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We have already discussed creating an artist website, but how can you get visitors to your site after it’s up and running? The internet is vast, and dozens of new artist websites are constantly being added. Whether or not they are an artist, everybody with a website has heard that SEO is a means to grow their audience. Look at the following SEO strategies if you want to promote the growth of wall hangings:

  1. Deal with SEO Focus Keywords

You must first consider the terms/queries you anticipate people will use to reach your website while building it (or even modifying it for SEO); you must first consider the terms and queries you anticipate people will use to reach your website. You must first consider the terms and queries you anticipate people will use to reach your website. These search terms are your focus keywords. For instance, a pizzeria would want to appear in the search results when people search for “pizza near me,” and a travel agent would want to appear in the results when people search for “vacation planning.” However, neither the pizzeria nor the travel agent would benefit from appearing in a search for “quantum physics.”

2. Needle in a Haystack

Although it would be fantastic to appear on the first page of results for “digital artwork” or “landscape photography,” you must remember that hundreds of other artists worldwide are also producing work in these categories for wall hanging. Additionally, you are up against all of art history and every publication, website, gallery, museum, and institution that focuses on these subjects. You will only appear toward the top of these generic art phrase results if you are an incredibly well-known artist with a sizable fanbase.

3. Improving Your Artist Website’s SEO

Depending on what service you’re using to build your website, you may have an SEO tool available to help you build a strong web presence. WordPress, for example, has plugins specifically for this. Or, you can use your browser: Chrome and Firefox each have extensions to analyze the SEO of your website related to wall hanging business. 

4. Break Down Pages

You accomplish three things when you categorize the content on your artist website: you make it easier for users to find the information they need, prevent your content from cluttering, and boost your SEO. Each page will have a distinct focus and, thus, a distinct focus keyword. You may have a gallery of “splatter paintings” and a gallery of “beach landscapes.” 

5. Manage Content

The finest recommendation we’ve ever heard about improving your SEO is to have high-quality, understandable content. SEO specialists could wax lyrical about all the little strategies you can do on a wall-hanging business. Your website will already have a solid SEO foundation if it is well-structured, tidy, appealing, and targeted.

6. Diversify Images

Your artist’s website will undoubtedly have a lot of images because its main purpose is to display your artwork. Therefore, you must upload and update your images utilizing the correct SEO techniques. The trick is that pictures are invisible to search engines. They are aware that visuals are present, to be sure, but they cannot distinguish between a watercolour landscape and a picture of a kitten in its infancy. Only the text linked to the photos is visible to the search engines.

Always save your artwork pictures with relevant titles for this reason. You may improve your website’s SEO and ensure that these photos appear in search results by including the artist’s name and the artwork’s title in the file name.

7. Manage SEO Titles & Meta Descriptions

Your site developer can assist you with this more technical issue. The SEO title and meta description are displayed in the search results. By managing these, you may improve your ranking and let visitors know what to expect before clicking your link. Yoast is a wonderful plugin for using WordPress since it makes it extremely easy to modify your SEO title and meta description.

8. Stay Active

Search engines will be more aware that your page is a real result and not simply a spam site if there is more activity on your sites. Maintaining activity goes beyond merely updating your website. Additionally, it entails attempting to establish relationships via regular interactions. Your website should be listed on your business card. You ought to have a mailing list where you can post updates and links to your website for your fans.

9. Improve Old Contents

If you created your website before reading this article, some of its pages might not adhere to the proper search engine optimization guidelines. It will be tempting to erase these pages and add fresh, SEO-optimized ones in their place. Improve these pages rather than delete them.

Bottom Line

Follow the SEO-mentioned techniques to control the growth of an art business if you’re an art enthusiast looking to establish a wall-hanging business.


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