SEO Strategies and Digital Marketing Transformation for Wearable Technology





While you probably don’t whiz by your coworkers in the corridors on your hoverboard, some of the ideas from the film are startlingly true and serve as a reminder that technology will continue to wow us as we #throwbackthursday on Instagram. While we can’t go through a time like Marty McFly, we can start to think about how these new developments can affect the search industry and begin to build SEO tactics that are prepared for the future. Check out these SEO tactics:

Wearable Technology

The World Wide Web did not become widely used until the middle of the 1990s, so when Back to the Future Part II was published in 1989, it was still a novel idea. And a portable gadget that lets you bring this technology with you? Be sincere. However, in today’s computer-savvy age, products like Google Glass and the Apple Watch are not too far off from being the most widely used electronic gadgets.

Companies have little choice but to make sure their sites adhere to the mobile-friendliness requirements in light of Google’s recent tweak to its mobile algorithm and revelation that mobile search has now exceeded desktop search. In the world we live in, technological advancement is accelerating quickly.

Card-Based Search

When we’re on the go, we need answers quickly and across all platforms. There will be less space for brands to deal with when search results transition from page-based SERPs to card-based results. In this new winner-takes-all paradigm, being on the first result page will no longer be enough; your site must rank at least third.

Voice Search

The move away from optimising for keyword density in content and toward semantic meaning in searches was started with Google’s Hummingbird upgrade. As user inquiries get lengthier and more organically conversational, the adoption of voice search will accelerate that trend even more. Understanding the information that your consumers are looking for most and changing content to address those particular queries are necessary for voice search optimization.

Local Search

The portability and convenience of wearables when we’re on the road is what draws us to them. Users will be looking for more specialised results for nearby companies. As proximity-based searches increase, SEO will need to adapt by focusing more on the local area.

Search Engine Optimization Without the Search Engine

People don’t want to wade through a list of website descriptions to discover answers when they are on the go. Traditional SEO strategies are as useless as Marty McFly’s self-lacing sneakers since wearable technology is made to offer information, not web pages. 

Additionally, wearables will make it much simpler for consumers to generate and distribute information, resulting in a flood of fresh content on the internet. Only the most exceptional stuff will be found because there is more content and fewer results are displayed. Websites must be optimised for the potential changes in search behaviour brought on by wearable technology in order to compete. Wearable search will make SERPs a thing of the past, pushing future SEO to concentrate on providing customers with instant advantages.


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