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Outdoor SEO is optimizing a website for Google’s SERPs to rank higher for outdoor-related keywords. If you own a hiking gear company, for example, you’d want your website to rank higher for terms like “hiking gear” or “outdoor gear.” Outdoor SEO is an effective method of getting your website seen by potential customers. This article was created specifically to rank for the keyword “Outdoor SEO.” And in just a few weeks, this article rose to the sixth position on Google’s SERPs. Look no further if you’re looking for an Adventure Outdoor SEO Guide! This post will provide the information you need to rank higher in Google’s SERPs.

Digital Hiking Techniques and Strategies, as well as Hiking Gear

SEO experts employ the following SEO methods and tactics:

  • Make a Google Business listing for your business.
  • List Your Business on Other Websites
  • Produce Authoritarian Content 
  • Include Captivating Videos and Photos
  • Make use of Metadata and Alt Tabs

Let’s go over each step one by one.

Make a Google Business listing for your business.

As Google is the most popular search engine, handling over 90% of global search traffic, it only makes sense to register your business with a Google Business Listing. Thatware website design team views Google business listings as the modern equivalent of having your company listed in the phone book’s yellow pages. This increases your SEO visibility across the entire web, but more importantly, it improves your local ranking and appearance in hunting and fishing search engine results.

How to Create a Google Listing?

Don’t pay for a listing service; creating a Google account is simple.

  • Create your business listing at (There are several ways to accomplish this using Google Maps.)
  • Make certain to enter accurate information.
  • Make use of appealing images and media.
  • Check your location
  • Include your business hours.
  • Connect your social media profiles
  • Google reviews should be solicited, managed, and responded to.

Google has an extensive help center where you can learn more about improving your local ranking on Google and other important guidelines for representing your business on Google.

List Your Business on Other Websites

Similarly to creating your Google listing, getting as many platforms to link back to your company’s website as possible is critical. Multiple links to your content will increase your relevance in search engine results, so go for it! We recommend listing your company website in the following places:

  • List your company in the following places:
  • Bing – Business Locations
  • Yahoo – Facebook Local | Meta Business Suite
  • Instagram Yellow Pages
  • White Pages Yellow Pages
  • Maps by Apple

Produce Authoritarian Content 

Quality content creation is the most important driver of search engine rankings. Presenting your brand as an authority in the outdoor industry through your content will increase website traffic and your outdoor SEO ranking. Great content is essential in all aspects of the hunting and fishing industry, including SEO marketing. Concentrate on content writing to increase your website’s relevance and authority on outdoor-related topics.

Keyword Concentration

Determine which keyword phrases will be the foundation for each authoritative content page on your website. Consider what search terms your target audience would use to find each page. How would their search quarries appear?

  • Rifle Hunting vs. Bowhunting
  • What lures work best for bass fishing?
  • Nearby Gun Safety Courses
  • Nearby Hunter Safety Courses
  • When is the Thanksgiving holiday?
  • Outfitters and guides for hunting
  • Nearby fishing charters
  • What is the proper way to tie a fish hook?

Keyword Positioning

When you’ve decided on your keywords and are working on your outdoor content, it’s critical to know where to put them! We recommend that you keep a checklist and follow these steps at a minimum.

  • Incorporate your keyword phrase into your URL.
  • Include your keyword phrase in the titles of your pages and categories.
  • Use your keyword phrase in the headings and subheadings of your page.
  • Use your keyword phrase in the content writing paragraphs.
  • A word of caution: While it is important to repeat your keyword phrase frequently, avoid ‘over optimizing’ your website by using your keywords too frequently. Make certain that your written content flows naturally and is easy to read. Your keyword phrase will be noticeable and visually jarring to your audience if it appears in every heading and subheading. Regarding search engine optimization, readability and usability are still the most important factors.

Use a Variety of Keyword Phrases

While possible, getting a single web page to appear in search engine rankings for multiple keyword phrases is difficult. When a page ranks for multiple keywords, the phrases are most likely very similar. For instance, the Thatware home page ranks in search results for “hunting video production” and “fishing video production.” Ranking “hunting blinds,” “bass boats,” and “how to fillet a fish” on a single page, on the other hand, would be difficult. Because ranking multiple keywords with one page is impractical, publishing your content on a separate page for each of your targeted keyword phrases is critical.

Regularly publish new content.

Assuming you are targeting multiple keyword phrases, it stands to reason that you will be publishing multiple pages for your website. Search engines regard regularly updated content as a strong indicator of a web page’s relevance. There are several methods to keep your content fresh and develop written content rich in keyword phrases.

  • Create separate pages for each product or service your outdoor company offers.
  • Create articles or blog posts about specific hunting and fishing industry topics.
  • Link your new and old content together. Link to the older website content as you cover new topics. Edit your older website content to include links to your new content where appropriate.
  • Make it a point to update the content on your pages at least once a year.

Include Captivating Videos and Photos

Large blocks of unaccompanied text can be intimidating, so break it up with relevant and appealing videos and photos. Deep fork Productions specializes in hunting and fishing video production, but we are not biased. Interesting media will enhance your audience’s experience and increase the relevance of your website. It is not enough to include videos and images; high-quality hunting videography can mean the difference between your audience clicking on your media and not.

Make use of Metadata and Alt Tabs.

Always include descriptions in the alt tags of your images and videos (alternative text descriptions.) Include your keyword phrases in your page meta descriptions as well. These enhancements will be especially useful for text-only browsers and screen readers.

This only scratches the surface of Outdoor Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a lot to handle on your own. Thatware’s outdoor web design and marketing team offers all of these services and more to our hunting and fishing industry clients. Our SEO services have a proven track record of increasing search engine rankings and conversion rates.


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