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We recognize that you have people to see and boats to sell. Like most boat dealers, you want to devote your time and attention to selling boats and other marine products rather than spending it online or on computers. Not DigitalLife, but SaltLife. No need to worry; this quick guide is packed with boat dealership SEO tactics you can implement weekly in a few hours.

Techniques and Strategies for Fishing Boats

Local SEO specialists use the following SEO techniques:

  • Local Seo
  • Directories    
  • Optimize your home page
  • Facebook/Instagram
  • Blogs

Let’s go over each step in greater detail:

Local Seo

Thatware first concentrates on local SEO. When you Google a boat dealership, you will notice a box on the right-hand side of the search results page. A Knowledge Panel is what it is called. Details about your company should be included. You want your box to be present and fully updated! Everything you need to know about adding your company or modifying what appears is provided below.

Add Your Company to the Knowledge Panel on Google

  • Go to Google My Business and log in.
  • After selecting the company, you want to verify, click Verify now.
  • To get your verification code, ensure you can directly answer the phone at your place of business.
  • To have the code texted to your phone automatically, click Verify by phone.
  • Type in the message’s code.

Put Your Company on Google Maps

  • Open Google Maps and confirm your login before using it.
  • The map you want to add your company to should be zoomed in.
  • Click Send Feedback in the bottom right corner.
  • To add a missing place, click.
  • Place a marker there, and then fill in any pertinent details.
  • Hit “Submit.”

Claim  for Your Business

  • Activate Google Maps.
  • Look for your company.
  • Click the card that is below the search box. Do you own the company?
  • Declare and validate your company.

You can use Google Posts to post coupons and entice more customers to your businesses once your knowledge panel is up and running. Posts only last a week, so regularly publish them and use appealing images.


We apologize in advance because this will not be enjoyable. For your dealership, you’ll be creating numerous social media profiles. Please give it some thought and do it right. It is very significant. This is the most time-consuming SEO advice for boat dealers, but it’s also the most crucial for raising the ranking of your website.

A good example of a directory is the Yellow Pages. High-end directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau let you create profiles that expand the audience for your website, improve its ranking, and let customers leave reviews that help establish your credibility. It can be a real pain in the butt to submit to directories, but if you do two a week in your two hours, it won’t seem as frustrating.

Some pointers for adding your website to a directory:

  • Use your company’s legal name in its entirety.
  • Ensure that your data is accurate and consistent in all directories. On every directory, the Name, Address, and Phone number must be the same.
  • Publish a few images.
  • Put a brief “about us” section and upload it to the directories. The same one may be applied to all of them. Be specific when describing who you are and the services you provide.
  • Make sure you carefully read the TAGS the directories request. You should check if boat dealerships, the marine industry, or a related category list on your website. Google is aware of those tags!

The free directories you should add your website to are listed below. To access the page where you can add a business, click each link:

  • Yellow Pages on Yelp
  • Insider Pages of the Better Business Bureau
  • Extra Pages
  • Take the time to do it right by joining your local chamber of commerce (you will be required to pay membership fees).

Optimize your home page

Unquestionably, your home page is one of, if not the most, crucial pages on your website. It must be optimized. Although a little technical, this one is simple. Ask a web developer or an SEO specialist, or do some research on your own if you’re anxious. All of your most crucial pages should be linked from your home page. Include those links in the homepage’s content, menu bar, or buttons.

  • Make sure that the content on your home page is concise. Who you are and what you offer. Use language that clarifies your status as a boat dealer, the types of boats you buy and sell, and your location. Imagine it as an elevator pitch that summarizes your services using a limited number of highly specific keywords.
  • Use amiable but firm language. Short, simple, and clean sentences.
  • Include some incredibly captivating images, but avoid overcrowding the screen.
  • The internet is filled with resources for optimizing your boat dealership website. You will sail through the waters if you follow these fundamentals.


Your dealership needs to be active on social media.

An essential component of any effective SEO strategy for boat dealerships is to sign up for Facebook and Instagram. Adhere to a few of these suggestions to ensure that it is worthwhile. The steps are very simple.

  • Post something once a week, even if it’s just a silly update, and keep posting even if you receive no traffic for months. Images perform best on Facebook as well!
  • You’ll improve the more you post, so keep a record of what works and doesn’t.
  • Verify that all of your company’s information is accurate.
  • Promote posts!
  • By utilizing common interests and knowledge, create a community. Refrain from constantly pitching people.


Similar to social media, your website should always be updated, and news shared. Blog about your industry or just the latest business news.

Here are some pointers for the blog at your dealership:

  • Advertise boat sales here!
  • Write about any events you attend, support, or organize.
  • Avoid having any opinions. Instead, create blogs that are more insightful and, if possible, include sources. Google appreciates when you show some evidence of research!
  • Discuss market trends. Search for boat dealers and select news. Discover the situation and talk about it.
  • Always use a picture!
  • Always keep your blog’s focus narrow to one subject. The more narrowly focused the post, the better.

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