SEO Strategies and Digital Transformation for Interior Decorator Art Businesses like Azulejo





Your attractive site may be optimized to rank in more search results, increase relevant traffic, and generate leads for your interior design company.

So, how do you begin using SEO tactics? To learn more about SEO for interior design, keep reading!  Use this essential SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ideas and strategies to boost your online exposure and rank better in Google searches. Consider the following SEO tactics for interior designers:

Use Keyword-Researching Tools

The basis of SEO is the use of keywords. Without precise material that matches the search query, how else would search engines understand how relevant your website is?

Even with a word as straightforward as “interior designer,” you need to hone your specialization further to stand out from the competition. You can achieve it with the aid of these resources! In the long term, carrying out independent keyword research is usually beneficial.

To monitor keyword metrics and see how some perform better than others—use SEO tools like SEMrush (our personal favorite).

Here are some examples of free SEO tools:

  • Google Correlate
  • Google Search Console
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • Wordtracker Scout

Add Precise Keywords to Your Page Text

Make sure to include all the pertinent information about your business on your important pages. Include the address, home or business address, phone number, company name, location, sense of style, list of industries you serve, etc.

Mention, for instance, that you are a Los Angeles-based business specializing in minimalist domestic interior design for Azulejo on your home page. You never know who could be looking for that and clicking on your site!

These important factors will distinguish you from the competition in a Google search and make it much easier for folks looking for designers to find you.

Optimize Headers and Titles Using Keyword-Rich Content 

The title tag has the most weight in search engine optimization since it is closest to Google’s heart and the closer your keywords are to the top of the page. The H1 heading, which is the most significant, should contain your main keywords.

The meta descriptions for these keywords need to appear in Google searches. Making sure that your meta descriptions are properly optimized will also influence whether or not people want to click on your link. Remember that relevant and clear content is the foundation of SEO for interior designers.

Post New, Excellent Content

A blog on your website is a fantastic strategy to stay in Google’s graces. Even if you showcase your large portfolio and design services, often blogging to your blog can help you stay current and improve your search engine results.

Maintaining a blog is the ideal technique to prove to Google that your website is active. Google often trusts sites that consistently update new content and are active.

A smart strategy to get backlinks is to provide high-quality content since people are likelier to link to your blogs than to a service page.

Image Compression and Optimization

Large photos can make your website take longer to load, which can, regrettably, result in a greater bounce rate and worse conversion rates. Since Google’s objective is to provide consumers with the best search results, this can be problematic.

You should frequently compress your photos using software like Smush for WordPress to get around this problem. But feel free because compressing your photographs reduces the space they take up on your server rather than lowering the quality of the images on your page. In other words, two photos with one MB and the other merely a quarter of an MB in size might have the same appearance.

Update old content

To keep your information current and relevant, you should often update it. Users will probably go elsewhere if they learn that your material was last updated in 2014. 

By including additional details and keywords that help strengthen your material’s overall SEO, you can greatly enhance the quality of your current content.

You may utilize a tool like CognitiveSEO’s Content Tool to assist you in coming up with pertinent themes and keywords to integrate into your content, eventually helping you to rank higher, depending on which exact term you are looking to target.

Obtain Quality Backlinks

A backlink is a link pointing to your website from another website. The higher you rank on Google’s algorithm, the more relevant backlinks on other pages that point to yours.

But it’s not all about the amount. You want respectable pages relevant to your industry and neighborhood to link to your website. Spammy backlinks from subpar websites will damage your Google reputation.

As an interior designer, you could want your page to be backlinked on a website for your local chamber of commerce or another design-related page that lists your company as a member of your neighbourhood. If your page is backlinked to a Dungeons and Dragons page, it makes no sense (unless it has to do with your design aesthetic!).

Wrapping Up

See how to correctly optimize your interior design website, like Azulejo, using these tips, and make sure it functions effectively.


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