Seo Strategy and Digital Transformation Strategy for Primal Dog Food, DIY Homemade Dog Food & Natural Dog Food





Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important strategy to incorporate into your marketing efforts for Primal Dog Food, DIY Homemade Dog Food, and Natural Dog Food for any pet retailer with a web presence. When potential customers are looking for a nearby pet store, switching food brands, or researching new pet products, it can help your store rank higher in search engines.

Brilliant Pet SEO Techniques

SEO professionals use the following SEO techniques and strategies:

  • Set up or claim your Google Business Profile.
  • Determine Your Key Words and Keywords
  • Make Content to Supplement Your Keywords
  • Page Optimization Suggestions
  • Include a title for SEO.
  • Include a meta description.
  • Include your keywords.
  • Remember images.

Let’s go one by one:

Set up or claim your Google Business Profile.

A free Google Business Profile is the first step in ensuring your company can be found online. If your company already has a listing but isn’t being actively managed, you can claim it with a standard Google account.

Google Maps is a location-based search engine, and managing your Google Business Profile allows you to control how your listing appears in search results — you can include critical information like your hours and a link to your website, add photos, highlight featured products, and pricing, respond to customer reviews, and more. Suppose your Google Business Profile is already set up and appears correctly in Google Maps results, congratulations! Check your listing regularly to ensure that your contact information, store hours, holiday hours, and storefront pictures are correct.

Determine Your Key Words and Keywords

Keyword research is locating and analyzing search terms entered into search engines to use that information for SEO or marketing. Keyword research can reveal words or phrases to target, their popularity, how difficult it is to rank with them, and much more. The better you rank in search engine results — and the more traffic you attract — once you’ve identified the best-fitting keywords for the content you publish. Consider your target market. When considering SEO for your pet food’s website, think about what people want to discover rather than what you want to tell them. Consider what search terms people might use to find stores like yours or the products and services you provide.

Make Content to Supplement Your Keywords

When developing SEO for your pet store, build your website’s content around your target audience and search queries — one word or phrase at a time. For example, if you have organic dog food or another specialized item in stock and local customers are looking for it, create a page that focuses on those keywords — this way, new customers will find your store in web searches. If your website is built with a content management system such as WordPress, a plugin tool such as Yoast SEO for WordPress makes it simple to ensure that your pages are SEO-optimized. This tool provides customized tips for optimizing each page of your website and compares the content of your webpage to your target key phrase.

Page Optimization Suggestions

  • Include a title for SEO: This is what readers will see first in search results. SEO plugins can generate a separate SEO title from your on-page title. Use your target key in the SEO title and aim for 50-70 characters for the best results.
  • Include a meta description: A meta description is a brief snippet that appears in search results below the headline. When optimizing your meta description, keep it under 155 characters, include your keywords, ensure it corresponds to the content on your page, and include a call to action.
  • Include your keywords: Use your keywords four to six times throughout the content of your webpage.
  • Remember images– Besides making your page more visually appealing, images are an excellent way to include your target key phrase on the page again. Maintain a small file size, so your page loads quickly, which benefits both SEO and user experience. Learn more about using images to improve your SEO.

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