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Search engine algorithms are notoriously difficult to understand. Furthermore, they are constantly changing. It can be a lot to handle, especially if you’re also planning weddings for your clients. That is why it makes sense to work with a professional wedding planner SEO agency with digital transformation strategy for wedding planners, where industry experts can put their expertise to work for you.

Wedding Planners’ Local SEO Strategies and Techniques

SEO experts implement the following SEO techniques and digital growth strategy for wedding planners:

  • Responsive website design
  • Localized information
  • Keyword-optimized content
  • Image SEO
  • Link-building tactics
  • Pages of Service
  • Adjust and optimize your Google My Business 
  • Proper Monitoring

Let us go over each step individually:

Responsive website design

You want people searching for wedding planners in your area to find you easily. Bring on the mobile design. A responsive website works properly on any device — laptop, desktop, tablet, or smartphone — to maximize the prospects you reach. Furthermore, responsive design is highly valued by search engines.

Localized information 

To ensure that you appear in local search and map results, include your address clearly and prominently on your website. On the other hand, local keywords can be useful for targeting search terms that include cities where your customers live. Because the text is the foundation of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the text on your website will be critical to your search engine ranking. After all, you are a local business, so failing to list your location on your website will make it difficult for Google bots to find you and confuse your visitors.

Keyword-optimized content

You want your company to appear in search results when a bride types terms like “wedding planners (city)” or “(city) wedding planning services.” However, search engines won’t know you’re relevant to those terms unless you have content that includes them. Your wedding planner SEO company can conduct market research to determine the best keywords to target. 

There are numerous blogging SEO tips to share with you. Google examines your overall website, each page, and blog post. The first thing a prospective bride does is look for a wedding venue. Even some single ladies are likely to be interested in the locations where they envision themselves marrying. Please don’t skip the next tip because most of them go to Google Images. Following a wedding, a blog about the wedding with a focus on the venue’s name and wedding photos. Back-end SEO, such as editing the Yoast plugin on WordPress, would take that keyword and add the word photos. Here’s an example of a Page Title and Description for a post idea like this.

Image SEO

Beautiful photography from photographers; make sure your images are optimized. The tip above includes adding the keyword you chose for the blog post to the image alt text. Technically, each photo should have image SEO and unique keywords, but you want at least one photo from the blog post to include the main keyword you’ve targeted. Sign up for my free image SEO course if you are brand new to image SEO. 

Link-building tactics

While approximately 25% of SEO is concerned with on-site optimization, the remaining 75% is concerned with off-site optimization efforts. Search engines notice links from other websites to yours; the more high-quality links you can get pointing back to your website, the better.

Pages of Service

One common mistake wedding planners make with their websites is cramming all of their services onto a single page. Sometimes there isn’t enough information or text, and they just have gallery pages. You should have a page for each main keyword you want to target. Consider the services you provide and where you provide them. Assume you provide the following:

  • Corporate Event Organization
  • Wedding Organizing
  • Coordination Day for Event Planning

Although your Day of Coordination can technically be included on your wedding planning page, each service requires its page so that you can target that specific keyword and include geolocation. Dallas Corporate Event Planning, for example, is an excellent target keyword.

It should be on its page if you do a lot of day-to-day coordination.

Adjust and optimize your Google My Business 

Create a listing and solicit feedback. Any wedding and event planning company that wants to be found in a specific local market should sign up for Google My Business, even if you work from home. There is a feature that allows you to conceal your address from the public and state that you service your clients at their location, among other things. Google still needs your address to send you a postcard to verify that you live at that address. It’s time to get Google Reviews after you’ve verified your Google My Business account. One factor to consider if you want to be found in the map area is the number of reviews.

Proper Monitoring

A professional wedding planner SEO firm will create an SEO strategy and business growth strategy for wedding planners implement it and track its progress. Your SEO strategies can evolve to meet changes in search engine algorithms and achieve a higher ROI. You save time and energy by not having to figure out details independently because you have a dedicated partner to manage your SEO efforts.


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