Seo Strategy and Digital Transformation Strategy for Aquarium Supplies





Your competitors are ranked higher. Most of your pages appear on the second and third search results pages. Customers are actively looking for your goods and services. You believe that your organic traffic levels need to reach their full potential.

SEO and digital transformation strategy for aquarium supplies does not have to be a second language. We understand the internal and external factors that influence the performance of your Website. Our services are founded on strategy, knowledge, and, most importantly, measurable results. We make personalized recommendations based on your company’s objectives using digital growth strategy for aquarium supplies.

Local SEO Techniques and Strategies for Aquarium Supplies

Seo professionals utilize the following SEO techniques and strategies:

  • Internal Linking Strategy – Online Credibility 
  • Keyword Intelligence 
  • Technical Audit
  • Mapping of Keyword Phrases
  • Unique meta Tags
  • Image Local SEO
  • Mobile SEO
  • SEO for Video Search

Let’s go through every step one by one:

Internal Linking Strategy – Online Credibility 

Examine and analyze your Website’s current internal linking convention. We will make recommendations based on the Website Hierarchy to improve the online credibility of the site’s top-level pages. Anchor text changes, site architecture changes, and image link changes will be among the recommendations.

Keyword Intelligence 

Determining which keyword phrases are most frequently used as search engine queries by your target market Many factors are considered in this investigation, including:

  • The intended target audience
  • The target audience of competitors
  • Popular keywords and search volume
  • The current audience served by the Website
  • The total volume of traffic from processed log reports
  • Keyword-level conversion data
  • The current visibility of these keywords in search engines

Technical Audit

Examine and analyze your Website from a technical standpoint, and make recommendations to improve search engine robot crawlability. We will also examine your Website for any problematic implementations, recommending solutions and prioritizing recommendations based on their positive impact on search engine visibility.

Mapping of Keyword Phrases

Map the approved keyword phrases to the most relevant website pages. Priority will be given to mapping the keyword phrases with the most relevant and qualified traffic-driving potential to the Website’s top-level pages. Examine and analyze your website hierarchy in terms of how search engine spiders contextually understand the Website, taking keyword intelligence into account and how targeted keyword phrases will be included in category and sub-category names. We will make specific recommendations and offer assistance as needed.

Unique meta Tags

We will create customized Meta Tags for your Website based on the comprehensive list of identified keyword phrases for the SEO campaign. Fish Tank Media’s best practices for search engine visibility will be used to write all Meta Tags. Provide recommendations and best practices for optimizing your Website’s body copy. Body copy technical limitations on the Website will be considered. All recommendations for body copy will be made using Fish Tank Media’s best practices for search engine visibility.

Image Local SEO

If the Website has the propensity to gain internet visibility through images, the SEO Agency will implement this Image SEO add-on. To create the most visibility on the Internet, strategies will include proper saving and attribute identification, aggregate optimization best practices, and Search Engine image algorithm re-engineering for your specific industry.

Mobile SEO

If the Website prefers visibility on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, the SEO Agency will implement a Mobile SEO add-on. Mobile word usage, website technical cross-overs that may affect traditional organic search results, and mobile-specific linking opportunities to increase visibility on the mobile Internet will all be part of the strategies.

SEO for Video Search

SEO Agency will implement a Video SEO add-on if the Website has the propensity to capture visibility on the Internet through video content. Strategies will include proper saving and attribute identification, YouTube & aggregate optimization best practices, and Search Engine image algorithm re-engineering for the Client’s specific industry to creating maximum Internet visibility. Thatware will make recommendations for targeted keyword phrases and optimization to help increase search engine visibility of the videos to increase awareness, viewership, and traffic to the site.


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