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Most pet sitters are small businesses that require a more affordable solution. Consider a DIY SEO option for pet-sitting companies if you have time to work on your marketing. SEO entails making numerous small changes to your company’s website pages for them to rank higher in search engines. Users ask questions when they enter keywords. Pages that provide better answers to these questions, load faster, securely, and without errors, and are regarded as more trustworthy by search engines are more likely to rank higher.

Excellent Cat care SEO Techniques

SEO experts employ the following SEO techniques and strategies:

  • Topical Authority
  • Technical SEO 
  • Content Development 
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Listing
  • Creating backlinks

Let’s take them one at a time:

Topical Authority

You must establish topical authority with the proper website structure. You can accomplish this by including your target key and secondary key on other pages. For example, on your about page, you could include “Sacramento dog walkers,” and on your contact page, you could include “Sacramento dog walking services.”

You can also establish topical authority by providing advice on your blog. Don’t put yourself under too much stress. Write one blog post per quarter to begin building your site’s authority. Ensure that each blog is relevant to your service, whether it is about grooming or cat care.


This SEO category discusses how to optimize individual pages of your website. You must select the appropriate keys and place them in the appropriate locations.

Technical SEO 

Technical SEO ensures that your site is fast, secure, and crawlable by search engines. Google’s Page Experience, which went to life in June 2021, makes technical SEO more important than ever. Contact your web developer if your site needs to be more secure or faster. They should be able to assist you in expediting the process. You can also improve site speed by editing the photos in your gallery and throughout your website to make them as small as possible, compressed, and optimized for your pet-sitting website.

Content Development 

Most pet sitter websites are only a few pages long, and many are only one page long. It leaves little room for you to tell search engines or prospects about your services and rates. If this describes you, you should add some new pages to your website. Consider making separate pages that detail your process or the specific animals you sit for, such as dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, and reptiles.

Keyword Research

On-page optimization entails understanding people’s terms when looking for someone to watch their dog or cat and ensuring that these words and phrases appear on your site. The beginning step is to conduct keyword research to determine what people are looking for and how frequently they search for it. When looking for businesses like yours, the most popular keyword phrase is “dog sitter,” and the second most popular is “dog sitter near me.” It is also beneficial to know more specific keywords people use when searching. People, for example, look for in-home pet sitting as well as a cat, bird, and bunny sitting. You insert keywords into your page’s title tag, meta description, text, and headings. While there are numerous keyword research tools and articles on how to write title tags, hiring an SEO professional or leveraging a DIY SEO platform with suggestions tailored specifically for solo pet sitters and small pet-sitting businesses will yield better results and save you hours.


Off-site SEO is our final category. Unlike website architecture and keyword targeting, off-site SEO occurs (you guessed it) outside of your website. Essentially, you must build links to your website from other websites to demonstrate to Google that your website is trustworthy and the best website to rank for your target keywords.

SEO Listing

You can list your website as a small local business on online directories such as Google, Yelp, Bing, and Yahoo. Include your company in listings for your city and pet businesses. You can use an SEO tool like Ubersuggest or Ahrefs to see which sites link to your competitors. There are numerous online directories and business listing websites. Copy what they’re doing and create a profile on these sites! If your competitors or city are less tech-savvy, look into what pet businesses in other cities are doing.

Creating backlinks

You can also use digital PR to build backlinks. You will receive a link to your website when you write a guest post or are featured on a podcast. This link informs Google that other websites are endorsing your website.


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