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A novel book is your life’s work; you pour every ounce of effort into writing and editing. Naturally, you want as many people to read it as possible. While popularity isn’t the end-all-be-all of whether or not your book was successful, in the publishing industry, it counts. And while you can’t control how many books are sold, you can use plenty of strategies to ensure that the right people find out about your masterpiece before it hits bookstores and e-reader platforms.

The top SEO strategies are:

  • Do your keyword research. 
  • Optimize your title. 
  • Optimize metadata
  • Create compelling content. 
  • Promote your content. 
  • Monitor your progress. 

Let’s discuss all of the above points. 

Do your keyword research.

The number of reviews is the most important factor in ranking higher in search engines. However, this is not true. The keywords you use will have much to do with how high your book ranks. Plus, people will need help buying a book they can’t find! So make sure to include words that relate directly to what you’re talking about and use them often.

Keyword research is the right way to find out what words are worth using. Google Adwords’ Keyword Tool offers suggestions based on how many searches are done for a word or phrase each month (ensure the date range is set at six months, so the results aren’t skewed). You’ll want to try different combinations and see what words seem like. They’ll get you noticed more often than others.

Optimize your title

More and more people are turning to the internet to buy books these days. And, if you’re a fiction novel writer, you need to know how SEO can help you with this. Here are some strategies for promoting your book on the internet:

1) Start by checking what keywords people use to find your book. With this information, you can optimize your title and subtitle to appear higher in search engine results pages (SERPS). 2) Include keywords or key phrases that readers might use when searching for your type of book. This includes the genre, publication year, and language used in work. 3) Find other websites that include reviews or excerpts from your novel and link back to them from yours.

Optimize your metadata

1. Include your book’s title in the URL.

2. Use keyword research to determine which words will help you rank for more search terms and phrases.

3. Incorporate keywords relevant to your book into your metadata, including the title, description, and keyword tags.

4. Add keywords to your interior text that correspond with the section of the book you are writing about–for example, if you are writing about cooking, use cooking terms like sauté or bake.

Optimizing the metadata is also important for a successful SEO strategy. Because metadata is written in the language of search engines, using it will benefit your SEO efforts. This aids search engines in comprehending the subject matter of your web pages and content. Additionally, it enables them to provide searchers with more pertinent results.

Create Compelling content

So you have written an amazing novel, and now it’s time to sell it. You might be thinking, How do I get people to buy my book? Well, if you want your book to be seen by the masses, then there are a few factors you need to know about internet marketing. First, start by ensuring that your book is properly edited and formatted for publication. Next, build a website for your book that includes a blog where you can post guest blog posts from other authors, excerpts, and other content related to your novel. The next step is to write a quality content related to your book on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The content wears the crown nowadays. Whether it is blog content, web page content, and other content, appealing content always seeks an advantage. 

Promote your content

You’ve just finished writing your novel and want to sell it online. This is where the challenge begins. You want to make sure your book stands out in the crowded marketplace, but how? We will cover some of the most important ways you can use search engine optimization (SEO) for marketing your book online.

1) Make sure your book has a good title. Nothing is more important than having a good title for marketing purposes. It’s one of the first things audiences see when they search for books, so it’s crucial to grab their attention and make them want to know more about what you’re offering.

2) Add keywords throughout the content of your book’s description on popular e-commerce websites. 

Monitor your progress

1. Use keywords relevant to your book in the title and URL of the blog post and the meta description.

2. Include keywords on all website pages, including the About Us page, Contact Us page, and Terms of Service page.

3. Use subheadings to break up text-heavy content so it can be easily skimmed or scanned by search engines and readers alike.

4. Link-related blog posts and anchor text for easy accessibility via search engine results in pages (SERPs).

5. Encourage readers to share your content by including social media buttons on blog posts that offer a unique experience for readers (such as an interactive quiz).

Please monitor your progress. If there is a flaw, you can easily identify it with the help of monitoring. 


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