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While other nations have started to implement laws seeking to regulate the usage of e-scooters and e-bikes, often known as electric scooters and electric bikes, the UK is just now catching up with the trend.
Legislators in Paris have focused on electric scooters and established fines for using them on sidewalks. They are currently limited to the city’s cycling lanes in Singapore due to new laws. Although it is theoretically unlawful to use them on pavements or roads in the UK, charges are uncommon. Anyone over the age of 14 may ride an electric bike on public roads as long as they are only used to supplement the cyclist’s efforts and travel no faster than 15.5 mph. That is the law as it exists at the moment.

Meanwhile, e-scooter sales are rising around the globe. fueled partly by the ride-sharing businesses Razor, Bird, Lime, Spin, and Jump. It is significant that Grand View Research correctly forecasted the development of e-scooter sales in the US.
It seems certain that e-bike sales in the UK will skyrocket, and e-scooter sales will probably follow. This brings up a very important issue: how do you market them?

The Buyer

As a company, we always begin with the client. We can figure out who your audience is, where they hang out online, and how to attract them to your website using a variety of tactics. There are probably distinct target markets for electric scooters and motorcycles. Younger riders who desire a little additional assistance getting to the muddy slopes like to charge down. Older bikers who welcome a little aid with hills and carrying the extra groceries. And when it comes to e-scooters, we are likely looking at early adopters, those who travel small distances, and recent ex-tourists who have hired e-scooters but now want their own vehicle.

The Words

How do electric bikes and scooters choose what to buy and where to acquire them? Using the Google Keyword Search Tool from Google Ads, we did some studies.
This is where the world of ecommerce SEO begins. The fact that electric scooters are more often searched for than electric bikes is intriguing. And it’s obvious that both the adult and juvenile versions are popular. However, there is a lot of interest in electric motorcycles. Of course, this is just a tiny selection of terms. Normally, we would look up a few thousand keywords for a campaign.

What do we do with these phrases now that we are aware of what people search for while looking for electric bikes and scooters? Let’s start with metadata first, then go on to other things.
This is the Pure Scooters meta information. By entering “Site:” and your domain name’s lengthy ending, you may view yours.

Don’t Confuse Google

That is solid counsel, to be sure. But doing it is simple. Google may divide its focus among your pages if you use identical information on two of them, or even worse, on all of them. Even worse, it can decide to disregard the page you wish to rank the highest. There is also another aspect to consider. Google will anticipate that you will use the same keywords you used in the metadata again on the page, but in a way that makes sense to a human reader. And you’ll discover that people connect to your pages if they’re useful and helpful. There is no longer a need for people to spend so much time looking for connections or, worse yet, link farms.

Google Ads

Being discovered for keywords is obviously only one aspect of the story. To start, let’s talk about shopping ads. You can always utilise Google Shopping to appear at the top of the page like this. Along with the little images of scooters, there is a fee. You will be sent to the product page as soon as you click on one of those. The fact that Pure Scooters was able to undercut Halfords’ pricing by just one penny is intriguing.

Did you immediately notice the SkateHut listing as well? That’s how strong stars are. They genuinely alter a lot of things. If you can acquire them, do so. Not all review companies can pass the stars through to the advertisers. On who to hire and how to proceed, we may offer advice. These are text advertisements. Again, stars are available, but none of the businesses represented has chosen that route. Some Site Call Outs have been utilised by Pure Scooters. With the same price, you get more words, and those extra words occupy more of the page.

Triggering Google Ads

The manner in which Google Shopping and Text Ads are activated is something else to be aware of. Once more, everything comes down to keywords. However, Google is highly lenient in how it broadens the meaning of the keywords you provide to encompass a variety of phrases that it believes imply essentially the same thing. We think it’s critical to keep a sizable list of “negative keywords.” It is easy to find out who clicked on your ads and how much they spent based on the search phrases they entered into Google.

Bottom Line

You may promote to your current and potential consumers if you have their email addresses. After that, you may promote to a different audience that shares the same characteristics as the original audience. There are several ways to target, including geography, age, and hobbies. We advise you to go cautiously and a little at a time if you decide to take the look-alike route, so you can be sure you know what will and won’t work.


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