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More and more people are planning to have their own bar setup at home. This is a nice idea, without any doubt. Since this idea is trending, it is obvious that the demand for bur supplies will increase. If you are into the business of home bar supplies, you should embrace an SEO and digital marketing strategy for better growth and leave competitors behind in 2022-2023. Let’s prepare a strategy that you can use for your bar supplies business and take the business endeavour to the next level.

Digital transformation strategies

  • Maintain a blog that showcases the best recipes and alcohol pairings and provides recipes for the holidays or other special occasions. -Create social media accounts that are not only related to your business but also provide valuable information. -Share photos of your products on Instagram and Pinterest to expand your reach.
  • You hyperlink the business website and social media pages in your posts, so people can easily find you when looking for home bar supplies. -Set up Google AdWords campaigns to advertise specific keywords to bring traffic to your site.
  • Optimise your site for search engines by using relevant keywords and phrases, optimising content for SEO (search engine optimisation), checking if you have any broken links within your content, adding tags and categories to pages, updating old or outdated content with new information and linking internal pages together with relevant keywords.
  • Schedule Facebook and Twitter update ahead of time using Hootsuite or Buffer so that the posts are automatically sent at specified times throughout the day.
  • Look into partnerships with bars serving cocktails because this will help spread awareness about what you do!

A deeper view of the strategy 

Keyword research

You want to provide content that interests your customers and potential customers. You can find out what your audience is looking for by conducting keyword research. After that, you can write or make content based on that. Blogs, videos, eBooks, white papers, infographics, and other types of content can be included. The crucial factor is that your prospects desire to find out more.

If you produce material your potential customers find fascinating, they will be curious to learn more. But how can you tell if the correct people are seeing your content? Check your Google Analytics once you start to rank for the keywords you researched. You can determine if website visitors are watching or downloading the content or not. They should browse other pages on your website and remain on this one. Otherwise, the essential phrase (or phrases) might not be quite correct.

Landing page optimisation

Every business, from the smallest to the largest, should have a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy and digital transformation. A home bar supplies business is no exception. In order to get traffic to your site, you need to ensure that your site is optimised for the right keywords. Having a page on your site that ranks high on Google’s search results page will give you an edge over competitors who are not as visible.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an important part of any digital transformation strategy because it helps improve visibility and drive more traffic to your website or storefront. Ensure that there are enough keywords relevant to your offer so that when people are looking for services like yours, they find you first. The 2 effective ways to do this are by strategically using those keywords in meta tags and titles and throughout the content on your website. When selecting which keywords to target, it’s best to focus on phrases that include three words at least. Once you’ve done this, look for pages where those words appear frequently – these pages rank higher with Google.

It’s also helpful if you can provide additional value by including images related to the content on your site – this attracts both humans and search engines alike! As long as there’s a good balance between text-based content and visual media content such as photos or videos, visitors will be able to scan through your content quickly.

Keyword optimisation (On-page SEO)

On-page SEO is all about your site’s content. Having optimised, original content on your site will help it rank higher in search engines and make it more likely that people will choose to visit your website. The best way to ensure you’re optimising for search engines is to use a tool like Google Search Console or Bing Webmaster Tools. These tools let you know how well the pages on your site are performing in search results and give you tips on improving them.

Many people don’t realise that they also need to optimise their sites for mobile devices since this is where most people are viewing the internet these days. Doing so means using a responsive web design that makes your site look good no matter what device someone might use to view it.

Content Creation

More than any other strategy, consistent, high-quality, and interesting content influences audience decision-making.

One of the many elements that affect your company’s development and success is the consistency of your brand messaging. Big brands understand how to represent their brand throughout all customer interactions consistently. The same logic holds for content marketing; your content must have a distinct and recognisable voice, style, and pitch across all channels of distribution. Consistency in your content enhances your authority, fosters relationships of trust, and improves your reputation.

Content is a valuable asset. It has the power to give your potential customers satisfying experiences that will entice them to buy more from you. It’s your key to grabbing their attention and consistently enhancing favourable brand perception.

Paid Advertising – Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a great way to advertise your home bar supplies company. The best thing about Google AdWords is that you can pay for the number of clicks on your ad. That means it doesn’t cost you anything if someone clicks on your ad. You just want them to see it, hopefully making them come into your store and buy something! Pay Per Click – Facebook Ads: Facebook ads are a little different than Google ads because they are based on what Facebook thinks might be interesting to the user. So while they cost money, they don’t guarantee any results like Google ads. Social Media: We all know social media is huge right now, but did you know that many of these sites are not set up in favour of bars or alcohol companies? But even though social media may not be 100% effective for bars, it’s still worth trying out different platforms. If nothing else, there’s no harm in trying out new platforms or adding to your current ones, like Twitter or Instagram, with promotional posts!

Social Media Advertising – Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have the potential to be one of the best ways to advertise on social media. Facebook ads allow businesses to target specific audiences relevant to their business, making it easier for them to reach new customers and save time and money. The cost of a Facebook ad ranges from $5 – $1,000, depending on the audience size and what demographics you want your ad to target. For your Facebook ads campaign to succeed, you must be strategic in how you use your budget by deciding what you will do with your funds. 

Email Marketing – 3 best practices

Email marketing is the most powerful marketing channel available to businesses today. It’s one of the best techniques to reach customers and prospects, even if they’ve unsubscribed or are on their spam list. Here are some best practices for email marketing:

1) Send Emails at Optimal Times – Sending emails during peak hours (i.e., 8 am-11 am and 3 pm-6 pm) will increase your open rates. Plus, send on days when your subscribers are most likely to be online (i.e., Fridays). Finally, sending more than once daily can lead to increased engagement and improved deliverability rates. Keep in mind that each email should focus on a single message rather than trying to include too many messages in one email.

2) Include Relevant Images – According to Litmus, including images in your campaigns can increase clickthrough rates by 23%. You just upload an image and add it to the body of your campaign.

3) Personalise Campaigns – Including the recipient’s name in subject lines increases the clickthrough rate by 20%. You don’t need an ESP account or an analytics package–you can create personalised campaigns using tools like Mailchimp with just a few clicks!


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