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Many people don’t realize the power of search engine optimization (SEO) in helping their business grow and thrive, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t there! If you run an Indoor Photography Business, this valuable marketing strategy can help your business get more exposure than ever before. To make the most of your strategies, start with these seven ways to optimize your business for SEO.

Understand What People Search For

Different keywords will net different results, so you must understand what people search for.

-If you’re photographing families, family portraits and family photography are good keywords.

-For food photographers, food photographers, chefs, and culinary photography might be better keywords.

-If you photograph outdoors, then consider using words like nature photography, landscape photography, or outdoor photography.

-If you take indoor snaps, mention home view, room goals, and other related captions/keywords. 

Target Long-Tail Keywords

1. Include keywords in your business name – Once you have a business name, it’s time to optimize it by including relevant keywords. For example, if you are a pet photographer, your business might be called Amber’s Pet Photos. You could ensure the words pet photography were included in the company name. This way, when customers search for pet photography on search engines like Google and Bing, they will find your business.

2. Be sure to include keywords on your website – When designing or redesigning your website, include targeted keyword phrases in headlines and descriptions of products or services offered. These key phrases should also be repeated across various pages of the site. Include at least one sentence of content on each page describing what visitors will find there as well as why they should be excited about visiting the page. Keyword density is an important consideration, too; don’t overuse these terms because this can actually work against you rather than for you. It is best to keep the number around three percent or less in order not to overwhelm your visitors with too much text.

3. Utilize social media sites – Sites like Facebook and Twitter offer great opportunities for people interested in finding indoor photography businesses near them or throughout the country/world.

Use Location Pages

-Every business should have a location page on its website. This is not only a great place to put your address, but it can also include information like hours of operation and contact information.

-Create an Events page that will allow you to list the upcoming events your company will be hosting or attending. You could also use this space to highlight successful past events or any other relevant information related to your business. -If you are running a photography business, make sure that you create a gallery where you can showcase all the different photo shoots you have done. This gallery is also a fantastic way to show off past work and get potential customers interested in what they offer.

Optimize Your Images

1. Use keywords in your file names.

2. Include keywords in your tags, captions, and metadata.

3. Write a blog post with keywords and links to your website or social media account.

4. Incorporate your company name into the title of each blog post you publish, especially if it’s a photo with text.

Use Google My Business

1. Create an accurate and detailed business profile. The more information you provide about your company, the better search results you’ll get.

2. Provide an accurate address and phone number to help potential customers find your business in the area they’re looking for.

3. Fill out your website’s contact form as much as possible so that people know how to get a hold of you if they want to book an appointment or find out more about what you offer.

Collect Online Reviews

Request reviews from your clients, or ask them to write a review on your Facebook, Yelp, Google Local, and Google+ pages. Include a call-to-action on your website that says something like: Leave us a review! If you have an email list (or sign-up form), include the same message there. Review services like Yelp and Google offer tools allowing business owners to email customers who have left reviews about new products or deals. Collecting customer feedback is a great way to get more positive reviews and improve your search engine rankings.

1) Request reviews from your clients or ask them to write a review on your Facebook page, Yelp page, Google Local page, and Google+ Page. 

2) Include a call-to-action on your website that says something like: Leave us a review! 

3) Include this as well in your emails to people who have signed up for your newsletter or taken one of your classes 

4) Make sure you tell customers how easy it is for them to leave reviews when they’re finished with their experience

5) On websites where users, such as YELP, often update the business’ listing, you can find out when someone’s added content about you 

6) You can also make contact with these people directly and send them promotional offers

Monitor Your Rankings

1. Set up Google Alerts – this is a great way to stay on top of your rankings, as it will notify you whenever your site appears in Google’s search results. You can set the alerts up so that they are sent via email or text message, whichever suits you best. Just make sure that you are monitoring these alerts regularly to be fully aware of the changes made by Google at any given time.

2. Monitor Social Media Activity – social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook allow you to monitor online conversations in real time, which means that any mention of your company or services will be immediately brought to your attention. It’s important to keep an eye on all social media channels because the content shared there has the potential to have a huge impact on your website ranking with Google. 


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