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Our goal is to assist you in increasing direct bookings via your campsite’s website while lowering commissions and intermediary costs. With our assistance and an appropriate online marketing strategy, you will attract new campers through online marketing actions, receive more visits to your website through SEO and SEA positioning, increase the notoriety of your brand through social networks, retain customers through newsletters, and so on. Let us assist you in developing an exclusive strategy for your campsite, advising you and carrying out the necessary online marketing actions to ensure that you get the best performance from the Internet.

Camping Site Techniques and Strategies

SEO experts employ the following SEO methods and tactics:

  • SEO
  • SEA 
  • Marketing of Content
  • Affiliate Marketing and Metasearchers
  • Management of Social Media
  • Management of Online Reputation
  • Newsletters
  • Reporting and Web Analytics

Let’s go over each step individually:


Compete for the best Google result.

We will use an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy to help your campsite organically gain positions on Google’s SERP (search engine results page) listings for keywords that add more value to your campsite.

  • Examine the search criteria.
  • Metatags, URLs, headers, and hashtags for images on your campsite’s website are defined.
  • Optimization of the main pages’ content based on the criteria selected.
  • Structured data application using technology


PPC campaigns that increase campsite bookings

Add a SEA (Search Engine Advertising) strategy to your campsite to make it appear in the first paid results in search engines.

  • Increase your campground’s ROI (return on investment) by quickly and effectively impacting the right market segments.
  • Keyword research and development.
  • PPC campaigns for brands and generics are defined and created.
  • Strategic campaign follow-up.
  • Reports regularly.
  • Banner and video graphic design.

Marketing of Content

Using the quality of your content, you can naturally attract campers.

Capture the most potential customers for your campsite with convincing and selling texts. We assist you in developing the right messages that impact users at the right time.

  • To create optimized content in a natural language, we begin with an exhaustive study of keywords in each language into which your campsite’s website is translated.
  • Examine the most likely keywords.
  • Inbound marketing strategy is defined.
  • Writing in various languages has been optimized.

Affiliate Marketing and Metasearchers

Thatware’s booking engine is linked to the Internet’s most popular metasearch and price comparison engines, including Google Hotel Ads, TripAdvisor, and Trivago.

As online marketing experts, we will assist you with technical integration and implement an appropriate marketing strategy for each metasearch engine to ensure you get the most out of them.

  • More and better online visibility for your campsite.
  • Your campsite will compete against the largest OTA under the same conditions.
  • Boost your online bookings.

Management of Social Media

Innovative ways to interact with the campers

Your campsite will achieve the following goals with a good social media strategy and follow-up (Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business, etc.): create community, increase notoriety, transmit sensations, encourage sales, manage its corporate reputation, and reinforce online communication with its target audience, and campers.

  • The platform-segmented strategy is defined.
  • Permanent social network administration.
  • Paid campaign creation and tracking (Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, etc.).
  • Content strategy advice.
  • Actions are carried out (design, contests, sweepstakes, publication of offers, etc.)
  • Regular evaluation of results reports.

Management of Online Reputation

Every point of view represents a new opportunity.

Online reputation, user comments, and ratings significantly impact the tourism industry.

When developing an effective online sales strategy, your campsite’s online reputation is critical.

  • Control and management of your campsite’s opinions, particularly on travel sites such as TripAdvisor, Booking, Google, and Trivago.
  • Strategic management of published content on travel websites, providing users with appropriate responses following your campground’s communication policy.
  • Monthly updates on the evolution of your campsite’s online reputation.


Maintain contact with the campers. Your user database, newsletters, and other electronic mailings help to retain customers, encourage sales, and communicate personalized campsite news.

  • Create a direct line of communication with your campers!
  • Segmentation of a database.
  • Writing strategic content.
  • Unique graphic design.
  • Emails were segmented based on language and camper profile.

Reporting and Web Analytics

Results to help you make the best camping decisions

The Internet is a great data source, but you must know where to look for it and how to interpret it.

  • All Thatware websites are integrated with Google Analytics, which, in conjunction with other professional data processing tools, enables us to present you with monitoring and results reports that will assist you in making better decisions for your campsite.
  • All Online Marketing services include regular results reporting.
  • Report interpretation from Google Analytics and other professional tools.
  • Learn everything you can about your campsite website’s visitors’ behaviour: visits, conversions, and usability.

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