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The process of using SEO strategy to make your artist’s website more search engine-friendly. It is a great method to reach a new audience and introduce yourself and your work if done right. You’re already one step ahead because WordPress is a tremendously search engine-friendly platform on which to develop your website. Let’s look at a few strategies to help your new artist’s WordPress website rank high in the search engines. SEO is a large topic that deserves in-depth examination. Here are some fabric painting SEO tactics:

Take inspiration from my Google Photo album 

Local search marketing requires interaction with Google. The search engine behemoth has grown to dominate the internet local scene since it first began mapping out neighborhoods and businesses in 2004. Although there are other significant online spaces, your craft shop has to do the following in order to reach the greatest number of potential clients and contend for positions in Google’s local search results:

  • Read and strictly adhere to the Google representation guidelines for your business. 
  • These guidelines outline what is permitted and prohibited while using the Google My Business service. Incorrectly listing your company or breaking the rules in any manner might lead to listing suspension and other unfavorable effects.
  • Once you’ve read the rules, create your free Google My Business listing. You may fill up all the various fields and features in your listing using the cheat sheet provided by Moz. As many fields as possible, and Google will guide you through confirming your listing after that.
  • Reckon with Google’s power

Although Google owns your Google My Business listing, as stated in our booklet, you have a great deal of influence over parts of its contents. Your listing is still subject to user-uploaded photographs, queries, reviews, and other activity even after you’ve confirmed it. The main lesson is that updating your GMB listing is a continuous process. From this point on, you will administer and watch over this dynamic platform.

Weave a strong web presence

Although your Google My Business page will probably be the main source of visitors to your craft shop, you should also expand your internet reach. There are 4 further online activity strands for you to firmly grasp if you’re satisfied with the accuracy and continuous administration of your GMB listing:

Your website should feature:

  • Your name, address, phone number, email address, and fax number, all of which should be exact.
  • Clear printed directions from all points of entrance to your place of business
  • A thorough written summary of everything you sell and provide
  • A current schedule of all forthcoming lectures and activities
  • A few stunning images of your shop and products

Additionally, a more advanced website may include:

  • Articles, blog entries
  • Complete selection, including online buying
  • Reviews and testimonies from clients
  • Webinars, online courses, and video tutorials
  • Stuff created by users, such as forums, photographs, etc.

Local Listings

Your company’s listings on websites like Yelp, Facebook, Bing, Apple Maps, Factual, Foursquare, and Infogroup, in addition to Google, may guarantee that clients will find your company on several websites and applications. You have two primary options for creating and maintaining the “structured citations” that appear in these local business information indexes:

  • You may create a listing on each significant platform, manage your reviews and other content on it, and check back on it frequently to ensure the platform or the general public has kept the fundamental contact information the same.
  • You can spend money on local listings management software, such as Moz Local, which automates the creation of these listings and provides you with a straightforward dashboard that enables you to respond to reviews, post new content, and be informed of any emerging inaccuracies across important listing platforms, all in one location. This choice can save time and provide much-needed peace of mind.

Social Media Presence

Several options include YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and craft forums. How much time you spend on social media and where you spend it should depend on two factors:

  • what your regional rivals are doing
  • Where your potential customers spend social time

Abandon fear of ripping out mistakes (and negative reviews)

Good knitters make good rippers, as the saying goes. You must be able to see a dropped stitch, painstakingly rip stitches back to it, and effectively remedy the error when it occurs in a significant job. Using the same method, you may control the internet reviews that clients leave you. When your company “drops the ball” for a client and lets them down, you can usually go back and fix the mistake.

Summing Up

Makers, makers, creators, craftsmen, and artists. Your company exists to facilitate their desire to glamorize both their private and public lives. When you need to expand your company, you’ll draw inspiration from the same place that all creative people do: from the capacity to dream, to visualize a strategy, to think beyond the box, and to assemble the resources required to create something amazing.


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