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The most recent technology to enter the mainstream is Google Glass. Okay, sort of. Even if access to this amazing technology is quite limited, it nonetheless makes us consider the future. Google Glass will soon be much easier to use, and as more searches are made, and more people use them, it becomes more crucial to appear at the top of the results. We have thus put up some Google Glass SEO ideas for you to start considering immediately since we are the smart digital marketers that we are.

Send Google a Message

The key to using Google Glass is local search. Wearers only need to search for the kind of cuisine they want to eat or the kind of service they need as they go around town, and Google Glass will send them on the appropriate path. You must improve your Google Plus profile, Google Maps listing, and, of course, your Google search results as all of the information on Google Glass originates from Google. When you see someone wearing Google Glass nearby, don’t let Google pass you by.

Page 1 has vanished

The Google Glass interface will no longer be sufficient to appear on page one due to its small size. You may forget about being spotted on Google Glass if you are not the top-ranking search result. Even AdWords advertisements won’t get you very far, therefore improving your organic SEO is crucial.

Think about Content Nuggets

The Google Glass interface’s restricted size has previously been brought up, but your entire website is also impacted by this, not just the SERPs. Nuggets of material, as opposed to entire websites or blogs, are the key to reaching Google Glass wearers. Spend some time on your structured data because, in our opinion, Google will rely on rich snippets to communicate the main meaning of the page being read.
Overall, Google Glass will undoubtedly provide a threat to the SEO industry as we now know it. However, concentrate on boosting page authority and keep in mind to include rich snippets to your website. On Google Glass and any other revolutionary technology that will undoubtedly come along, you should be allowed to rule supreme.

Inherent Authority Is the Supreme

Once more, Google Glass lacks the room to provide users with a wide range of alternatives. They provide the customer with a single useful result, and if Google is only going to display one result, you can guarantee they’ll be confident it’s a good one. Our prediction is that Google Glass will give Google Plus a lot of influence when determining authority, along with the number of backlinks you have, the calibre of your material, and your total online presence across Google products. Your whole efforts will demonstrate to Google who you are and why you are deserving of being the lone survivor in the condensed SERPs.

For Google Glass SEO, context is more crucial.

Comparing Google Glass’ search functionality to that of conventional search on desktops and smartphones reveals some minor differences. In a regular web browser, your search results are determined by how they rank in Google, but in Glass, your results are determined by both rankings and context. This is mostly due to the fact that Glass lacks a web browser and is designed as an answer database rather than a search engine.

Nothing but Free Ads

Paid adverts, which are prevalent and useful on conventional search engines, are something you won’t see on Google Glass. Google has made it plain that their primary goal in developing Glass is to sell the devices, not to use it as yet another revenue-generating component. This makes sense given that the hardware provides customers with extremely specific responses that are culled from a variety of web resources.
The absence of sponsored promotion in Google Glass increases the significance of organic search. Accordingly, you and your clients must have a highly effective internet marketing plan that focuses on local visibility and reputation, social and online presence, and brand authority in order to become visible on Glass.

Multimedia Benefit

Additionally, Google Glass offers two advantages that you may use to strengthen your online marketing campaign: the ability to capture multimedia content and connection with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Google+. By tapping the button on the side of the device or by using voice commands, Glass’ built-in camera lets you shoot pictures and films. 

Using this, you can quickly produce a variety of materials that will help your company look good to both current and new customers. However, keep in mind that the camera struggles in low light, and the battery life is poor, especially if you’re using many programmes at once. It’s ideal to have your primary multimedia recording equipment close at reach.

Local SEO Has More Relevance

On local search in particular, the value of an active campaign is more apparent. Glass presents pertinent nearby local businesses to consumers, providing a more individualised search experience. Initial studies reveal that Glass, especially when performing category searches, is more precise than desktop results at presenting location-relevant information.

Final Thoughts

Google Glass serves to emphasize the value of natural, local, and social search. In order to be selected to be highlighted by Google, it underlines the significance of developing individualized user experiences and establishing a solid brand reputation.


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