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We’ve already covered how to create an artist website, but how can you get visitors to your site after it’s up and running? The internet is vast, and hundreds of new artist websites are continuously being created. It’s no accident that it’s called the world wide web. Whether they are artists or not, everybody with a website has heard that SEO is a means to grow their audience.
To improve your position on Google’s results page, there are numerous things you should do (and many things you shouldn’t). Your audience and revenues can grow if you grasp SEO strategies.

SEO Focus Keywords: What are people searching for to find you?

You must first consider the terms/queries you anticipate people will use to reach your website while building it (or even modifying it for SEO).

Look up information and track your development on an artist’s website.

Even if you appear on Google’s first page, your local SEO efforts are never truly “done.” Mainly because Google frequently updates its algorithm. Therefore, what helps your site rank highly now could not work tomorrow. Maintaining your location’s search engine optimization takes regular keyword research and close attention. We advise investing in a tool like Ahrefs to check for mistakes and track each location’s target keywords separately.

Use SERPs for keyword research

The pages that search engines offer after a search query are known as “SERPs,” or “search engine results pages.” SERPs are crucial because they provide information about your rivals and what a search engine thinks a user is trying to accomplish based on the terms they choose. Google gives preference to websites that offer search-related information. Informational pages may wait to bring in money, but they increase website traffic, which helps each location get more painting leads.

We advise looking there to find out who is ranked highly for your target phrases in each place. You can search Google from a location other than where you are right now by using the program.

Understand the Target of the Customer

  • The content on your website will be the single most significant onsite SEO ranking criteria in 2022. The material must be pertinent to what your clients are looking for, which is even more crucial.
  • On the shoulder of the road where no one drives, you wouldn’t put anything. Similarly, you should refrain from creating website material that no one will ever look for. After all, the information on your website is the only thing Google is aware of on your painting company.

Include keywords your customers are searching for the website

When creating content, it’s critical to choose keywords that your target audience is typing into search engines. Using the phrases “house painter” and “interior painter” instead of “residential painter,” for example, will result in almost 200% more impressions for a residential painter in North Carolina.
There are usually several ways to look for a certain service, so start by assessing your service offering. We advise comparing common short-tail search phrases using Google Trends. While conducting your study, use the nation and state filters to make sure you’re viewing pertinent information that is particular to your target demographic.

Final Thoughts

Consider how each location will create a business online whether you run a painting business or are just trying to expand into another industry. If you want to take a hands-off approach to search engine optimization for your painting company website. Start learning how to draw from painting classes. If the teachers use SEO strategies, then it will be helpful for their websites in various ways.


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