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1.     Optimisation Of Google My Business Listings

Establishing a Google My Business (GMB) listing is crucial for local firms. You’ve noticed that GMB listings nearly always appear first when you conduct a local search, such as a “near me” or “city-modified” search.

As a result, boosting your GMB listing becomes crucial. In this section, I outline the essential steps required to set up and improve your listing.

Installation and Validation

You must first create your Google My Business listing. Visit this page to learn how to accomplish it.

Update your Information

After confirming your listing, you should ensure that all of your information is current. Logging into your listing and then choosing the info option from the left sidebar will allow you to accomplish this.

Please complete the following:

• Hours

• Contact links for appointments

• A description of the company.

• Telephone

Increase Core Services

You ought to include your services as well. They don’t help you rank for any new keywords, but they can provide consumers with more context. Select create a new business category after clicking the services tab first. Select it after typing “martial arts school.” Jiu-jitsu should be an alternative.

Including Custom Products

Many business listings omit to include items. Jiu-Jitsu services aren’t necessarily “products,” but you may still add your services for each, just like you did for services, even if they aren’t necessarily “products.” This may really make your listing stand out, especially because you can include photographs.

To do this, go to the goods section of your GMB listing. You must establish a product category.

Request feedback from your members

To improve your Google My Business profile, getting reviews is crucial. According to Google, reviews boost visibility.

We advise only asking your current members to leave one for you because, in general, users will only submit reviews once they have a bad one.

You must reply to each review on an individual basis.

Query and Response

This advice may seem a little clumsy, but it might assist in distinguishing your listing. Your company listing may stand out by adding questions and answers to your GMB listing.

This is an opportunity to politely ask your buddy any questions you frequently ask over the phone on your GMB listing.

Geotag photos

Adding a geotag to your photographs may also assist Google in locating your location.

Post once a week

Although it is debatable if posting increases your ranking, it may undoubtedly distinguish your listing.

Making a “method of the week” video that you can share on your other social media channels is a simple post idea. Additionally, this might help potential consumers understand the type of Jiu Jitsu you offer.

2.     Establish A Yelp Profile

Getting listed and rated on Yelp is incredibly significant, while not being nearly as crucial as Google My Business.

Because Google is aware that many local searchers want to see a list of the top gyms nearby, Yelp typically ranks quite high in the search results for many of these inquiries.

The main goal of local SEO is to occupy as much space as possible on the search engine results page (SERP). We can do this for free thanks to Yelp listing.

3.     Keyword Analysis And SERP Research

Serps Market Competition

Google takes into account a number of variables, such as the total domain authority and the volume of links going to the URLs that are ranked for a certain term. If you wanted to learn more about this subject, Brian Dean of Backlinko did a fantastic case study on it.

I start by looking at the Domain Rating, a statistic that Ahrefs uses to determine the strength of the backlink profile for the entire site as well as the amount of backlinks going to each URL. Yelp and other large directory websites should be avoided because of their domain ratings, which are inevitably quite high.

4.     Metatag And On-Page Optimization

Making ensuring your title tag and body content are optimized is the most crucial part of optimizing your website.

Tag Titles

The most crucial location to include your target keywords is in the title tag.

Since your homepage will likely be the most authoritative page on your website and since it covers the totality of your business, I would optimize it for this term. Then, as I covered in the previous section, I would target your individual classes with other pages.

You may get the Yoast plugin if you use WordPress. You may quickly add the description and title tags for each page.

Remember To Update Your Meta Descriptions.

Despite the fact that meta descriptions don’t directly influence rankings, they may have a significant impact on click-through rates, which are a ranking consideration.

A call to action and an offer are two ways I prefer to enhance my meta description.


HTML h1–h6 has 6 header elements. The most crucial heading to have optimized is an H1, then an H2, and so on. I often stop at an H3.

Each subheading needs to relate to the parent subheading in some way. For instance, an h-1 should be a subtopic of an h-2, and vice versa for an h-3.

Additional Keywords

I prefer to include a few of the significant secondary keywords that readers could be searching for together with my major keywords in our headers and subheadings.

You may optimize your home page to incorporate both, as seen in the image below, rather than optimizing your gi and no-gi specialized sites.

5.     Building Links

In 2022, links will still be crucial for SEO. However, Google is now much more selective about the links that actually make a difference. You should create niche-relevant, neighborhood-specific linkages for local companies.

Local And Specialty Directories

Whether directories are helpful is up for debate. I believe specialised and local specific directories produce better results than broad directories, nevertheless. I like doing this for all of my nearby clients.

Specific Industry Links

Getting links from the same industry will come next. You may simply get in touch with other BJJ gyms outside of your location and inquire about doing a guest post exchange for Jiu Jitsu gyms (in other words you offer to write a blog post to their site and vice versa).

6.     Schema Markup

Schema markup, according to Moz, is a semantic language of tags you can add to your HTML to enhance how search engines understand and display your website in SERPs. In layman’s terms, it aids Google in comprehending the subject matter of your material.


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