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SEO for wedding advisors can be a simple task. When someone searches online for a “wedding planner in Albany,” Google tries to provide the most relevant results. Google has attempted to determine the intent of the search and ensure that the most useful websites appear first in the results.

Optimizing is about improving your ranking, reaching the first page, if possible, and even the first spot.

Local SEO Techniques and Strategies for Wedding Consultants

SEO professionals employ the following SEO techniques and strategies:

  • It’s All About the Feedback
  • On-Page SEO For Wedding Planners
  • Website Copy 
  • Title Tags 
  • Meta Descriptions
  • On The Map
  • Website and Copywriting Suggestions
  • Website Blog
  • Site speed and mobile friendliness will boost your rankings.
  • Backlinks Help SEO

Let’s take things steadily at first:

It’s All About the Feedback

Choose one or two sites and work your tail off to get as many reviews as possible. You should also keep your photos up to date. You should also spend time and effort crafting the right text for these listings, describing your specialties, displaying your personality, and creating a true “storefront.”

Because of their excellent SEO, these websites will appear on the first page of many relevant web searches. In turn, you want to be on their first page.

For their internal ranking system, most listing sites employ a simple algorithm. The number of reviews multiplied by the overall rating is almost always the answer. If you have ten reviews and a four-star rating, your score is 40. Someone else with 15 reviews and a 3-star rating would get a 45, putting them ahead of you. As a result, the number of customer reviews will usually give you that boost. There are other factors, but focusing on the number of testimonials will likely move the needle the most. Ranking will be easier if you live in a smaller town, especially on these listing websites. Even with this, I’ve seen far too many small-town wedding planners disregard their Listings-SEO. It’s a huge squandered opportunity.

On-Page SEO For Wedding Planners

When a webpage contains the same keywords as your search query, this is the most basic indicator that the information is relevant. If those keywords appear on the page or in the headings or text body, the information is more likely to be relevant.

So on-page SEO for wedding planners means ensuring that your website copy informs Google about what you do best so that they can present you as a relevant result to a related search query.

Website Copy 

Your website copy should explicitly respond to the most likely search query. Assume you’re looking for a wedding planner in Albany, New York. In that case, your website should clearly state “wedding planner, Albany.”

It is beneficial to have those words repeated several times:

A variation of this should appear in the title of your website, such as “We Are Albany Wedding Planner Experts.” However, readability should always take precedence over keyword stuffing. Still, having the main keyword in a prominent position is beneficial. In the first 100 words, at the very least. The main keyword should appear in one or two other places in the text copy. Again, don’t sacrifice good writing for the sake of Google, but see if you can incorporate keywords elegantly and tastefully.

Title Tags 

HTML, the language used to create websites, specifies which words on your site are headings, sub-headings, links, and so on. The title tag is one of these HTML tags. It informs Google about the titles of each of your web pages. It also tells Google what you want the name of your page to be in the search results. You’re not a web developer; you’re a wedding planner. You might be hesitant to make changes to your HTML tags. Don’t be concerned!

Install the Yoast SEO plug-in on your WordPress website. It’s free, simple to set up, and frequently comes pre-installed. They will automatically handle the meta and title tags and make it simple to set for each page. If your website is hand-coded, you’ll need to consult with your web developer or learn a little HTML yourself. Once you get the hang of it, it’s not too difficult.

Meta Descriptions

The meta description, like title tags, informs Google about who you are and what you do. As previously stated, you should ensure that your description contains keywords. The same tools that allow you to edit title tags, such as Yoast, will help you with meta descriptions. Please take note that the description includes the keywords wedding planning and their location. That is why Google ranks them for wedding planner search queries in a specific region.

On The Map

Local search is what SEO for wedding planners entails. In other words, many of your potential customers are sitting on the couch at home, typing in a search phrase like “wedding planner near me.” And, because Google places their map on the first page, you must appear on the map. However, how do you get your wedding planning company on Google Maps? That is also very simple. Sign up for Google My Business. Try to get customer feedback on your GMB profile. Also, add new photos, posts, and any other activity you can regularly. Google rewards activity with higher rankings in map results.

Website and Copywriting Suggestions

Assume you provide full-service wedding planning, day-of coordination, and bar mitzvahs. In that case, you must incorporate that information into your web copy. You should list your services on your homepage, but here’s an even better way to boost your SEO:

Create a heading on your homepage called “services” and list your services in bullet points. Then, it is suggested that you include a “services” page with one small paragraph for each service. Finally, make a page for each unique service you provide that goes into greater detail. It doesn’t have to be long, just two paragraphs, a few images, and a call to action.

Website Blog

Blogging provides content to Google and trains it to understand who you are and what you offer clients. However, it also allows you to target longtail keywords such as “rustic weddings” or “backyard weddings.”

What if a customer is looking for:

Albany Rustic Wedding

Nearby rustic wedding venues

Albany rustic wedding venues Country-style wedding Albany

This is a little much for your homepage, but you can easily write some blog posts about them:

Your blog post titles could look like this:

Rustic weddings in Albany: This post will overview rustic, country-style weddings in your area.

Decor ideas for rustic weddings – share your ideas and inspiration here, and perhaps even link to your Pinterest board.

Top Albany rustic wedding venues – and you’ll write about the best local venues that suit a country-style wedding vibe.

Consider 5 to 10 event styles for which you want to rank in Google Search, and you’ll know what to blog about. This will give you an advantage in more specific searches.

Site speed and mobile friendliness will boost your rankings.

When your clients search on Google, they are most likely using their phones. As a result, your website should be functional and attractive to mobile visitors. Take the time to ensure that the website experience is appropriate for mobile users.

Google’s mobile-friendly test is useful, and mobile-friendly websites are prioritized in search results.

Site Speed is a little more difficult to manage. Nonetheless, it is important in Wedding Planners’ SEO, particularly for mobile searches. Visitors leave when the site takes too long to load, which disappoints Google. As a result, they will lower your ranking. It is recommended that you run a site speed test here. Using smaller images is one of the simplest ways to improve your site’s speed.

Backlinks Help SEO

Backlinks are an essential part of any SEO discussion. When other websites link to your website, this is referred to as a backlink. This confers “authority” and was once thought to be the most effective way to boost your website’s rankings. However, Google recently made headlines in the Search Engine Optimization world by stating that backlinks are not a ranking factor. That’s great news. It means you can skip begging other websites to link to you.


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