Seo Strategy and Digital Transformation Strategy for Pet Adoption





The Non-Profit industry strives to effect positive change. However, to change the world, you’ll need an effective marketing campaign to spread the word. So, let’s look at some vital campaigns contributing to an equally vital cause: pet adoption.

Local SEO Procedures and Methods for Pet Adoption

SEO experts employ the following SEO techniques and digital transformation strategy for pet adoption:

  • Poll Facebook Groups to generate highly linkable original research posts.
  • Keyword Research and SEO Reports for the Pet Industry
  • Create posts about the most popular industry statistics in your niche.
  • Get Passive Links All Year Long By Ranking First For Low-Competition Phrases
  • Conduct podcast interviews with high domain authority (DA) sites.
  • Content Creation Technics

Let’s take things step by step first:

Poll Facebook Groups to generate highly linkable original research posts.

By creating original research posts, any site, including single-person blogs like Backlinko, can gain over 1,000 referring domains. Original research posts are brief, straightforward reports of small studies written by the researcher who completed the study.

Even a new blogger can create these highly linkable content pieces using Facebook groups.

Step 1: Look for Facebook groups with over 1,000 members in your niche.

Step 2: Create a few poll posts that address compelling questions about an industry topic.

Step 3: Write a blog post about your findings and include plenty of images to help visualize your data.

Keyword Research and SEO Reports for the Pet Industry

One of the essential pieces of information your company requires to succeed in marketing is keyword research. Keywords are little gems you insert into your website copy, blog titles, image names, and video scripts to improve your SEO and rank in Google for terms your customers are searching for. Long tail keywords, often the natural way people ask questions, are the most important keywords these days (in Google or their devices such as Alexa or Siri.)

We delve deeply into long-tail search terms for businesses in the pet industry in the reports we’ve included here:

  • Dog walkers 
  • Pet sitters
  • Dog and cat trainers
  • Dog and cat groomers
  • Pet photographers/influencers are all available.

These valuable keywords will assist you in gradually improving your SEO – Search Engine Optimization – strategy, allowing you to gain more clients organically.

Create posts about the most popular industry statistics in your niche.

Bloggers and reporters are constantly searching Google for statistics to use in their articles. You should create content for all of the statistics keyword phrases in your industry. Your articles and blogs are more likely to be linked to by another blog or news site if you create a large amount of coveted content.

Pro Tip: Post titles with the highest number and the current year in brackets to get the most clicks. When you use a single stat in one of your content pieces, you can also internally link to these stat posts.

Get Passive Links All Year Long By Ranking First For Low-Competition Phrases

According to an Ahrefs study of 10,000 non-branded keywords, position one on Google receives a median of 24 do-follow backlinks per year. Most reporters are under time constraints, so they tend to get their supporting information from the URL at the top of their organic search results. Create a passive backlink funnel by writing 50% of your posts on low-competition phrases that rank first.

Conduct podcast interviews with high domain authority (DA) sites.

A podcast interview is one of the most straightforward ways to obtain high DA backlinks.

When your interview goes live, the podcast creates a show notes page with a link to your website.

Step 1: Navigate to the Apple Podcasts Charts to find the top 300 shows in your niche.

Step 2: Remove all shows with less than a 40 DA that does not interview guests.

Step 3: Go to the RSS feed of each qualifying podcast to find the host’s email address.

Step 4: Send an email to the host outlining how your interview will benefit their audience.

Content Creation Technics

  • Add More Content To The Tail End Of Posts To Safely Move Up The Rankings, Content Creation Tactics For Posts That Rank #3 – #10. By adding content to the end of your post, you maintain the original blog post’s layout.

This procedure prevents you from changing existing content, which may harm your rankings. The extra content at the end increases dwells time while also assisting you in ranking for more long-tail keywords and phrases.

  • Create 40-50 word paragraphs to be considered for more featured snippets.

According to Moz and numerous other studies, the ideal length for featured snippets is 40 to 50.

This word count corresponds to the average length of a three-sentence paragraph, which is ideal for reader engagement.

  • Include FAQs at the end of your post that answer questions from Google employees. 

A simple FAQ section at the end of your post can add significant value to the reader’s experience.

Step 1: Before you hit publish, search Google for your target keyword and look at the most popular People. Also, Ask questions.

Step 2: Click on the last question to see more; four more will appear.

Step 3: Identify a few that should have been addressed in your post and include them in a FAQ section at the end.

Step 4: Label this section with the FAQ schema.

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