SEO Strategy and Digital Transformation Strategy for Marbling





SEO contributes to increase website visibility and organic traffic. Placing the brand prominently at the top of Google search results helps to increase its popularity. Suppose you run a marbling business. You need to get in touch with many people as soon as possible. Here, SEO strategies are necessary. There are certain SEO marketing approaches you can use.

  • Method 1: Use long tail keywords
  • Method 2: Use social media
  • Method 3: Add local SEO
  • Method 4: Add backlinks
  • Method 5: A better experience for the users
  • Method 6: Upgrade page speed

Method 1: Use long tail keywords

A three to five-word phrase is a long-tail keyword. These keywords help you target expert demographics because they are more targeted than general terms. Since they more closely reflect users’ searches, these keywords are less competitive than generic ones. Customers are more willing to select long-tail keywords, which are longer and more precise keyword phrases when they are prepared to offer you contact information for their marble insertion or some work related to marble. Shorter or “head” phrases receive more search traffic than long-tail keywords.

Method 2: Use social media

Today, the vast majority of people rely on social media. Utilizing social media for branding and advertising will be beneficial for your business. Undoubtedly, most people spend half their day on social media. The company can use social media to build brand recognition. Developing SEO with social media may seem difficult, but it is still doable. Your social media handle must contain your website URL. That suggests that it might be listed alongside the website in SERP. Other people may share your content after you post it to your social media channel.

Method 3: Add local SEO

Although locating your website in the locations where your target audience is present is all that local SEO comprises, it may sound like a complicated procedure. To draw the attention of your local clients, you can decide which geographic regions to target using local SEO. An important component of local SEO is Google My Business. Make sure you’re setting up a Google My Business profile. It will assist you in reaching the largest audience possible in your region.

Method 4: Add backlinks

Backlinks allow users to navigate between different websites. Visitors frequently have access to more information through it. Linking to websites that rank higher than yours can improve your SERP performance. You can confidently include those on your website as a result. Usually, the top websites aren’t the ones that pay to appear higher in search engine results. You want to link the results after the adverts to get the best results within your content range.

Method 5: A better experience for the users

Also, your website needs to be mobile-friendly. The majority of today’s generation is mobile-friendly. Most of the time, they are on their mobile device. Consequently, when you design it to be great for mobile phone users. Google will give it the same amount of priority as the desktop version. You can also speak with multiple buyers simultaneously. If your consumers are pleased with your service, your business will prosper.

Method 6: Upgrade page speed

Page speed is one of the most crucial factors in determining a page’s ranking. A web metric called page load speed monitors how long a page takes. Site speed, which describes the typical loading time of the entire website, differs from page speed. File sizes, server performance, and image compression influence page speed. A search engine will choose your website if its pages load quickly. If your photographs take a while to load, the user experience on your website might be improved. Customers anticipate that their pages will load quickly. Because of this, the website sticks out a lot when they don’t. In this area, Google will assess the page speed of your website.


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