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Coloring books are all the rage today, especially among adults and older children. There’s even been some research that indicates adult coloring books can have therapeutic benefits such as stress relief and even reduce symptoms of depression in people with certain mental disorders. That being said, ranking your book high in Google’s search engine results is important so that people looking for Coloring Books for Adults can find yours! In this discussion, we will teach you how to optimize your book’s pages so that they get the most exposure on Google possible.

Target Long Tail Keywords

The first step in SEO is to identify long-tail keywords. These are words that have less volume but more specific searches. For example, if you’re a coloring book author and publisher, you want to identify the phrase Coloring books for adults rather than just coloring books. Consider using phrases such as adult coloring books or free printable adult coloring pages. Next, research what pages on the internet rank high in search results for those keywords and use them as inspiration. After identifying some potential keywords, it’s time to optimize your website for those terms.

Do Your Research

If you want your coloring book to be as successful as possible, it must rank well on search engines like Google. You can do a few things, all easy and affordable, that will help you reach the top of the charts in no time. 

1) Write a blog-worthy title. The first step is to create an eye-catching, SEO-friendly title that will get people interested in your offer. Try using action words in your titles like Draw or Color, or make sure there is some benefit of purchasing the coloring book, such as stress relief or for adults. 

2) Update regularly with new content. Remember when we said you need to write blog-worthy titles? Well, once you’ve written and published your post, remember! You should update your blog post every couple of weeks with new content about the topic at hand. For example, suppose you were writing about different ways to color within the lines. In that case, you could update weekly with a new tutorial or how-to video demonstrating something different from last week. Doing this will keep visitors coming back for more because they know they will find fresh information every time they visit. 3) Optimize for key phrases: Now that we’ve taken care of our captivating headlines and helpful blog posts filled with valuable information, let’s tackle keywords so we can rank better in Google searches.

Optimize Your Title and Meta Data

You have an amazing idea and the skills and knowledge to bring it to life, but you need some help getting the word out about it. Luckily, some simple strategies can help you optimize your coloring book so potential readers can find it easier. 

When you’re ready to release your coloring book, make sure you do a few things: First, research keywords related to the theme of your coloring pages and ensure they are included in both the title and meta description tags. For instance, if you publish a coloring book with mandalas as its focus, be sure these words are included in both places. It will allow people who search for mandala-related colors or patterns an easy way to find what they’re looking for.

Promote Your Book

Promoting a coloring book is more challenging than it seems. It has been my experience that if you do not have any form of advertising, you will be fighting an uphill battle to try and compete with the big guns in the industry. The best way to promote your coloring books is through SEO. With SEO, you can target keywords related to your selling and then advertise them. It’s more effective when people know what they’re looking for rather than being bombarded with every product under the sun.

Monitor Your Rankings

After publishing a new coloring book, it’s important to monitor your rankings. Ranking high in the search engines is the best way to get the word out about your product and establish yourself as an expert in the field. Here are some tips for ranking higher: 

Optimize Your Site: Optimizing your website content will help you rank in Google searches. It can be done by adding keywords, creating a title tag, and using header tags with descriptive words.

Guest Posting: Guest posting is another great way to drive traffic back to your site and boost page views and links from other sites. Find blogs or websites relevant to what you do and offer them a guest post if they are willing to return the favor.


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