants to figure out how to get new companies and brands to start utilizing augmented reality. And how simple it is for them to produce immersive AR experiences.

It will also be grateful when Google prepares to provide strategies for making augmented reality (AR) a crucial component of websites.

For online enterprises, the AR experience has several advantages, including:

  • Increased consumer involvement and satisfaction
  • Longer stay time because of more involvement
  • Increased conversion rate since decisions are made more quickly
  • Increasing online shopping with the power of well-informed choices
  • Increased online interaction and experience overall

Other Elements of SEO and augmented reality

The aforementioned is but one example of how AR might impact SEO. There are several other factors, including:

  • Local SEO is improving because of augmented reality. (This will be covered in more detail in the section after this.)
  • The field of website design will accept AR. And companies would prepare their websites for an immersive augmented reality experience.
  • AR is highly significant in Google search results.
  • With the development of AR, ecommerce SEO would experience a big transformation.
  • Social media are already adapting AR, and it will develop.
  • AR will have a multifaceted influence on marketing in addition to SEO.

Impact of Augmented Reality on Local SEO

In one of the most obvious ways, local SEO services have been affected by augmented reality. The location serves as a key differentiator for both AR and local SEO.

Numerous augmented reality apps either use precise locations or inputs based on location.

Google Lens has already been seen in action. Information gathering about an object we photograph with a smartphone camera is now easier than before.

Local AR Applications Influence Local SEO

Data-focused local SEO is already a thing. Including user feedback, location-based data, company information, and nearby items will be crucial.

All the data inputs will be used by augmented reality applications to improve consumers’ local search experiences. You must thus keep your location- and business-related information current.

Bottom Line

Before we examine the critical factors and considerations for local SEO that is AR-optimized, let’s locate and comprehend the information’s source.

Local augmented reality apps use geotagged information as their data source.

There is a sizable geotagged content library on Google. They have it in the form of vast street view photos and enormous Google location data. All of your Google My Business and Google Maps data is combined for Google Places.


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