Seo Strategy and Digital Transformation Strategy for Dog Breeding For Beginners





You can improve your Dog Breeding For Beginners website rankings and SEO if you understand what Google looks for and uses as search signals. The good news is that these are simple to implement; the bad news is that they can take time. It’s simple, but it takes time to complete and time for search engines to index.

For Beginners, Local SEO Techniques and Strategies for Dog Breeding

SEO experts employ the following SEO techniques and strategies:

  • Concentrate on a Few Keywords and Variations
  • Choose keywords with a low search volume.
  • Do Not Spam 
  •  Link Building Ethically
  • Be mobile-friendly
  • Increase page load time
  • Optimize on-page SEO
  • Share on social media.

Let’s go through each step one by one:

Concentrate on a Few Keywords and Variations

The first concept a web admin must grasp, regardless of the website’s subject matter, is creating a keyword list. What exactly are “keywords”? They are topical phrases that your website should use regularly and naturally. For example, our website is about dog breeding, and many of our pages include keywords such as dog breeding, breeding dogs, dog breeders, how to breed dogs, what is a pedigree dog, and so on.

These key phrases must be somewhat (or, better, directly) related to search queries that people would use to find you. Each article on your website should concentrate on one key phrase and its variations. The variations are close to the main key phrase; for example, the main keyword dog breeder has variations such as dog breeders and ethical breeders. Many more variations will be found in an article about dog hair brushes, such as dog brushes, dog grooming brushes, best dog brushes, and so on.

Choose keywords with a low search volume.

Once you’ve compiled a list of important keywords, you’ll notice a few important facts:

  • Some keywords receive a high volume of searches (shortest keywords)
  • Other keywords receive little traffic (long-tail keywords)
  • Long keywords contain four or more words, and because fewer people use them, fewer websites attempt to rank for them, giving you a better chance of ranking first. 

These typically search queries with 100 or 500 hits per month, but they are gold because people who use long-tail keywords show more intent and passion about what they are currently searching for.

The first one may receive a high volume of monthly searches, but even if you were ranked first, you would only convert a little. There is no indication of location or intent. The second search query is far more detailed: someone is looking for the best german shepherd breeder in your area. This person wants to buy a puppy, and ranking for this keyword is much easier.

Do Not Spam 

First and foremost, you will be permanently banned if you are caught attempting to game Google algorithms. And the company has stated that they improve their rules and algorithms daily so that you could vanish at any time. Second, black hat SEO is both costly and time-consuming. Put in the effort to create high-quality content and promote it on social media; you will receive fewer visitors, but they will be of higher quality. Chase the quality of each visitor rather than the number of daily visits.

To save you time, many people consider the following strategies and tactics to be black hat: leaving a lot of comments with your link on other blogs, paying sellers on Fiverr for backlinks, spamming forums with (un)subtle backlinks, guest posting the same post on multiple websites, stuffing your articles with the same keywords and variations in an unnatural way, and so on.

 Link Building Ethically

Once search engines have identified your site-wide and article-specific topics, they must have their assumptions that your website provides quality content validated by other sources. People used to stuff their pages with keywords to rank high, so Google developed an algorithm (PageRank) that calculates the value of a page based on how frequently other websites link to it. To avoid people creating many websites interlinking themselves, the second layer considers the reputation of these websites and discards websites with little or no reputation. As the name implies, a backlink is a link pointing to your website from another. This algorithm remains an important part of Google’s search black box. If you want your website to appear high in the SERPs (search engine result pages), you will need to obtain links from other websites that are related to yours (e.g. other german shepherd breeders, dog blogs, etc.) This is known as link building, and it takes a long time.

Be mobile-friendly

Smartphones and tablets account for more than half of all search queries (i.e. small screens.) Google has repeatedly stated that websites that are not mobile-friendly are penalized (i.e. display the content perfectly on a smaller screen.)

Most kennels and dog breeders use WordPress for their websites, a highly customizable content management system. It is estimated that 99% of free themes (designs) are mobile-friendly and fully responsive today. As a result, using WordPress ensures that this is taken care of without having to do anything.

Increase page load time

The previous point about mobile-friendliness leads us to this: smaller devices typically use slower connections. As a result, your website must be light, fast, and properly configured. Compress the images and photos you use, use WordPress’s automatically resized version of your images, and so on. Another critical aspect of a dog breeder’s website speed is the host: cheap hosts run cheaper software and are significantly slower in all aspects. More expensive hosts, such as SiteGround, are much faster. Due to increased traffic, we had to change hosting companies last summer. We now have faster load times with no downtime.

Optimize on-page SEO

Link building is off-page SEO, which means it is done on another website that is not under your control. On-page SEO includes all aspects over which you have complete control and can make a significant difference when a search engine crawls and indexes your pages. It all starts with keywords (density and variations), but there are a plethora of other levers you can pull on a page to improve your overall ranking. Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, ensure that your keyword and variations for a given article appear in the first paragraph, the title, the page’s URL (permalink on WordPress), and the conclusion. Naturally, in the content as well, these are critical locations if you want to improve your rankings for a specific keyword.

Share on social media.

Normally, posting your links on social media has a different value than regular backlinks. They continue to provide two advantages. For starters, many people will see your content and discover your website, increasing the likelihood of them sharing it on their website. Second, the search engine likes to see meta activity around a piece of content because it indicates that it is not on a dead website that no one cares about. Social media will not rank you first in search results but will send positive signals to crawlers.


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